Issue 192

Powerplay magazine cover issue 192

Powerplay magazine cover issue 192

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With a new band, a new album and even new knees, The Voice Of Rock, Glenn Hughes, is buzzing with excitement. The Answer surprise us with a sharp change in direction, Pretty Maids storm into pole position with fantastic new album ‘Kingmaker’ and Hammerfall stir our souls with their latest batch of battle anthems. This month we also feature interviews with Testament, In Flames, Korn, Freedom Call, Sonic Syndicate, Graham Bonnet, Dark Tranquillity, Dirkschneider, Herman Frank, Crobot, Niva, Roth Brock Project, Maschine, Kayser, Angels Or Kings, Armageddon, Theocracy, Cornerstone, Stefan Berggren, The Wakes, and Those Damn Crows.



AOR Underground, Short Cuts, I Sold My Soul, Multimedia.



Kiss, ZZ Top, Styx, Loverboy, Dragonforce, Grim Reaper, Mitch Malloy, Love Zombie, The Amorettes, Revolution Rock Festival, Warhorns Festival, Cats In Space, Space Elevator, Chasing Dragons.


Pretty Maids, Graham Bonnet Band, Theocracy, Rock Wolves, Testament, Devilment, The Answer, Heavy Glow, Maschine, Northern Crown, Roth Brock Project, Sirenia, Dark Tranquillity, Darkthrone, Hammerfall, Glenn Hughes, Leaves’ Eyes, Dimino, Keychain.



Freedom Call, Out Came The Wolves, Stefan Berggren, Riverside, Dirkschneider, Saxon, Witchwood, Civil War, Niva, Viken, Blacklist Union, Candiria, Death Valley High, Halshug, Tortuga, 40 Watt Sun, Aghast!, Dark Sun, Crowbar, Okkultokrati, Blacktop Harrison, ESP, Elektradrive, Attila, As Vultures Circle, Heimdalls Wacht, Heavy Temple, Ducs, Crippled Black Phoenix, Hartmann, Seven Sisters, Akasasva, Shotgun Rodeo, Iron Curtain, Khemmis, Darkest Sins, Memoreve, Arkona, Forever Still, Fair Warning, Akribi, Mercyless, Re-Armed, Stoneman, Rod Sacred, Bal-Sagoth, Spike & Tyla’s Hot Knives, The Pinx, Vader, Kyzon, Miracle Flair, Diabulus In Musica, Chelsea Grin, Black Orchid Empire, The Ghost Of Lemora, Crosson, Witchskull, Metal Witch, Grand Massive, Watchtower, The Quireboys, All Hell, Witch Tripper, Halcyon Hope, Dog ‘N’ Style, Chine,You Know The Drill, Obake, Sixtynine, Angels Or Kings, Aeternitas, Atlas, Vultures Vengeance, Existance, Seven Impale, The Last Band, Kyng, Kryptos, Wendigo, Damian Wilson, Hey! Hello!, EZ Riders, Armageddon, Ruts Dc, Scarlet Aura, Aynsley Lister, Hunted, Glasstide, Almah, Early Grey, Wyruz, Lesbian Bed Death, Blind Ego, Gundacker, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, Status Quo, Ichabod Crane, Morrow’s Memory, Fuzz Evil, Salem’s Bend, Eilera, Not Above Evil, Void Of Vision, Prophets Of Rage, The Phans, Overland, Illryian, Miller Anderson, Holy Serpent, An Autumn For Crippled Children, Kingbreaker, Chron Gen, Vorgrum, Hard Love, Chase The Day, Lessen, Eastern Front, Dethonator, Cris Roberts, Darkhaus, Stopstop, Sacred Steel, Stepfather Fred, Source, Etiolated Kingdom, Kambodsja, Last Great Dreamers, Birdeatsbaby, Tragic Earth, Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, Sonic Syndicate, Shokran, Ewigheim, Foghat, Poltergeist, The Reticent, Lastoneout, Dee Snider, Berserkers, Amaranthe, Planistry, Kissing Lucifer, Season Of Arrows, Attraction To Tragedy, Astrophobos, Last Flight To Pluto, The National Orchrestra Of The United Kingdom Of Goats, Quartz, Voodoo Vegas, Security Project, Against The Natural, Bernard Welz, Shvpes, Face The Maybe, Obituary, Handful Of Rain, Break Down A Venue, Nova Cycle, Tilt, Fimbulvet, Darrel Treece-Birch, Skiltron, Iron Mask, The Northern Rebels, Serpentine Dominion, Drescher, Joanovarc, Meat Loaf, The Fast Camels, Helloween, Chariot Of The Gods, Blackthorne, Desert Near The End, Rednote, Brainstorm, My Funeral, Pessimist, The Color Morale, The Levellers, The Wakes, Sons Of Balaur, Herman Frank, Sixx:Am, Tommy Justice, In Flames.

Issue 192
Powerplay Magazine Issue 192
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