Issue 190

Issue 190

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We didn’t think that Epica could top their fantastic ‘The Quantum Enigma’ album, but they’ve done that and then some with incredible new offering ‘The Holographic Principle’. Simone Simons tells us how the band achieved the seemingly impossible. A decade since she parted company with Nighwish, Tarja’s solo career is blooming, as is Geoff Tate’s away from Queensryche. Devin Townsend sings ‘Happy birthday to you’ and offers his opinions on anything and everything. Marillion and Evergrey knock us out with dark but amazing new albums, and Skillet are here to lift the spirits. Simple riffs rule the roost in the land of Airbourne, while a stripped back and very cool country vibe makes Whiskey Myers a must listen, and Kansas finally return with a new studio album. Also this issue we chat to Pain, Vicious Rumours, Narnia, Miss Behaviour, Serious Black, Dante Fox, Truckfighters, Vola, and RavenEye.



AOR Underground, Short Cuts.



Masters Of Rock, Ramblin’ Man Fair, Heart, FM, Stryper, Hollywood Vampiries, Armored Saint, Mark Farner, Georgia Satellites, Edgar Winter Group, Rick Derringer, The Zombies, The Struts.



Epica, Devin Townsend Project, Airbourne, Evergrey, Van Zant, Vicious Rumors, Kansas. Another Lost Year, Whiskey Myers, Gloryful, Miss Behaviour, Sodom, Cage9, Blackfoot, Gemini Syndrome, Marillion.



Pain, Heart, Throes Of Dawn, The Neal Morse Band, The Amorettes, Cold Years, Make, Brujeria, Svvamp, Blood Red Throne, D Generation, Operation: Mindcrime, Huckleberry Finn, Lacertilia, Energema, Happy Diving, Terra Prima, The So So Glos, Letze Instanz, Loveless Effect, Budderside, Sevi, Helms Alee, Sacrabolt, Blakshine, Motorowl, 20last Century, Ringworm, King Of The North, Black Cult, We Are The Catalyst, The Main Grains, Alice Sweet Alice, Gxsxdx, Apocalyptica, Lorraine Cross, Factor Hate, Forever Never, Dante Fox, Defy The Ocean, Left Lane Cruiser, Landmarks, Rusted Guns, The Dear Hunter, Higher Than, Hell’s Addiction, Alchemy, Baby Woodrose, Dreadnaught, The Losts, Xaon, Vader, Beneath The Storm, Awaiting Downfall, Sahg, Armory, Bread Over Bombs, Rich Robinson, Attick Demons, Echotape, Sinnergod, Infinite Spectrum, August, Alarion, Vandercash, Iron Fire, 7th Abyss, Eat Defeat, Computers Kill People, Sedulus, Cradle Of Filth, Culver Kingz, Sari Schorr, Everything Behind, Zlatanera, Servers, Hercules Morse, Warfather, Icefire, Steel Made, Tesla, Church Of The Cosmic Skull, Melted Ego, Jordi Castilla & Carta Magna, Black Swamp Water, Raveneye, Atomic Love Reactor, Usurpress, Skeletonwitch, Asenblut, Ocean, Far From History, Set On End, Souls Of Tide, Apollo Under Fire, Karnak Seti, Steven Tyler, Running Wild, Dunsmuir, Jt Ripper, The Birthday Massacre, Pylon, Orphaned Land And Amaseffer, Annisokay, Forklift Elevator, Dissector, Howling Giant, Necromancing The Stone, Change Of Heart, Shatter Messiah, Pervy Perkin, King, Timor Et Tremor, Blitz, Etrusgrave, Dark Forest,Selsius, Hammerschmitt, Ragdoll, Maverick, One For Sorrow, Sedate Illusion, Dimh Project, Stormtide, Franklin Zoo, Tardive Dyskensia, One Less Reason, Eerie

Aktaion, Allegiance, Orpheum, In Requiem, This Dying Hour, Blaakyum, Toxicrose, The Amity Affliction, Nerodi, Avi Rosenfeld, Hellbringer, Redwest, Lisa Weint, In The Woods, Pryl, Witterquick, The Rolling Stones, The Devils Music, Alcatrazz, Manegarm, Wretch, Barishi, Allison Iraheta & Halo Circus, Vola, Scarecrow, Solution 45, Spirit Adrift, Talco, Lacrimas Profundere, Frangar, Truckfighters, George Tsalikis, Cry Of Dawn, Narnia, Serious Black, Crystal Ball, Lordi.

Issue 190
Powerplay Magazine Issue 190
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