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Whitesnake, Festivals 2008, Duff McKagan Pro-File, Dio, White Lion, Dokken, George Lynch, Firewind, Pain, Edenbridge, M.ill.ion, Brother Firetribe, Bic Cock, Mattsson, Masterstroke, X-World/5.



We have a pair of weekend tickets for Firefest V plus five runner-up prizes of Brother Firetribe long sleeve T-shirts.  



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Velvet Revolver, Nightwish, Asia, Kamelot, Firewind, Grave Digger, Monsters Of Mosh, Young Heart Attack, Tokyo Dragons, Dismember, Gentleman’s Pistol, Big Linda, Devilish Impressions, Invain, Methedras.



The Black Crowes, Edenbridge, Brother Firetribe, Powerquest, Korpiklaani, The Chant, President Evil, Hate Eternal, Debauchery, Pain, Steel Attack, Big Cock.



Alliance, Dreamscape, Digitus In Recto, Deliverance, Ill Nino, Spyder Baby, Critical Madness, Ekotren, Emergency Gate, Anthony Gomes, Atrox, Disgust, Millencolin, Distrust, Romeo’s Daughter, Michael Bolton, Max Midsun, Fate, Rig Up Explosive, Azaghal, Ultimatum, Godiva, Invictus, Sean Malone, Burning Skies, Course Of Nature, Agate, Marty Friedman, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Anal Stench, Baby Animals, Sacrum, Obsession, Jezebel, Feu Gregeois, Casino Drive, Main Line Riders, Bonfire, Nazareth, Moondark, Revenge, Caamora, Powers Court, Eternal Lord, Abomination, Gardenian, Blotted Science, The Handshake Affair, Manifest, The Swamp Donkey, Ministry & Co Conspirators, Winter, Spinal Cord, Silver Dollar, Liveevil, Disfigured Corpse, Methedras, New Generation Superstars, Divinity, Eths, Panic Room, Deville, Incubator, Fatal Smile, Epicurean, Legion Of The Damned, Pyorrhoea, Ufo, Soilent Green, Little King, Templeton Pek, Flotsam And Jetsam, Macabre, Signs Of One, Sharp End First, Reth, Money, Reckless, Mother’s Finest, The Afters, Teedo, Illdisposed, Tuman, Exit To Eternity, Murk, Paul Gilbert, Incrave, Crash Romeo, King’s Call, Control Denied, I Shalt Become, Acrophet, Angel Blake, Celtic Legacy, Amy Studt, Every Avenue, Cortez, David J Gibbs, A Girl A Gun A Ghost, Psychocean, Mortification, Seventh Avenue, Karelia, The Scutty Neighbours, Ufo, Heart, Crimson Glory, Hatchet, Shade Empire, My Uncle The Wolf, Crashpoint, Witch, War For War, Shenaniganz, Runamok, Solitude Aeternus, X-World/5, Asia, Mi.lli.on, Mattsson, Dokken.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 98
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