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Korn, Twisted Sister, Meshuggah, Apocalyptica, Rage, Ayreon, Sandalinas, Airbourne, Work Of Art, Alestorm, Light This City, Soul Destroyer. 



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Stateside Cuts, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Heaven & Hell, Van Halen, Status Quo, Lamb Of God, Black Crusade, Thunder, Hard Rock Hell, Iced Earth, Within Temptation, Wasp, Magnum, Molly Hatchet, Atreyu, Still Remains, Apocalyptica, Tarja, Amon Amarth, Himsa, Sonic Syndicate, Clutch, Priestess, Full Thrash Assault, Fates Warning, Destruction, Onslaught, Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Terrorvision, Last Stop Chinatown, Massacre, Extreme Noise Terror, Engel, Comeback Kid, The Warriors, Denial Fiend, Exterminator.



Work Of Art, Crystall Ball, Primordial, Alestorm, Angel Of Eden, Ayreon, Action, Sandalinas, The Black Dahlia Murder, The Ocean, Seven Tears, Nightmare, Saga, Airbourne.



Hardcore Superstar, Benedictum, Stonerider, Goo Goo Dolls, Soul Destroyer, The Color Fred, Johnny Panic, Deinonychus, Kategory V, Spellblast, Michelle Darkness, Biomechanical, Too Pure To Die, Headcharger, Amen, V/A – Resident Evil Extinction Ost, Dodsferd, Sbb, Indigo Dying, Pitchshifter, Anal Vomit, New Project, Dannie Damien, Jason Smith, Lynn Allen, Sebastian Bach, Sevendust, Defiance, Man Raze, Enter Shikari, Paths Of Possession, Richie Kotzen, Memphis May Fire, Sham 69, Fury N Grace, Macbeth, Nifelheim, Helstar, Palace Terrace, Subliminal Fear, Zuprowski Connection, The Wandering Midget, Black Crucifixion, Amenti, Shivan, Khymera, The Codex, The Flairs, Big Krush, Theodore Ziras, Michael Harris, Soldiers, Fall Of Serenity, Isole, Red Star Rebels, The Kuru Smile, Shadow Gallery, Broken Teeth, City Sleeps, Devilish Impressions, Impaled Nazarene, Soul Descenders, Marah, The Sun Of Weakness, Lay Down Rotten, Shush, Orient Express, Wounds, The Autumn Offering, Ava Inferi, Drzhivegas, Arceye, For Selena And Sin, Mcm, Fuoriuso, Waysted, The Chase, The Warlocks, Diaboliss, Crest Of Darkness, Concept Of God, Lizzy Borden, Galleon, Gary Hughes, Lana Lane, Die Krupps, Satellite, And Harmony Dies, Resistance, This Is Hell, Toilet Boys, Mouthful Of Flies, Only Fumes & Corpses, Tourettes, Apostolum, Stevie Klasson, Mortal Sin, Stolen Babies, Samsas Traum, Moros Eros, Mike Dimareli Article, Skindred, Lechery, Crash Kelly, Atargatis, Maniac Saint, Demiricous, Christian Death, Sircle Of Silence, Frankie Banali And Friends, Soul Steelers, Perfect Chaos, Kinetic, Persefone, Destructors 666, Leverage, Sick City, Parkway Drive, Candlemass, Rosa Antica, Impaled, Young Hollywood, Severe Torture, Root, Haive, Oblivio, Azrael, Nightstrike, Toto, Thursday, Fates Warning, Winger, Vicious Cabaret, Nation Beyond, Devils Slingshot, Donnie Vie, Waterclime, Mexicolas, Steve Lukather, Tiles, Belenos, Queensryche, Japanische Kampfhorspiele, Zwartketterij, Biloxi Iii.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 95
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