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Gamma Ray, JD Fortune, Ted Poley, Axxis, Jaded Heart, Pagan’s Mind, Panic Cell, Empire, Elvenking, Mind’s Eye, Sieges Even, Sanctity, Svartsot, Possessed. 



AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Stateside Cuts, Beg Borrow or Steal.



Firefest, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Progpower Europe, Fightstar, Soilwork, Dark Tranquility, Caliban, Sonic Syndicate, Black Stone Cherry, Damnation Festival, Emanuel, The Sleeping, You Me At Six,The Lanes.



The Poodles, Exodus, Moonspell, Soilwork, Elvenking, Rob Rock, Road To Ruin, Helloween, Jaded Heart, Axxis, Steve Grimmet Band, Agnostic Front, Gamma Ray



Synesthesia, V/A – Rock S’cool, Blut Aus Nord, Concept Of Time, Opeth, Thunder, The Birthday Massacre, Kmfdm, 32-A, Empire, Magica, The Grieving Process, Engel, Alastor, Truck Fighters, Goryptic, Goat The Head, The Roxx, Kinetic Dissent, In So Far, Envy On The Coast, Throwdown, Gauntlet, Monkey Fist, King Lizard, Ancient Creation, Optimum Wound Profile, Blessed Death, The Durango Riot, Rott, Blind Illusion, Orenda, Discard, Thrasher, The Order, Dying Humanity, Liquid Trio Experiment, Tyla, Nargaroth, Space Eater, Paradox, A Crime Called, Satanic Warmaster, Freevil, Dispatched, Gay For Johnny Depp, Evita, Rogue Male, Dream Quest, Vesania, Cerebral Fix, Another Animal, Freund Hein, Terry Ilous, The Cnk – Cosa Nostra Club, Quick Change, Znowhite, V/A – Kill Your Management: Volume 8, Pig Iron, Obscene Gesture, Big Big Train, Nightwish, Bulldozer, Ratos De Porao, Trojan, Multi Purpose Chemical, Flowing Tears, Pestilence, Gang Green, Hammerfall, Irony Of Christ, Monster Magnet, October File, Hyems, Hellish Crossfire, Cyclone, Vengeance, Shelter, The Pretty Young Things, Black Stone Cherry, Electric 6, The Great Kat, Darkthrone, Novembre, V/A – Mayhem Tribute, Floodgate, Siebensunden/Teraologen, Those Who Bring The Torture, Bleed The Dream, Overkill, Big Linda, Sons Of Alpha Centauri, Heart Of Sun, V/A – Metal Ii – A Headbanger’s Companion, Vlad In Tears, 3 Headed Monster, Stoneman, Jordan Rudess, Audio Justice, Non-Divine, Diabolic Force, Meyvn, Karma To Burn, Carpathian Forest, Dam, Pagan’s Mind, Hell N Diesel, Oblivion Sun, V/A – Bam Margera Presents…, Ted Poley, Subway To Sally.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 94
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