Issue 85


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Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Royal Hunt, Porcupine Tree, Masterplan, Tarot, Chris Caffery, Battlelore, Byron Nemeth Group


CD1 – Within Temptation, Silent Force, Saxon, Thunderstone, Battlelore, Chris Caffery, Non-Divine, Dominini, Serpico, Heavenly, Almah, Magnum, Koritini, Logan, Gypsy, Rollin Thunder, Byron Nemeth Group, Sirenia
CD2 – Threshold, Masterplan, Messiah’s Kiss, The Poodles, Intense, Machine Head, Echoes Of Eternity, Nostradameus, Pulse Of Reason, Dead City Riots, Fourwaykill, Helloween, Faith And Fire, Jim Kirkpatrick, Fentanyl, Angel House, Empyreal Destroyer


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal


Soil, Killswitch Engage, UFO, Therion, Grave Digger, Metal Church, Sabaton, Godhead, Chariot, Gallows, The River, Messiah, Brand New Sin, Lennon, Meliah Rage


Within Temptation, Therion, Jorn, Sirenia, Kelly Keagy, Pain Of Salvation, Hartmann, Battlelore, Mors Principium Est, Daath, Dark Moor, Trail Of Tears, Sinner


Blackfield, Reel Big Fish, Necrodeath, Mournblade, Nostradameus, Art Of Simplicity, Deathboy, Achren, The Red Room Theory, God, Détente, Tenacious D, House Of Lords, Double Eclipse, The Blame, Hearse, Twisted Into Form, Koritini, T.A.O., Harem Scarem, Kickdown, Castaway, Sulphur, Nahemah, Axemaster, With Passion, Hacride, Deflore, Billy No Mates, Aghora, Norway, Marshan, Ibridoma, Moonlight, Vehementer Nos, Satyrian, Necrodemon, Reddawn, Camorra, Diabolical Masquerade, Sounds Like Violence, Evangeline, The Berzerker, Impious, Evil Scarecrow, Bokor, Ever Since, The Unknown, Furyon, Dive Dive, 7th Db, Sensazione, Black Hawk, Chthonic, Silentree, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Tristania, Znowhite, Hell Baron’s Wrath, The Poodles, Serpico, Funeral, Machinae Supremacy, Toy Dolls, The Joyce Mckinney Experience, Disincarnate, Hughes/Thrall, Balance, Preview, Khallice, Inzest, Ballenbrosa, Sacred Mother Tongue, Chiodos, No Rules, Swallow The Sun, Destruction, Staind, Capdown, Crimson Glory, Pestilence, Heathen, Cypher, Jesse Damon, Supersuckers, Uli Jon Roth, High Wheel, Mendeed, Solitude Aeturnus, Blame, At The Gates, Gorguts, Atrophy, Blood Stain Child, Katatonia, Andonova, This Ending, Conquest Of Steel, Stormzone, Realm, Patrik Carlsson, The Sinisters, Xentrix, Moonsorrow, Onslaught, Nox, Zanden, Edenshade, Meshuggah, Rotting Christ, Mnemic, Frank Deroubaix, None Of Us, Birdflesh, The Almighty, Testament, End Of Destiny, Imicus, Last Crack, The Prophecy, Tarot
Powerplay Magazine Issue 85
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