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Meat Loaf, Styx, Lamb Of God, Grave Digger, The Panic Channel, Wig Wam, After Forever, Edenbridge, Walls Of Jericho, Enter Shikari, Fairyland, Sirenia


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal


Unholy Alliance Tour, My Chemical Romance, Motorhead, Firefest III, Dragonforce, Cradle Of Filth, Lordi, Sabbat, WASP, Doro, Evergrey, Opeth, Paradise Lost, Hatebreed, Blitzkrieg, Exodus, Walls Of Jericho, Deathstars, Edenbridge, Antiproduct, Bring Me The Horizon, Corpsefest 2006, Rock Amplitude Festival, Masters Of Death Festival, The Ocean, Marshall Tucker Band, Tankard, Crucified Barbara, Enter Shikari, Mcqueen, Jaded


Deicide, Solefald, Severe Torture, Diecast, Solitude Aeturnus, Scars Of Tomorrow, Richie Kotzen, Unrest, Grave Digger, Dragonland, Illdisposed


Crystal Eyes, Rain, Barcode, Closedown, Exploder, As We Fight, Book Of Reflections, I Killed Pharaoh, Metatrone, Ed Gein, Agressor, Moistboyz, Forest Of Silence, Brian Setzer, The Reason, Anthropia, Deathbound, Shadow Demon, The Fires, Converge, Gallows Pole, Pink Widow, Bewitched, Adastreia, Black Messiah, Lock Up, Juicehead, Ephel Duath, Bowling For Soup, AOR, Fall Of Echoes, The Doors, Adiastasia, V/A – Where Blues Meets Rock, Kiss, Baltimoore, Bleed In Vain, Pray For Hayden, Death Before Dishonour, Zandelle, Mayz, Another Tragedy, Djevara, Richard Andersson’s Space Odyssey, System Shock, Knockturn Alley, Gorath, Nick May, Animosity, Soul-Sick, Toja, The Authentics, Slit, Unerase, Basskniv3s, Ikuinen Kaamos, From A Second Story Window, Styx & The Contemporary Youth Orchestra, Dead Eyed Spider, Flotsam And Jetsam, Salute To The Sun, Henchman, The Awakening, Born From Pain, Elixir, Pulse Of Reason, Moros Eros, The Hedrons, The Michael Landau Group, Small, Fates Warning, Wounded Knee, Without A Whisper, Renegade, Ordeal, Insicknia, Art Of Dying, Cosmo, Zero Hour, The Formori, Transmission0, Tortured Conscience, Freshfabrik, Municiapal Waste, Michael Harris, Marduk, Phenomena, Endwell, Scorngrain, Honour Among None, Crane, Cruachan, Thunderbolt, PDHM, Grassnake, Alice In Chains, Zion, Brand New Sin, Divinefire, Speakers For The Dead, Hush, Crimson Falls, Tenacious D
Powerplay Magazine Issue 84
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