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Sebastian Bach, Axel Rudi Pell, Hammerfall, Trivium, Bob Daisley, Winger, Ty Tabor, Obituary, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Planet Alliance, Cellador, To-Mera.


CD1. Planet Alliance – “The Real You”  2. Hardcore Superstar – “We Don’t Celebrate Sundays”  3. Axel Rudi Pell – “Rock The Nation”  4. To-Mera – “Blood”  5. Rhapsody Of Fire – “Silent Dream”  6. Kid Ego – “Till I Die”  7. Seventh Wonder – “Star Of David”  8. Trivium – “Detonation”9. Unearth – “Giles”10. ICON – “Prizefighter (sample)”11. Jon Oliva’s Pain – “Through The Eyes Of The King”  12. Riot – “Knockin’ At My Door”  13. Latonic – “Turn On The Sky (sample)”  14. Magenta – “The Visionary”  15. Hand – “Resurrect The Night”  16. Enemy Of Thought – “Ever Again”  17. See Red – “Twist The Myth”  18. Whimwise – “Of Coils And Cogs”


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Pandora’s Hitpicks, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Earthshaker Festival, Farty San 2006, Jimmy Barnes, House Of Lords, Amon Amarth, Butch Walker


Talisman, Cellador, Mercenary, The Black Maria, Planet Alliance, Into Eternity, Zombina And The Skeletones, Vader, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Trivium, Evanescence, Black Label Society


InMe, Apocalyptic Visions, Kayser, Ty Tabor, Tara’s Secret, Anemo, Cattle Decapitation, Lyzanxia, Marco Ferrigno, Touchstone, Brother Ape, The Pythons, Malicious Dream, Paul Gilbert, Helmet, Ahab, On Parole, LA Guns, Harms Way, Redkey, Draconian, Runemagick, Weapons, Luna Ad Noctum, Sunroad, Old, Hundred Reasons, Downlord, Reamonn, Nerve Engine, My Severance, Dead Of Night, Dimmu Borgir, Circle Of One, Gary Moore, Phazm, Cult Of Daath, Fraze Gang, Phoenix Bodies, The Dharma, The Arcane Order, Bonesaw Romance, Illusoria, Primitive Graven Image, Paising Fear, Greg Rapaport, Steve Hacket, Slamer, Power, New Horizon, Face To Face, Darker The Day, The Cedar Falls, On The Last Day, The Motors, This Day’s Fury, Thor, Fist, Gurd, Allfader, Misconduct/HSD, Eluveitie, Dear Superstar, Eden, Jucifer, Merciless, No Hand Path, Sunstorm, Sinergy, Avalon – The Richie Zito Project, Ted Nugent, Send More Paramedics, Starkweather, Ansur, The Drowning, Xinema, Nyne, Shraphead, Sabaton, Poison, Frontside, Heaven Shall Burn, Dead Man In Reno, Smargl, Poisonblack, Manticora, Winger, Baphomet, Napalm Death, Insomnium, Cradle Of Filth, Evile, Terrorizer, Wednesday 13, Shatter Messiah, To-Mera
Powerplay Magazine Issue 81
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