Issue 78


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Glenn Hughes, Blind Guardian, House Of Lords, Voivod, 36 Crazyfists, Bolt Thrower, Beautiful Sin, From Behind, Angtoria, Unchosen, Kid Ego.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Pandora’s Hit Picks, Ryan Roxie’s Big Rock Show, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Goo Goo Dolls, Queensryche, Anti-Flag, Therapy, Cro-Mags, Covenant, Sign, Down, Infernal Damnation Fest III, Still Remains, Dressed To Kill, Sinai Beach, Deiricous, Rotersand, Client, Teenage Casket Co.


SSylvan, Communic, Beautiful Sin, Gotthard, Innerwish, Dezperadoz, Eidolon, The Sleeping, Live, Goo Goo Dolls, Voivod, Ihsahn, Glenn Hughes.


Urkraft, Edenbridge, Takota, Heresy, Catacombs, Anthenora, Sikth, Exit Ten, Ancient Rites, The Accused, Thorbjorn Englund, Bullet, Osaka Popstar And The American Legends Of Punk, Beyond Twilight, Honeydip, Tommy Bolin, Apparition, Throusblelovesus, The Flower Kings, Grayson Manor, Fear Of Eternity, Deep Purple, Totalt Javla Morker, Abandoned, Carmine Appice Project, Miscellany, Neil Layton, Bones Brigade, Fellskin, Pitiful Reign, Shouting At Strangers, Corruption, Screaming Shadows, Hacavitz, Phonic Rapture, Necrophobic, Roadstar, Fall Ov Seraphim, Via Mistica, Oni Logan, Fabrizio Leo, Kania, Loch Vostok, See Red, Icon, Me (Against The World), Hydra, Raise Hell, Hellrazor, Path Of Resistance, Cloudscape, Hauteville, Neetzach, Antigama, Paatos, Baltimoore, Panzer, Scarling, Relapsed, Sevendaystory, Frombehind, Anata, Fatal Force, Setherial, XUK, Ascension Theory, Skyron Orchestra, Aiden, Bonfire, The Trews, First Band From Outer Space, , Hollow Haze, Kansas, The Flow, Bernard, Time Symmetry, SKURK, B Movie Heroes, Officer Jones And His Patrol Car Problems, Paparazzi Whore, Glenn Tipton, Tipton, Entwistle & Powel, Deacon Street, Distorted, Murder One, Winters Bane, Unitopia, Atritas, Narnia, Crack Ov Dawn, Golem, Secht, Tystnaden, Strife, Boon, The Scare, My Silent Wake, Godsplague, KO.Kane, Carpathian Forest, Renee Heartfelt, Boon, Heed, Chokehold, Dealer, Killer Six Gun, Architects, Lizard, GF93, Textures, Sakurai, Malignant Inception, The Forecast, Shadows Fall, Forsaken, The Autumn Offering.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 78
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