Issue 75


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Queensryche, Ian Gillan, Steve Perry, Warrant, Eldricth, Altaria, Scar Symmetry, Linear Sphere, Benedictum, Forever Never, Metalcore Newcomers.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Ryan Roxie’s Big Rock Show, Pandora’s Hit Picks, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Ill Nino, Soulfly, Caliban, After Forever, Butch Walker, Skindred, Breed 77, Cry For Silence, Burnt.


Queensryche, Rage, Baysix, Krisiun, Red Circuit, Khoma, Bal-Sagoth, Undertow, Another Messiah, Decapitated, Fightstar, Altaria.


Rhapsody, Lemmy, Waterdown, Rocketface, Bestial Mockery, Jadis, Silver Mountain, Action Action, Snakes & Sirens, Moonstone, Sonic Syndicate, Love That Kills, Jaed, The Pat Travers Band, Pat Travers, Concept 7, Dismember, Saracen, Adramelch, Atomic Ants, Venom, Koroded, Wicked Wisdom, AOR, Degree Absolute, Prowler Inc, Hubi Meisel, Mary-Jane, Faro, Phenomena, Arachnes, Tears Of Anger, Holy Moses, Goathemy, Chariot, Darzamat, Sandstone, Silverdollar, Twelfth Gate, Canvas Solaris, Ninefold, Daylight Dies, WWIII, Shadowman, Manngard, Revolting Cocks, Frequency, Contrive, Rifu, Aborym, Raunchy, Engerica, Submission, Section A, Torture Killer, Truckfighters, Code Of Perfection, The Autumn Offering, Outshine, Malpractice, Heretic, Pump, Saxon, Scorpions, Manes, Hunter, Eric Gales, Beseech, Yrkroon, My Ruin, Jorn, B Movie Heroes, Violent Silence, Decapity, The Flyin’ Ryan Brothers, Moonlight, Driller Killer, V/A – David Lee Roth Tribute, Slow Roosevelt, Canaan, Bloodshot, NYAA, Warrant, Silent Voices, I-Def-I, Martin Motnik (with Gregg Bissonette), Billy Squier, John Waite, Coney Hatch, Witch, Witchery, Michael Angelo Batio, The Legion, Dagoba, Eldritch, Bloodthorn, Status Quo, Cannibal Corpse.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 75
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