Issue 64


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HIM, Queensryche, Joe Lynn Turner, Grave Digger, Soilwork, American Head Charge, Josh Todd, Seven Wishes, Firewind, Trivium, Twelve Tribes, McQueen


Free CD – Power Files Chapter 22, AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Pandora’s Hit Picks, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Killswitch Engage, Motorhead, Sepultura, God Forbid, Therion, Twelve Tribes, Conquest Of Steel, Nailed, Vae Victus, Bolverk,


Judas Priest, Extol, Mysterell, Last Autumn’s Dream, Soilwork, Crowbar, The Black Maria, Glenn Hughes, Nightrage, Dark Tranquility, Grave Digger, Metal Majesty, Trivium


Firewind, Greenhouze, Witchfynde, Speed Kill Hate, Korpiklaani, Sturmgeist, Winterlong, Skyron Orchestra, The Pariahs, Anand, Flesh Made Sin, Draconian, Astral Doors, Nevea Tears, RPWL, Sabaton, Graveworm, Blood Red Throne, Morgoth, Vigilante, Fightstar, Soul Sirkus, Krel, Bang Tango, Red Giant, Miles Beyond, Pornovurt, Maze Of Torment, Darkseed, BurnThe8Track, Steve Diggle, Until The End, Samurai Attack, The Warriors, Plunge, Faster Pussycat, Darzamat, Tommy Funderburk, All Shall Perish, Twin Zero, Fluid Sol, Rhetorica, Gwar, Enthroned, Khali, Dirty Shirt, Pete Lacey, Visions Of Atlantis, Mike Tramp, Impaled, Hondo Maclean, LA, Midnattsol, Platens, Frantic Beep, V/A – UFC Ultimate Breakdowns Vol 1, Lanfear, Rossington, Jorie Raine, Hudson, Seven Wishes, Lightspeed, Head-On, FOB, Exmortem, Dr Feelgood, Goat Of Mendes, Order Of The Ebon Hand, Communic, Pure Inc., Enertia, John Norum, Archetype, Courageous, The Doits, Asgaard, Time Machine, Brodequin, Vicious Art, PEO, Hourglass, Creed, Eternal Oath, Svarte Pan, Voyager, V/A – Guns N’ Roses Tribute, Immolation, Street Dogs, Elvira Madigan, Walter Trout, Erika, Shy, Impious, RTZ, Spock’s Beard, Cloudscape, Rhapsody Sweden, American Head Charge, Thyrfing
Powerplay Magazine Issue 64
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