Issue 61


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Europe, Rhapsody, Asia, Damageplan, Hirax, napalm Death, Jag Panzer, Susperia, Kick Axe, Unearth, Forefather, Kju.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Pandora’s Hit Picks, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Bloodstock, Wacken Open Air, Bulldog Bash, Saxon, Magnum, Young Heart Attack, Dream Evil, Mitch Malloy, The Screaming Jets, Teenage Casket Company.


Alter Bridge, Sonata Arctica, Pain Of Salvation, Vader, Innuendo, Jag Panzer, Paul Janz, Rotting Christ, In Battle, Bloodbath, Shatterpoint.


Europe, Anaal Nathrakh, Lamb Of God, Anyone’s Daughter, 3 Inches Of Blood, Lake Of Tears, Ill Disposed, Bang Tango, Tsjuder, Silvertide, Mendeed, V/A – Here Cometh The Metalhead, Supreme Lord, Chinchilla, Diabolical Breed, Michael Sadler, Dry Kill Logic, Joe Stump, Jelly Jam, Invey, Massmurder, Saga, Estuary, Gods Of Fire, Spinal Cord, Encrimson’d, Steel Tormentor, Ciborium, V/A – Headbangers Ball Vol 2, Guardians Of Time, Starwood, Deliriums Order, Admauseum, 12 Stones, Allerjen, The Gates Of Slumber, Helltrain, Single Bullet Theory, Silent Force, Chton, Satan, Mad Capsule Markets, Threshold, Luna Ad Noctum, V/A – Conquer Winter Vol 1, Ghost Ride, Veni Domine, Jigsore Terror, Anorexia Nervosa, Gary John Barden, Happylife, Esquarial, Sotajumala, Threemovements, Empire, Handful Of Hate, Alghazanth, The Tangent, Hollywood Ending, Chastain, Chris Caffery, Frontside, Of Infinity, Since By Man, The Blueprint, Elis, Red Harvest, McKinney, Sethery, Atlantida, Status Quo, Artefact, Cross, Mirror Of Deception, Koreisch, Butch Walker, Guttural Secrete, Bait, Toni Iommi with Glenn Hughes, Illuminate, Misericordia, Steel Attack, Strangulation, My Early Mustang.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 61
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