Issue 60


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Cradle Of Filth, Twisted Sister, Dio, Danzig, Richie Kotzen, John5, Within Temptation, Sonata Arctica, Lana Lane, Mnemic, Zao, Wolf, Mercury Rain.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Pandora’s Hit Picks, Multimedia Madness, Beg Borrow or Steal.


Twisted Sister, Dio, U.F.O., Status Quo, Richie Kotzen, Within Temptation, Tokyo Dragons, Sworn Enemy, Pelican.


Within Temptation, Richie Kotzen, Mess Age, Rhapsody, Shadows Fall, Seige Of Hate, Kingdom Come, Mnemic, Weinhold, Dio, Glenn Hughes, Cradle Of Filth.


Dead Soul Tribe, Asia, Hurricane Party, The More I See, Deep Purple, Enslaved, Abydos, BoDeans, Joe Bonamassa, Earthtone9, Illogicist, Admiron, Number One Fan, Northern Remedy, Thurisaz, Shadowlord, Dark Funeral/Von, Dies Irae, Cirith Gorgor, Kick Axe, The Pythons, Bullets And Octane, Paint The Town Red, Chainsaw, V/A – Metallica Tribute, Soul Reaper, At The Gates, Burning The Skies, Nocta, Zen Rock And Roll, Polterchrist, Remains The Same, Leviathan, Tara’s Secret, Sengir, Sinister, Defenestration, Bones Brigade, Eminence, The Crown, Charing Cross, Grand Illusion, Annica, V/A – Resident Evil 2, Coalition, Aconite Thrill, YOC, Hot Like (A) Robot, Pungent Stench, Saeko, Pulse, Skandinavia, Rise And Fall, Wintersun, Ninnuam, Last Rites, Uncle Sid, Xasthur, Project: Failing Flesh, Desdemona, Henning Pauly, Grave, Nadir, Caliban, John5, Aerogramme, Primordial, District, V/A – Fenriz Presents…, Mortiis, Glittertind, Ipsofacto, My Fate, Twilight Ophera, Devil Inside, The Faces Of Sarah, Nonpoint, Dissinter, Cannon, Amon Amarth, Ad Vitam Aeternam, Unearth, Mutilation, Via Mistica, Lord Belial, 38 Special, Zillion, Mott The Hoople, Jean Beauvoir, Saxon, Masacre, Surrender, Mercenary, V/A – Metallica Tribute, Dead Soil, Danzig, Highway No. 28.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 60
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