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Scorpions, Heart, Nightwish, Marillion, Dream Evil, Masters Of Reality, Skew Siskin, Young Heart Attack, Avenged Sevenfold, Flowing Tears, Powder, Unjust.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Pandora’s Hit Picks, Multimedia Madness, Dinosaur Rock.


Young Heart Attack, Wildhearts, Therapy, H.T.P., Firebird, Elixir, Magenta, Confuzion.


Evergrey, Marillion, Kotipelto, Skinlab, Roxie77, Death Angel, Heaven Shall Burn, Chaos Breed, Dark Tranquility, Cadaver, Powder, Grip Inc, Unjust.


WASP, Machine Men, Crest Of Darkness, Madmen & Sinners, Within Y, Final Dawn, Billy Butcher, Fourway Kill, Three Ways West, Panik, Joshua, Spastic Ink, Bright Ophidia, Relevant Few, Urkraft, Cruachan, Razorback, Flesh Divine, TOC, Occult, Pro-Pain, Breed 77, Es La Guerilla, Blaze, RC-2, Vision Divine, Amplifier, Vond, Bitch Alert, Jerry Gaskill, Firstborn, Chariot, Dakota, Mindgrinder, Susperia, Voi Vod, SOB, State Of Mind, Dropbox, Texas Terri Bomb, Stormhammer, Anasarca, Carinou, Thyrfing, Jump, Allison Moorer, Bohica, Cans, Die Hunns, Monstrosity, Sugarcult, Forced Asphyxia, Deathbound, Dark Lotus, Prozack Staple, Psychotic Waltz, Govt Mule, Ribspreader, Sylvan, Laidlaw, Nine Days To No One, Radford, Stormlord, Tiles, Ayreon, A Wilhelm Scream, Nephasth, Vehemence, Vomitory, The Bones, Geared 4, Jettison Eddy, Mountain, Altaria, Forgotten Sunrise, ELP, Pro-Pain, Unholy Ghost, Peter Distefano, Violent Asylum, Scott Mosher, Smoketree, Rydell, Edgewater, Jack Off Jill, Meduza, The Almighty Trigger Happy, Leptotrichia vs Amputated, The Ordeal, Amoral, Reign Of Erebus, Fifty Foot Combo, Sugarcult, Warrior, Rival, Enid, Bloodjunkies, Flamingo 50, Dream Evil, Flatman, Liquid Scarlet, Gold Cash Gold, Babies Three, Warrant, The Obsoletes, Last Under The Sun.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 56
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