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Evanescence, Bob Catley, Michael Schenker, The Gathering, George Thorogood, Geoff Tate, Misfits, Nevermore, Superjoint Ritual, Brainstorm, Chevelle.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Pandora’s Hit Picks, Multimedia Madness, Dinosaur Rock.


Download Festival, Sweden Rock Festival, Deathfest 2003, Queensryche, Pearl Jam, Evanescence, Type O Negative, Thunder, Deftones, Danger Danger, Bob Catley, The Gathering, Live, Inme, Shadows Fall, Chevelle, Karnataka, Danny Vaughn, Zyklon, Robin Black, Amplifier, Fulc, Reign Or Erebus, Myrkskorg, Void, China Doll, Djevara, Mumcuss.


Brainstorm, Bloodflowerz, Cryptopsy, Mostly Autumn, Marilyn Manson, Collide, Live, King’s X, Mnemic, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac.


Metallica, Satellite, Arcturus, Blind Dog, Kult Of Azazel, Xasthur, Winterlong, Lipid, El Caco, Agent Steel, Dismal, Blind Guardian, Passionworks, Extol, Supersuckers, The Rembrandts, Faro, Impending Doom, Landmine Spring, Black Steel, Rebel Storm, Monastery, Carnal Lust, The Blueprint, Nartvind, Rick Renstrom, Hate Forest, Anberlin, Fu Manchu, Big Country, Konkhra, Ray Wilson, Barato/Entity/Undead, Michael Buffalo Smith, Kreator, Strangeways, Uncle Brian, Rollins Band, Gorgoroth, Broken Arrow, The Black Dhalia Murder, Jing Chi, Statetrooper, Sammy And The Wabos, Graveworm, Armoured Saint, Fleetwood Mac, Shai Hulud, Henry Paul Band, Marvel, Firebird, Breed 77, Profound, Judas Priest, Greenfly, Black Cross, Mayhem/Meads Of Asphodel, V/A – Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils, Section A, Rocket Science, Chevelle, Marillion, Depswa, Moon Of Steel, The Everdawn, Spitalfield, Lamb Of God, Waco Jesus, Zero Cypher, Gary Moore, Belasco, V/A – Vans Warped Tour 2003, Calm, Plumb, As I Lay Dying, Neil Leyton, P.O.D., Ace Sounds, Stabb, New Disease, Mars Electric, Steve Hackett, Linea 77, Michael Schenker Group.
Powerplay Magazine Issue 47
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