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Stratovarius in Finland, Doro road report, Journey, Jerry Cantrell, Joe Lynn Turner, Levellers, Mudvayne, Mostly Autumn, Amon Amarth, DragonForce, Power Quest, Awards 2002 voting.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Pandora’s Hot Picks, Dinosaur Rock.


Monsters Of Rock, Lacuna Coil, Sentenced, Bruce Springsteen, Blaze, In Flames, Soilwork, Pain, Vanden Plas, Soul Doctor, Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Danzig, Bad Company, Arch Enemy, Corporation 187, Without Face, Road Rage, Our Lady Peace, Scars, Hundred Reasons, Mostly Autumn, $ign Of Four, Candyheads, Redhill, No Mercy Festival, The Datsuns, The Hellacopters, The Gaza Strippers.


Stratovarius, Luca Turilli, Richie Scarlet, Dragonforce, Power Quest, Satarial, Blackmore’s Night, Tenebre, Toto, Skybreaker, Devilmakesthree, Stilettos.


Porcupine Tree, Madder Mortem, Impiety, Axel Rudi Pell, Corporation 187, SR-71, Amor, Edward Box, Black Majesty, Audio Justice, 7th Nemesis, King Of Darkness, Bathory, There Were Wires, Avantasia, Unruly Child, Conditioned Response, V/A – Zeppelin Tribute, Lacrimosa, Solvi, Kansas, Garrison, Machine Men, Leiah, July For Kings, Rudra, Pigs And Pyramids, Iron Monkey, Pyramid, Defyance, Manigance, Axis Of Alliance, Zandelle, Mucupurulent, Karmakanic, Frusthatred, Malevolent Creation, Johnny Truant, Quantum Bigfoot, Uli Jon Roth, Good Clean Fun, Bloodbath, Silver, Freewheeler, Dilutral, MTF, Running Wild, Hirsh Gardner, Bloodrose, Calm Insanity, V/A – Boston Tribute, Audioslave, Departure, Jeremy Camp, Lithium, The John Entwistle Band, Focus, Queer For Girls, Rura Penthe, 3 stages Of Pain, Kamelot, Wizards, The Reunion Show, Mykorrihiza, Dies Irae, Rottenness, Bitchin, Sugarcreek, Meniketti, Time Requiem, Lord Of Mushrooms, Daybreak, The Mission, Runes Order, Farse, Napalm Death, Boston, Saliva, Walrus, Rwake, Martone, Thy Primordial, Hope And Suicide, River City Rebels, Tomas Bodin, Maxmillion, The Instigators, Ashes You Leave, Mostly Autumn, Komanchi Tribe, Third Season, Judie Tzuke, Count Me Out, Coprofango, Jethro Tull, Govt Mule, Star Queen, Bloodreaping, V/A – Un Voyage…, Isis, Second Lass, Silent Front, Raging Slab, Novembre, Stout, Crash Cartel, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Southern Cross.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 41
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