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Lacuna Coil, Sebastian Bach, Heart, Murderdolls, Incubus, Cannibal Corpse, Spocks Beard, Meshuggah, Phil Lewis, Theory Of A Deadman, and ‘at home with Rockbitch’.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Multimedia Madness, Stateside Cuts, Dinosaur Rock, Top 200 Albums – the final 20, MP3 Power Bytes.


Roadrunner Roadrage tickets/meet & greet/merchandise, Burnout 2 forPS2, Colin McRae rally for GBA.


Bloodstock, Summer Breeze Festival, Primal Fear, Prong, Foreigner, Night Ranger, Reo Speedwagon, Slipknot, Korn, Murderdolls, Cannibal Corpse, Rage, Vader,Krisiun, Decapitated, Prejudice, Antiproduct, Dew Scented, Severe Torture, Viu Drakia


Lacuna Coil, Pain, Saxon, The Fallen, Ralph Santolla, Dr Kevorkian…, 4Ft Fingers, Dies Irae, Slav Simanic, Rapture, Occult, I.N.R.I., Pawnshop, Tribute To Nothing.


Hardline, Million, Meridian, Corruption, Lach, Symphony X, GBH, Cenobites, 30 seconds To Mars, Dreamtale, Solarcade, John Mayer, Dominium, Eric Martin, Paralysed Age, Little Hell, Blitzkrieg, John Wilson, Twisted Sister, John West, Mudpie, Lance Keltner, Harry, Momentum, The Damned, Archetype, Lost Weekend, All Too Human, Abscess, Gorerotted, Midnight Syndicate, Sideburn, Half Man, Marble Arch, The Home Team, Snapcase, White Skull, Wurdulak, Long Since Forgotten, Chain Link Faith, V/A – Ozzfest Live 2002, Alfonzetti, Antaeus, Greenwheel, Kingdom Come, Randolph Flagg, 7 Months, The Wicked, Eternal Flame, Deep Purple, Acceptance, Morgenstern, Black Lace, Fifty Foor Combo, Asgaard, Splender, Pro-Agres, Ice Blue, Marillion, Rearview Mirror, Pathos, The Hope Conspiracy, Naglfar, Domain, Bouncing Souls/Anti Flag, Sebastian Bach & Friends, Spiritual Beggars, The Vibrators, The Calling, Impaled, Anvil, Sonata Arctica, Enter Chaos, Vanderhoof, Dominion3, Street Talk, Beaten Back To Pure, Orkrist, Divine Souls, INDK, The Levellers, $ign Of Four, Manticora, Enemymaker888, Mob Rules, Raise Hell, Sloppy Meateaters, Pentagram, Rondinelli, Tony Hernando, Nick Bold, Ivory Tower, Tony Harnell & Norning Wood, V/A – Your Scene Sucks, Time To Fly, 10Ft Pole, Pro Jekt, Pure Sweet Hell, Audiovent, Tunnelvision, Spirit, Toxic Narcotic, Dying Day, Shadowkeep, Nonexist, Lake Of Tears, Torsohorse, Suppository, Bulletproof Electric Revue, Jim Peterik & World Stage, V/A – A Tribute To The Priest, Vicious Circle, Headspeed, Bon Jovi, Under-Radio, Mad At Gravity, Zonata, Mystic Circle, Chris Poland, Thine.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 39
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