Issue 35

powerplay_issue35Issue 35 is now SOLD OUT


Halford, Soulfly, Hardline, Soil, Ty Tabor, Hammerfall, Snakes In Paradise, The Jelly Jam, Katrina Chester, Tommy Denander, Top 200 Albums of All Time.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Dinosaur Rock, Multimedia Madness, Ozbits.


Garbage, Metal Meltdown 4, Axel Rudi Pell, Rammstein, Dokken, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Soul Doctor, Him, P.O.D, Down, Royal Hunt, Annihilator, Seven Witches, Ten, Superior, Debase, Ill Nino, Skindred, Blue Oyster Cult, American Head Charge, Raging Speedhorn, Manigance.


Halford, Stefan Elmgren’s Full Strike, Subway To Sally, Skinlab, Nocturnal Rites, Ektomorf, Tiffany, Soulfly, Ninnghizhidda, Sentenced, Undertow, Crystal Ball, Thunderstone, Entwine, Hatebreed.


Beyond The Embrace, The Enchanted, Tony MacAlpine, The Forsaken, Powergod, Andre Andersen, Mistress, Southern Rock, Allstars, Eterna, Denata, Burial Mound, Engine, Trollheim’s Grott, Mechanix, Forefather, Everon, Chore, Slightly Alien, Nickelback,
In Extremo, Kelly Simonz Blind Faith, Wigrid, Skyclad, Dissenter, Teeth Of Lions Rule The Divine, Lunatic Gods, The Apex Theory, Catamenia, Dogface, Orange Goblin, Satan’s Blood, Short Round, Arachnes, Iron Maiden, Ivan Bertolla, Spaceboy, Requiem, Arrival, Horrid, Eternal Elysium, Excommunion, Kotipelto, Inrage, Medusa Cyclone, V/A – Vai/Satriani Tribute, Drakkar, Mathias, Mick Thomas and the Sure Thing, Funeris Nocturnum, Harlan Cage, Psychotogen, V/A – Aerosmith Tribute, Atomic Bitchwax, The Kennedy Soundtrack, Into The Gore, Lux Talionis, Axamenta, I Defy, Ritual Carnage, Internecine, Rush, Catharsis, Kingpin, Electric Wizard, Grief Of Emerald, Cemetery Of Scream, Bowling For Soup, Danko Jones, Amun Re, Haemorrage, Danse Macabre, Dream Theater, Nightside, Aquila, V/A – Scorpion King Soundtrack, Gang Green, Amaran, Kaamos, 50 Kaliber, Wolf, Vader, Sea Of Dreams, Midtown, Protest, Trial By Fire, Discharge, Noise Ratchet, Vicious Mary, The Suicide Machines, xCanaanx, Uriah Heep, Bottom, Jason Gonzales, Michael Katon, Ugly Kid Joe, Sugarcult, Urotsukidojo/Winter In June, Unlord, Token, Regorge, Warhammer, Daemon, Incoherence, East West, Southern Gentlement, Snakes In Paradise, Debase, Prime Sth, Fall Silent, Severe Torture, Pitchshifter, Marillion, Talon, Das Ich, Burner, Undercroft, Tyrant, Bewitched.

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