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Dio, Motorhead, Manowar, Blaze, Phil Anselmo, U.D.O., Two Fires, Gilby Clarke, Echobrain, Cornerstone, Lockup, Harlan Cage, Layne Staley, Killswitch Engage, Mushroom River Band, Top 200 Albums of All Time.


AOR Underground, Power Cuts, Stateside Cuts, Dinosaur Rock, Multimedia Madness, Ozbits, The Dio Diary.


Mike Tramp, System Of A Down, Cheap Trick, Marillion, Gilby Clarke, Rob Zombie, Pretty Maids, Wildhearts, Diamond Head, Royal Hunt, Bonfire, Hoobastank, Silent Force, Dillinger Escape Plan, Robin Brock, Bailey’s Comet, Vacant Stare, Janus Stark, Fony.


Axel Rudi Pell, Dio, Total Stranger, Danzig, Lionsheart, Pretty Maids, Centinex, Manowar, Quecia, Bloodflowerz, Rain Fell Within, Coffin Nails, Michael Schenker, Desecrated Dreams, Atello, Hagalaz Runedance.


Khold, Elegy, Dawn Of Dreams, Dagorlad, Captor, Star One, Onward, Penumbra, Beheaded, Paul Chapman, Bad Company, Vex Red, To Elysium, Damnable, Jerry Cantrell, Megadeth, Barcode, Taking Back Sunday, Lana Lane, Impedigon, Z-Plan, Rage, Alghazanth, Griffin, Insision, Last Tribe, December Wolves, Enid, Evenfall, The Controlled Bleeding, Darxtar, The Glasspack, Whippersnapper, Threshold, Bruce Kulick, No More Lies, The Cleaner, Jaded Heart, My Dying Bride, Colaiuta, Ford & Haslip, Fallen To, St James, End Of Green, Dario Mollo/Tony Martin, Youth Brigade, Ted Nugent, Dream Evil, Maledictive Pigs, Nargaroth, Susperia, Judas Priest, Bruno Rock, Superior, Biomechanical, Korozy, This, Half My Time, Satanic Surfers, My Mind’s Mine, A, Mecca, Mystery Bloom, Stuntface, Cosmosquad, The Plus Ones, Psycho A Go-Go, Vomitory, Coloutr Trip, Devolved, Fu Manchu, Blackrock, Unleashed, Moving Targets, Deborah Bonham, Red Harvest, Suicidal Winds, Norther, Red Aim, Juju Kings, Solar Dawn, Dokken, Contempt, Empty Cage, Rollins Band, Obscenity, Denata, Brick Bath, Black ‘N Blue, Rondelus, Lordwind, Le Roux, V/A – Queen Of The Damned, The Generators, Pagan Reign, Goo Goo Dolls, Necrophobic, Oxbow, Two Man Advantage, Coal Chamber, Alice Cooper, Extol, DFA, Pornorphans, Raunchy, No Return, Fast Times, Bodybug, V/A – Not Another Teen Movie, Destroyer 666, Circle, Clutch, Killswitch Engage.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 34
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