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From her time with Richie Sambora and recording a platinum selling album to working with Michael Jackson, and new her new solo album, Orianthi shares the real story of ‘O’. We go all out with a massive nine-page fantasy bands feature, Doro shares her thoughts about the rare treasures in her new compilation, Max Cavalera tells us about resurrecting Killer Be Killed for their fantastic sophomore album, and Alter Bridge surprise us all by releasing an EP. Also this month we talk to The Flower Kings, Hatebreed, Iron Savior, Dark Tranquillity, Lords Of Black, Death Dealer, Communic, Lykantropi, Erja Lyytinen, Iconic Eye, Twister, King Creature, The Reticent, Soulbeast, When Rivers Meet, and the next stop in our Paradise City series is in the frozen north of Newcastle. 


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt.


Joe Bonamassa, Bad Touch, Gallows Circus.


Cats In Space, Scardust, Empress, Hell Freezes Over, Gama Bomb, Neon Angel, Memoira, Sodom, Stormwind, Wildness, Cortez,

Vice Squad, Susan Santos, Leaves’ Eyes, Scarlet, Bliss Of Flesh, The Flower Kings, Eleine, Pulse, Cobra Cobra.


Eclipse, Dark Tranquillity, This Calling, Imperium, Communic, Death Dealer, Lykantropi, Tungsten, Healthy Junkies, Chaos Divine, Knock Out Kaine, Netherblade, Nefesh Core, Black Knight, Orochen, Raging Speedhorn, Garage Days, Super Vintage, Fierce Heart, Deep River Acolytes, Killer Be Killed, King Bull, Don’t Sleep, Mindwars, Erja Lyytinen, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Black Fate, Reb Beach, Accusser, The Jeremy Edge Project, Volster, Sainted Sinners, Voivod, Thrust, Hadron, Hellsmoke, Swappers Eleven, Texmanians, Bastyon, Khaos Labyrinth, Shores Of Null, Lanlok, Tuatha De Dannan, Marathon, Brick, Jayce Landberg, Melodius Deite, Regardless Of Me, Limbs, Skeleton Pit, Glacier, Jo Below, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Non, Marche Funèbre, Vikram, Jeff Scott Soto, Act Of Creation, American Tears, Memoremains, Allora, King Creature, Branford Hwy, Sons On Fire, Bihargam, Crossbones’ Creed, Young Culture, Forsaken Age, Machina Blge, Annisokay, Knuckle Puck, Avandra, Eternal Idol, Bangkok, Anchorite, Angelica, Kosmogonia, Décembre Noir, Steve Hackett, Faro, Orianthi, Darwin, Ashen Reach, Fumarole, Stone Vibe, When Rivers Meet, Ran Aground, Desdemona, Kat, Autumnblaze, Second Sun, Sundressed, Sólstafir, Astrakhan, Autocatalytica, Statue Kings, Full House Brew Crew, Seven Strait, Vanish, Rahway, Wax Mekanix, Metalriff, Dark Quarterer, Nuclear Warfare, Second To Sun, Reframe, Pencarrow, Signal Red, Investigator, Throw The Goat, Lords Of Black, Rich Kid Express, Incursion, Vambo, Pyramaze, Hiidenhauta, Crostpaths, Neptune, The Velvicks, Oblivion Beach, Ashenmoon, Amahiru, Ravenword, Soulburn, Christopher James Cunnane, Shannon Labrie, Paradise In Flames, Ego Kill Talent, Warfect, Tension Rising, Facing The Gallows, I Am Pariah, Helix, Holy Roller Baby, Electric Hydra, Hatebreed, Seaway, Niviane, Seeds Of Mary, House Of Secrets, Devil’s Desire, Yes, Rob Moratti, Hell Is Here, Diamond Chazer, White Walls, Otters, Harlott, Aldious, Damnation Gallery, Counting Hours, The Black Hounds, Varathron, I Am Solitude, Somnus Throne, Lazarus Dream, Tod Almond, No Return, Jinjer, Ecclesia, Peculiar Three, Incarnate Deity, Fleetburner, Jaded Star, Doro, Haunt, Sinmas, Shadow Tribe, Dianthus, Sins Of Shadows, Stalker, Starbynary, Suicide Of Society, Gatecloser, Khaima, Song Of Anhubis, Dismal, King Kraken, Pain Of Salvation, Geezer Butler, Uncut, In Mourning, Odd Times, Sithlord, Five Finger Death Punch, White Magician, Maahes, GWAR, Snowy White And The White Flames, L’uomo Nero, Glass Alice, Mario Rossi Band, T-Rex Marathon, Odd Palace, Tantivy, Vantage Point, Space Chaser, Nuomena, Arcade Fortress, Harmonize, Victorius, V/A Alice In Chains Tribute, Tombs, Rusty Eye, Psychoid, Power, No Life On Earth, Diamond Dogs, Iron Savior.

Powerplay Issue 235
Powerplay Issue 235
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