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“It has been like a journey. And as we see it, we do not want this journey to reach the final destination and then stay there. But on the other hand, we have reached our favourite place and that is what is represented on ‘Manifest’,” says Elize Ryd about Amaranthe’s new album with its Gothic and industrial vibe. Ensalved tell us how they became part of the bicentennial celebrations of the Norwegian constitution, Ace Frehley gathers together some friends for the second edition of his ‘Origins’ covers albums and Devildriver’s Dez Fafara explains why he sat in front of a TV for two weeks without switching it on. This issue we also talk to Stryper, Raven, Brother Firetribe, Tim Bowness, Oceans Of Slumber, Perfect Plan, The Allman Betts Band, Gallows Circus, Ward XVI, Magick Touch, Connor Bracken, The Last Reign, Anders Eriksson, and The Bitter Elegance, plus the latest instalment in our Paradise City series explores Powerplay’s home base of Manchester. 


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Multimedia.



Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, Joe Satriani, George Thorogood And The Delaware Destroyers, Doro, TNT, Kix, Fastway, Enslaved, Trouble, Danny Vaughn.


Amaranthe, Tim Bowness, Derek Sherinian, Ward XVI, Scars, Vanishing Point, Attick Demons, Serpent Omega, Eskimo Callboy, Nightmare, Spelbook, Acid Blood, Raven, Ayreon, South Of Salem, Doda Havet, Ruckwater, Manticora.


Halestorm, Hittman, Fish, Gallows Circus, Dead Lord, Neal Morse, Hinayana, The Ocean, Redemption, The Bitter Elegance, Scorged, Brunhilde, Red Spektor, Dun Ringill, Alien Rockin’ Explosion, Sacred Outcry, Hell In The Club, The Vigil, Warlung, Foot, Demolizer, Soulbound, Hellraiser, Silvera, 10 Years, Canedy, Face Of Stone, Wicked Smile, Ibridoma, Fires In The Distance, Ice,Madina Lake, Ancst, The Georgia Thunderbolts, Balance Breach, Rising Steel, Divine Side, Sizter Machyne, Vestal Claret, Messiah, Serum 114, The Sullen, Jpl, Croak, Shadow And The Thrill, Jump The Fall, Sonic Circus, Elimination, Disrupt The Signal, Anders Eriksson, Connor Bracken And The Mother Leeds Band, Dastardly Dudes, Lik, Dirty Streets, Flying Colors, Dead Quiet, Perfect Plan, Espiral, Unto The Wolves, Stranded By Choice, Psychlona, Season Of Dreams, The Autmn Killers, Iron Angel, Defy The Tyrant, Solace Supplice, Liquid Therapy, Hexx, Gardner/James, Mad Sin, Vug, Brotthodd, Foretoken, The Cheats, Drakarium, Kinstrife, Kataklysm, Ost+Front, Satan, Grendel’s Sÿster, Kaiser Franz Josef, Moonlight Desires, Brimstone Coven, Molasses,Landfall, Kilimanjaro, Elmsfire, Exit The Matrix, Blazon Rite, Rockenbolle, Union Kane, Sin Circus, Mosh-Pit Justice, Dizorder, Sonic Riot, Bürner, Formula 400, Accidental President, Terra Atlantica, Progressive Souls Collective, Nachtland, Winter Nights, Royal Glam, Buena Madera, Varg, Bona Lisa, From The Depth, Dave Plotel, Bruder 4 Brothers, Thyrant, Joe Bouchard, Ace Frehley, Adkins, Kind, Wily Bo Walker & Danny Flam, Waco, Sandness, Stormburst, Fortress Under Siege, Leon Gill, Mountain Tamer, Töxik Death, Soulbeast, Mondo Generator, The Waymaker, Lufeh, Alfonso Corace, Bad Whispers, Ferreira, Crystal Skull, Nite, Nehoda, Alive Alone, Thrasherwolf, Kingdom Of Giants, Diamond Dogs, It’sAlie, Selenseas, Kill The Lights, Tanna, The Natural Disasters, Stryper, Dizygote, Brother Firetribe, Silius, Elvenpath, The Lightbringer, Mentalist, Buick8, Simon Collins, Prins Svart, Jet Fuel Chemistry, Vermilia, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Static-X, Apotropaico, Arsenal Renegade, Grenouer, Crystal Spiders, Crown Lands, Wounded Cross, Maggie Cassidy, Black Lesion, Andrée Theander, Al Yeti Bones, Kirk Fletcher, Diesel Machine, Winter’s Verge, Tomorrow’s Rain, Joe Bonamassa, Etorkizun Beltza, Moonspell, Ascension Of The Watchers, Behind The Horror, Rossometlile, Geoff Carne & The Rox Band, Rumours, Tony Mitchell, Primal Fear, Dexateens, The Last Reign, Sean V Syndicate, V/A– Marc Bolan Tribute, Helloween.

Powerplay Issue 233
Powerplay magazine Issue 233
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