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This issue includes The New Power Files Chapter 8.


Deep Purple breeze back into our lives with a ‘Whoosh’. “The BBC would never play anyone like us,” says Roger Glover. “We were much too heavy. We just carried on regardless and it was all about the music, and the fact that we became successful meant that the success was on our terms, and not anyone else’s.” Dee Snider extols the virtues of being a true frontman, Avatar go primal and find their heavy groove, Kamelot join the ranks of the few bands with a must have live album, and we continue our series of rock city explorations with New York. Also this month, we chat to Axel Rudi Pell, Pain Of Salvation, Blues Pills, Heathen, Lionheart, Dukes Of The Orient, Lionville, Savoy Brown, Jim Kirkpatrick, Blind River, Mike Ross, Damnation Angels, Stämpf, Vantage Point, Karobela, White Crone, and Felix Rabin.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, The New Power Files Chapter 8 – 39 hard and heavy songs free for you to download. 



Twisted Sister, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Megadeth, Ratt, Michael Schenker Group, Molly Hatchet, Quiet Riot, Steel Panther, Evergrey, Behemoth, Battle Beast.


Pain Of Salvation, Blues Pills, Avatar, Warkings, Virtual Symmetry, Natural Spirit, Lionville, Devilfire, Oceans Of Slumber, The Pinpricks, Carthagods, Dee Snider, Forged In Black, The Dirty Denims, White Crone, Wild Road Rollers, Deep Purple.


Seether, Lionheart, Finntroll, Jd Simo, Damnation Angels, Savoy Brown, Archange, Sonic Divide, Eric Steckel, Cuttin’edge, The Tangent, Grumpynators, Gramobone, 3000 AD, Swell Fellas, Martyr, Orbit Culture, Strike Anywhere, Blurred Vision, Black Crown Initiate, Fortune, Nonexist, Jen Ascending, Charred Graves, Gates Of Slumber, Jim Kirkpatrick, Vantage Point, Sons Of Butcher, Domination Black, The Milkmen, They Might Be Zombies, Rumahoy!, Magick Touch, King Gorm, Brandy And The Butcher, Asura, Mike Ross, Walter Trout, Boisson Divine, Heist Two-Eleven, Hathors, Left For Dead, Halysis, Cory Marks, Kiss The Gun, Blue Envy, Me & Munich, Cardinals Folly, Stormzone, Romuvos, Vulkan, Heksebrann, Satanica, Osyron, Arabs In Aspic, Chasing Ghosts, The Lows, Hungry Daze, Sanity Control, My Heavy Memory, Blazing Rust, The Naked High, Black Bone Nation, 5ive Years Gone, Blitz, Airbag, Torchlight Parade, Roman Odoj, Jason Kane & The Jive, Figures, Mallavora, Crowdead, Neon Animal, Dokken, Steve Howe, The Fallen, New Dilemma, Unleash The Archers, Embr, Thurisaz, Válvera, Andy Susemihl, Afterimage, Ages, BS Bone, Stonebirds, Hot Alien Sauce, Cellar Stone, Primacy, Lonely Robot, Proletarian, Devil In The Mist, Powerhouse, Guns For Girls, Gramma Vedetta, Fraise, Starblind, The Odd Even, Ravened, Guillotine Dream, Red Cain, Changing Tymz, Heathen, Red Hour, Creature Creature, Ice War, Dead Posey, Solarcyles, The Hawkins, The Allman Betts Band, The Big Dirty, Jeremy Harry Harris, Dukes Of The Orient, Meurtrières, National Security Band, Magenta, Hellgrimm, Terradown, Clint Lowery, Pharoty, Mutant Disease, The Fundamentals, Room Experience, Black Rose Maze, Dusty Chopper, Dreams Of Avalon, In Flames, Huanastone, Venom, Angband, Rebel Wizard, Svärd, Attaxe, The Multitude, Michael Landau, Sweatpants, My Silent Wake, Bring Out Your Dead, Mike Zito, Ramos, Vicious Rumors, Euphoria, Gwyn Ashton, New Clue, Pinnacle Point, Godscum, Devastator, Blue Oyster Cult, Levellers, Jet Jaguar, Blackballed, Arctic Rain, Aeterna Tenebrae, The Neptune Power Federation, Saints Of Death, Bear Mace, Lunear, Ben Hemming, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Valkyrie, Superchucker, Peter Carlsohn, High Spirits, Chaosaint, Fortunate Losers, Mad Max, Kamelot.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 232
Issue 232
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