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‘Metal Commando’s Primal Fear hit out with their thirteenth album. “As an artist, you don’t want to make the same album over and over, even if that’s what the fans want. It’s not what we want. We have a lot of influences, and it’s nice to change things up,” says Mat Sinner. Udo Dirkschneider tells us about the Concert Band of the German Armed Forces joining UDO to create ‘We Are One’, their superb new metal-meets-orchestra album. Also this issue we talk to former The Eagles man Don Felder, Powerwolf, Dennis DeYoung, Destruction, Onslaught, Ensiferum, Falconer, Michael Grant, Lonely Robot, Grace Potter, Horisont, Symphonity, Bloody Hells, and Haxan, plus Thundermother scorch our ears with their fantastic third album ‘Heat Wave’, and in the first part of a new serious about out favourite rock cities we take a walk by the classic London music venues in which so many Powerplay memories have been made.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Multimedia.



Metallica, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Judas Priest, Accept, Raven, W.A.S.P., Armored Saint.


Ensiferum, David Judson Clemmons, UDO, Primal Fear, Mushroomhead, Aeon Mirage, The Royal Beggars, Thundermother, Tokyo Motor Fist, Ryder’s Creed, She Bites, Beyond The Black, Dark Sarah, Hardland, Anonymous, Volcanova.


Mantar, Falconer, Silent, Bloody Heels, Operus, Awake By Design, Black Knight, Ravenscry, Destruction, Three Colours Dark, Bonedryver, Dance Gavin Dance, Northern Crown, The Sword, The Killerhertz, Karnivore, The Animal State, Connect The Circle, Shadow Smile, Massive Wagons, Steve Howe, Bad As, Curse The Son, Blended Brew, Dion, Virus, In/Vertigo, Night, Dark Arena, Long Distance Calling, Mindgasm, Protest The Hero, Let Us Prey, Yogi Lang, The Villianz, Graveyard Disciples, Shining Black, Myrath, A Dead Desire, Frost*, Madhouse, Red Rooster Original, Dohny Jep, American Terror, Silver Mammoth, Mother’s Boyzz, Sven Gali, Shok Paris, Powerwolf, Hellbound, Lars Eric Mattsson, Beach Viper, Celtic Hills, Ormskrik, Master Massive, Old Roger’s Revenge, Fatum Aeternum, Held In Secret, Kings Overdrive, Guardians Of Lightning, Milan Polak, Paul King, Dystopia A.D., Bent By Sorrow, Turbo Distortion, Broadside, Phil Vincent, Alcatrazz, Stämpf, The Poppy Jasper Band, Terradown, Wintereve, Feuerschwanz, Zola, Michael Grant & The Assassins, Mean Streak, Ignea, Bombs Of Hades, Black Old Scratch, World War Four, Morse Portnoy George, Currents, Bartosz Ogrodowicz, Def Leppard, Lucid Conformity, Judicator, Wilderun, Baleful Creed, Realisea, Tuple, Since April, Dml Conspiracy, Strange Majik, Stråle, As The Palaces Burn, The Suicide Notes, Minatox 69, Bag Of Nails, Retched, The Wise Man’s Fear, Millie Manders & The Shutup, Mark Spiro, Stygian Crown, Ninth Circle, Witnesses, Lined, Rob Tognoni, Maryann Cotton, Oakhands, Dystopie, Pale Divine, Devil’s Bargain, Hold On Hollywood, Toby Jepson & The Whole Truth, Aurium, Crazed, Mathilda, Boost, Depth Hate, Fraser Edwards, Instigator, Alizarin, Challenger, Badge, Drops Of Heart, Mary & The Highwalkers, Blind River, Dope Default, Northwind, Paradise, Nachtschatten, Grandval, Places Around The Sun, Karobelo, Brass Owl, Dakesis, Renee Hose, Badguyswin, Yriel, Palaye Royale, Rush, Velkhanos, Skeleton, Hank Von Hell, Browsing Collection, Nemedian Chronicles, Gold Key, Witches, Bobby Mck, Snatch Back, Enuff Z’nuff, Haxan, Kingnomad, Rosenkreutz, Thrust, Dali, Kenziner, Onslaught, Blacktop Mojo, Maelstrom, E D Brayshaw, No Such Season, Little Red Kings, Ten Foot Wizard, Chris Rosander.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 231
Powerplay Magazine Issue 231
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