Issue 230

Powerplay issue 230

Powerplay issue 230
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Includes The New Power Files Chapter 7


“Swearing is big and swearing is clever. And we’ve leaned fully into that whole gimmick of saying rude words is great,” says Christopher Bowes about Alestorm’s latest fun-filled ride on the high seas, ‘Curse Of The Crystal Coconut’. After five years away Lamb Of God return with a career-defining self-titled album. Guitarist Mark Morton tells us all about it and we talk to Matt Heafy about Trivium’s hard-hitting new album. Also this issue we chat to Kansas, FM, Paradise Lost, Firewind, Vega, Havok, Pattern Seeking Animals, Bleed From Within, 1000mods, Daxx & Roxane, Bad Touch, Intelligent Music Project, Overlaps, Robert Jon & The Wreck, The Outlaw Orchestra, MJM, Syteria, Double Experience, Geoff Tyson, Beau Bowen, and Psycho Toaster.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, The New Power Files Chapter 7.


Testament, Exodus, Death Angel, Winter’s End Festival, Burrfest, Mick Fleetwood & Friends, Eric Clapton & Friends, Anvil, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Tomorrow Is Lost, Jack J Hutchinson, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows, The Dust Coda, Loz Campbell.


Axel Rudi Pell, Felix Rabin, Dark Forest, Course Of Fate, Dangerous Project, High Priestess, Trivium, The Rocket Dolls, Bonfire, Havok, Hartmann, The Outlaw Orchestra, Warbringer, Firewind, FM, One Desire, Grave Digger, Haken, Subsignal, Smackdown, Bad Touch, Kansas.


Daxx And Roxane, Mike Tramp, Conception, Vader, Blizzen, Enzo And The Glory Ensemble, Lutharo, And The Sky Darkened, Victoria K, Khemmis, Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets, Silverstein, Nightblade, Stonewall Noise Orchestra, Elixir, Robert Jon & The Wreck, Marrowfields, Cryptex, Stephen Dale Petit, Mortem Atra, South Haven, Bailout, Lethal Steel, 14 North, My Arrival, AOR, Servant Leader, Only Sound, Wicked Asylum, The Grief, Asking Alexandria, The Used, Green Carnation, Exlibris, Larkin Poe, Human Act, The Silenced, Deepshade, Four Year Strong, Vorstellan, League Of Corruption, Perpetual Fate, Stone Flower, Burial, 1000mods, Lord Vigo, Habu, Malefistum, The Classic Crime, Superhorror, Compass, Shyyne, Pproject, Blame The Sacred, Hells Fire Sinners, Vanir, Cirith Ungol, Burn Down Hollywood, Command The Machyne, Aevum, Confess, Prime Creation, Valcata, John De Mena, The Nest, Satan’s Empire, Argos Roh, Draggin’ Ass, Crimson Thunder, Kingsmen, Rekuiem, Intense, Bursters, Loviatar, The Goners, Die Ego, Sylvain Marcotte, Stonus, Skyryder, Ritual Effect, MJM, Pattern-Seeking Animals, Everyday Heroes, FB1964, Demonic Death Judge, Black Rainbows, Landmine, Ugly Yeti, Wallop, Sojourner, Hopescure, Chronus, Norwald, King Witch, Elder, Datura 4, Ron Coolen, Patrón, Unanimated, The Stitchpig Revival, Ecnephias, Bob Dee With Petro, Benevolent Like Quietus, Flying Circus, Grim, These Wicked Rivers, The Spirit Cabinet, Lazuli, The Destroying Laser, Zombie King, Lost Symphony, Witchfinder, Ramlord, Captain Black Beard, Blud Red Roses, New Hate Rising, Rough Grind, Flight Of Eden, Pay Pandora, Division Of Madness, Alevosia, Joakem, Kat Felicis Loco, Sidebürns, Siena Root, Nine-T-Nine, Anno Mundi, Sleazy Way Out, Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm, Yes, Babylonfall, Eulogy, Gypsy Railhead, Ravenscroft, Rage In My Eyes, Vella, A Lost Asylum, Traveler, The Story Behind, Snuff, Chip & The Charge Ups, Virocracy, The Bitter Elegance, Shockproof, Sectile, John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers, Welicoruss, Asenblut, Magia Nera, Angellore, Bloodbound, Maya Mountains, Raider, Stunned, Asylums, Forming The Void, Red, Liar, Tommy Concrete, Stagman, Her Name Was Fire, Hanna Barakat, Empty Friend, Elephant Tree, Marauder, Ash Return, Backwater, Rock Twice, Killin Baudelaire, Shrapnel, The Wizar’d, Turmion Kätilöt, Bushi, Thunderbird Divine, Her Chariot Awaits, Space Giant, Gulliver Sideburns, Mortician, Ego Kill Talent, Nagual, Ken Hensley, Medusa, Devicious, The Enid, Dozer, Tzimani, Def Leppard, Kb & The Idyllwilde, Jethro Tull, Crown Lands, Paradise Lost, Ratt, Pitchshifter,  Ani Lo Pojekt, Intelligent Music Project, Gefrierbrand, Dennis Deyoung, Jessica Wolff, Atavistia, These Wicked Rivers, Geoff Tyson, Overlaps, Alestorm, Chester Kames & The Loves, House Of Lords, Aversions Crown, Cro-Mags, Stepson, Caligula’s Horse, Magnus Karlsson’s Freefall, Bleed From Within, Xplorer4, Mustasch, 17 Crash, Asgard, Slaves Wage, Pretty Maids, Aether Realm, Electric Mob, Vampire, Black Phantom, Kayleth, Imperial Child, Blue Oyster Cult, Rrrags, Devilskin, Slingshot, Psycho Toaster, Phoxjaw, Eternal Delyria, Tyler Was Here, Derange, Desert Storm, Die Kreatur, Riff Raiders, Rednight, Black Capes, Boston Manor, Conway, Riverside Crow, Toledo Steel, Kill Ritual, Wolftooth, Vega, Dead Lakes, Sorcerer, Blowtorch, Hot Juice, Aeons In Solitude, Legion, Fury, Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins, Greyhawk, Hydraform, Black Orchid Empire, Bendt, Conflict, Ebonivory, Souls Of Tide, Curse, Road Warrior, Grand Massive, One Life All In, Mass Hysteria, Carach Angren, Pharmacose, Angelcrypt, American Jetset, Demise Of The Crown, Solicitor, Phantom Hound, Nasty High, Winter Moon, Vandenberg, Devils Bridge, Hyperion, Kult Of The Skull God, Ancillotti, Blaze Of Sorrow, Final Conflict, Blackhearth, Stonus, Tokyo Blade, Monodelux, Mad Hatter, Picturesque, Withering Surface, Joviac, Lesoir, The Other, Thy Despair, Voodoo Mansion, Commando, Champlin Williams Friestedt, Kayak, Biest, Re-Armed, Dead Reynolds, Christian Shields, Geezer, Hearts And Hand Grenades, Nicumo, Sam Millar, Thirteen Stars, Devil’s Dice, Blut, Kronos Resistor, Bitterness, High Road Easy, Shape Of Water, Ravenlight, Posthumanbigbang, Dopelord, From Hell, Exess, Solar Flare, Death Denied, Mountain’s Foot, War Cloud, Lars Eric Mattsson, Världen Brinner, Flight Of Eden, Megatherium, Jupiter Hollow, Datura4, The Space Octopus, Bush, Wizards Of Hazards, Tiger Moth Tales, Thorn In Side, Fughu, The Heavy Eyes, Nuclear Winter, Calling All Astronauts, Smokemaster, Lady Beast, Pino Scotto, Kashmir, Bullets & Octane, Living Dead Stars, Supernaughty, Abduction, Death Floor, Soldati, Ancient Curse, Stargazery, Ironstone, Desolate Realm, Molasses Barge, Fire In The Radio, Homicide, Nawabs Of Destruction, Silvernite, Steve Thorne, Sir Lord Baltimore, Witches Of Doom, Sapphire Eyes, Aversio Humanitatis, Italicus Carnifex, Past Five, Battle Born, Torchia, Neronia, Foghat, Metal Church, Five Ways To Nowhere, Barren Womb, Mad Wet Sea, Legends Never Die, Die Another Day, Agenda, Laci Violett, Mountain Witch, Free As Birds, Witchery, Rivetskull, Heirs Of Fire, The Black Legacy, Goldray, Halfway Joe.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 230
Powerplay Magazine Issue 230
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