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We sit down with Floor Jansen and Troy Donockley to get the lowdown on the creation of the latest masterpiece from operatic symphonic metal masters Nightwish, a double album that features a set of original new songs on one disc and an entire symphony on the other. Guitar whizz Joe Satriani tells us about his emotional new album ‘Shapeshifting’, we talk to Gotthard’s Nic Maeder about the band’s latest offering, the best since he joined the band, and Static X tell us about their long overdue return. This month we also interview Biff Byford about his first ever solo album, plus Harem Scarem, Dynazty, Lucifer, Wolfheart, Novena, Phonomik, Nightblade, Pure Reason Revolution, Lucifer Star Machine, Dirty Sound Magnet, and we talk to the promoters of Masters Of Rock and Call Of The Wild festivals to see what is in store for fans at these great events in 2020.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt.


Sabaton, Steel Panther, Cheap Trick, Apocalyptica, Amaranthe, Lindemann, HRH Metal, The Wildhearts, Soul Asylum, Palaye Royale, Delain, Backyard Babies, Starset, Wayward Sons, Cyhra, British Lion, 3Teeth, Davy Knowles, CKY, Romeo’s Daughter,

Aesthetic Perfection, Read Out Loud, Jadu.


Nightwish, Lucifer, Ambush, The Fangs Of The Dodo, Wolf, Thanatos, Framing Hanley, Mind Tech, Puta Volcano, Natural Disorder, Ad Infinitum, Harem Scarem, In This Moment, Walking Rumor, Testament, Syteria, Absolva, Desert Colossus, Our City Fires.


Dynazty, Hallas, Pure Reason Revolution, Sari Schoor, The Petal Falls, Berzerker Legion, Ramrod, Waltari, Underhander, Freddy And The Phantoms, Blister Brigade, The Darker My Horizon, The Lu Silver String Band, Lucifer Star Machine, XIV Dark Centuries, Diarchy, Void Of Sleep, Finnegan’s Hell, Novena, The Third Grade, Palmist, Avenged Sevenfold, Atarka, Game Zero, Wormwood, False Hearts, Another Day Dawns, Dripback, Mobius, Lowrider, Hex A.D, Sydney Fate, Rich Kid Expre$$, Dusk Of Delusion, Soul Dragger, Starbenders, Noogies Crew, Tomorrow Is Lost, Inner Blast, Nuclear Winter, Dead Superstar, Tribeless, Luca Sellitto, Dictator Ship, Death The Leveller, Alkira, Spell, Perfect Wig, Video Nasties, Solitary Sabred, Ayreon, Evolve, Lost Legacy, The Black Dahlia Murder, Villagers Of Ioannina City, Starmen, Alconaut, Shadow’s Far, Fallen Arise, Resurrector, Allen/Olzon, The Electric Mess, Alpha Blank, The Hawkeyes, Inno, Zeni Danussi, Altaria, The A.X.E. Project, The Oneira, Danny Veras, Tenside, Khymera, Midnight, Motorbooze, Dexter Ward, Fly Above Fire, Morbid Death, Joe Satriani, Kings Of Dust, Crosson, Apollo Stands, Hasswut, Our Mirage, Voodoo Six, The Unity, Peter Kovary And The Royal Rebels, State Of Millenia, Orion Saiph, Bonechurch, The Pink Cigs, Pleonexia, Preppin Barium, And Silence Remains, Behemoth, Psychonaut, Dimh Project, Formosa, Age Of Emergence, Diabology, Brant Bjork, Silverthorne, Never Again, Horizont, Lord Of Light, Double Experience, Wayward, Axe Crazy, Elfika, Moonreflex, Comaniac, Freak Injection, Black Hawk, Killing A Lion, Lunarsea, Semblant, Born In Exile, Mark Sloan, Old Harry, Badd Kharma, Romano Nervoso, Wolfheart, The Birthday Massacre, Tomb Stone, Grand Design, Coffeinne, Atheris, The Muggs, Porn, The Outfit, Man Machine Industry, Hot Sunday Blood, Return, The Inhibitor, Xtasy, Zio, Trellis, Asphalt Valentine, Sugar Tape, Beneath My Sins, Buffalo Summer, Razorvoice, Robert Hart, Blue Oyster Cult, Slowburn, Foghat, Highway 50, Vellocet, Arkado, Winterblade, Ian Parry, Pyogenesis, Newman, Mythology, Sky Valley Mistress, Slaughter Messiah, Ray Von Schmalz, Burning Shadows, Isle Of The Cross, Il Segno Del Comando, Igorrr, Rory Gallagher, Great Electric Quest, Drowning Deep, Spheric Universe Experience, Warped Cross, Problem With Dragons, Candlemass, Bells And Ravens, Ironwill, Indign, Etherea, Crimson Star, Celebrity Stalkers, Grave T, Kiss Of The Dolls, Alfred Rock Hernandez, Chrome Ghost, Mitsein, New England, Enoch, Deep Purple, Gomorra, Altesia, Derek Fresquez & Cuttin’ The Chord, Dio, Dool, Metal Church, Girl, Rodent With Glasses, Beau Bowen, Enslaved, Status Quo.

Issue 229
Powerplay Magazine Issue 229
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