Issue 228

Powerplay issue 228

Powerplay issue 228
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After two searing metallic releases H.E.A.T ease off the gas and return to their melodic rock roots with fiery new album ‘II’. We sit down with Zoltan Baothory to discuss the superb new Five Finger Death Punch album and his new role as mentor and manager to other bands, The Night Flight Orchestra light us up with their dark disco rock, and Jeff Pilson tells us about his role in Frontiers’ latest supergroup Black Swan. This month we also chat to Blaze Bayley, Shakra, Body Count, Serenity, Ross The Boss, Psychotic Waltz, Burning Witches, Reece, Snake Oil & Harmony, Archon Angel, Infected Rain, Molly Karloff, Edge Of Paradise, Madhouse, Black Roze, Vile A Sin, Sons Of Sounds, The Medea Project.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, The New Power Files Chapter 6.


Alter Bridge, Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth, The Darkness, Slipknot, Shinedown, Airbourne, Behemoth, Morbid Angel, Watain, Motionless In White, The Raven Age, The Struts, Bad Wolves, Evil Scarecrow, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Laurence Jones Band, Edge Of Paradise, Absolva, Dead Man’s Whiskey, Hollowstar, Rews, Skold, Incantation, Mike Zito, Matt Pearce And The Mutiny, Deever, Marisa And The Moths, Asagaum, Temple Balls, Vice, Formicarius, Finding Kate.


The Night Flight Orchestra, Diabulus In Musica, My Dying Bride, Psychotic Waltz, Burning Witches, Seven Spires, Amberian Dawn, Molly Karloff, Elegy Of Madness, Secret Rule, Heaven Shall Burn, Supersuckers, Gotthard, Serious Black, Waiting For Monday, September Mourning, Lykantropi, Ye Banished Privateers, Black Swan, Body Count.


The Outlaws, Godsticks, Kozmik Landing, Sylosis, Hearts And Hand Grenades, God Dethroned, Kreator, Conny Bloom, Invictus, The Medea Project, Ironflame, Beat City Tubeworks, Exhale, Dead Kosmonaut, Blossom Death, Yur Mum, Archon Angel, Kvelertak, Corvoyd, Amorphia, Unzucht, Vlad In Tears, Mallet, Back To Orion, Terrifiant, Wicked Plan, Nightfear, Temple Renegade, Dragonlore, Veridian, Ihsahn, Wishbone Ash, Ritual King, Tomorrow Is Lost, Naked Six, B.D.S.M., Phonomik, Venustra, Shakra, Huntsmen, Zero Theorem, Envy, Thoughts Factory, Gothic Stone, Blind Ego, Blutbad, Easy Action, Nebulos Aetrerum, Storm Force, Cardinal Sin, Hela, Neaera, Then Comes Silence, Syryn, Sons Of Sounds, Nils Patrik Johansson, Reece, Marty And The Bad Punch, Blissful Stream, Clare Free, The Crooked, Black Sand, Veritates, Novatines, Pussies On The Dancefloor, Strangers, Ignited, Dead End Finland, The Good, The Bad And The Zugly, Agenda, Egosystema, Dark Fortress, Acid Mammoth, Ciminero, Intoxicate, Big Scenic Nowhere, Åskväder, The Outlines, Zoran, We Sell The Dead, Gunjack, The Devil’s Rejects, Mondo Generator, Blind Revolution, Hot Juice, Desmönt Dee, Snake Oil & Harmony, Solace, Stallion, Tombs, The Self Titled, Bestial Invasion, Ironsword, Oni, Black Royal, Jesse Damon, Broodmother, SDI, Blade Cisco, Coogan’s Bluff, Pawns In Chess, Torpedo, My Funeral, Hourswill, Magg Dylan, Infinitas, Uncommon Evolution, Mindless Sinner, Manthar Bhandal, The Driftwood Sign, Sometime The Wolf, Loxodrom, Lars Eric Mattsson, Serenity, Main Street Revival, On Thorns I Lay, Maiden United, Throne Of Iron, Slinkwood, Black Heiron, Toundra, Shaeem Larein, Wolvencrown, Shaft Of Steel, Victor Smolski’s Almanac, Mark Morton, R.U.S.T.X, Js Tolar, Predicted, Bad Montana, King Solomon Hicks, Hyborian, Polaris, Runescarred, Blaze Bayley, Sun Below, Eighty One Hundred, Hardline, Holycide, V/A ‘Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I’m Sick’, Nasty Ratz, Operose, Satan Worship, Horrified, Shadow Witch, Barmy Rote, Svart Crown, Svengali, Marvel, Paradise Lost, 58 Shots, Justify Rebellion, Shark Island, The Vibes, Dawn Of Solace, Albert Cummings, Blacksmith Legacy, Shaggy The Rock Band, Shadow Breaker, Solarys, Imonolith, Meltdown Yellow, Valtvoar, Ingrimm, Princess, July Reign, Dvm Spiro, Sleepwraith, In Technicolour, MILF, Magnolia, Anubis, Loathe, Vulcano, A Life Divided, Erdling, Poisoned Hestia, Re-Machined, Saints Trade, Savage Hands, Eager Platypus, Deadrisen,  Intronaut, White Stones, Blackhawkdown, Switchblade Romance, K.A.Z, Jack Green, Audrey Horne, Schizophrenia, Heathen, Autumn’s Child, Ewigkeit, Derade, Trapeze, Crematory, Hanover Fist, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Heavy Pettin’, Broken Witt Rebels, The Babys, Five Finger Death Punch, Ross The Boss, Brkn Love.

Issue 228
Powerplay Magazine Issue 228
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