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It has been a long fourteen year wait but the third Demons & Wizards album ‘III’ finally arrives this month. We sat down with Hansi and Jon in Germany to discuss one of the most eagerly anticipated releases of the year. In our first issue of the New Year Mick Jones shares his excitement about the recent Foreigner reunion shows, Tony Clarkin tells us about Magnum’s new line-up and fantastic proggy new album ‘The Serpent Rings’, plus we talk to Mike Portnoy about the sophomore album from prog metal heavyweights Sons Of Apollo. Also this month are interviews with Sepultura, Anvil, Rage, Delain, Revolution Saints, Dirty Shirley, Gorilla Riot, Collateral, Malone Sibun, Laura Cox, Anchor Lane, Blackwater Conspiracy, Electric Black, Ark Ascent, and gruff voiced Nighwish bassist Marko Hietala shares the story of his debut solo album.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Multimedia. 


Ghost, Halestorm, Marillion, Steve Hackett, Lacuna Coil, Opeth, King Diamond, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, Hawkwind, Devin Townsend, Battle Beast, In This Moment, Royal Republic, D-A-D, Leprous, Eluveitie, Hypocrisy, Santa Cruz, Haken, Ronnie Wood With His Wild Five, All Them Witches, The Ocean, New Years Day, Cyhra, Black Moth, Vintage Trouble, The Vintage Caravan, Jack Broadbent, The Blackheart Orchestra, Venus, Blackout Problems, Port Noir, Sky Valley Mistress. 


Magnum, Rage, Mystic Prophecy, Nibiru Ordeal, Collateral, Sons Of Apollo, Victorius, Marko Hietala, Revolution Saints, Anchor Lane, The Temperance, Madhouse, Sepultura, Akando, Fighter V, Black Roze, Misery Loves Company, Lordi, H.E.A.T, Passion.


Demons & Wizards, Delain, Apocalyptica, Gorilla Riot, Timeworn, Slayer, Anti-Flag, Marillion, Thy Catafalque, Ghostreaper, Southern Smoke, Street Lethal, Beach Slang, Sons Of Liberty, Degenerate, Dirty Shirley, Ben Poole, Angels To Some, The Neal Morse Band, Green Lung, Mortland, Steve Blower, Legion Of Bokor, Ironthorn, Brothers Of Metal, Valar Morghulis, Novelists FR, Freakstorm, Bellybuster, Neverlight, Paul Di’anno, Sylosis, Fiend, Dawn Of Disease, Those Damn Crows, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Vivaldi Metal Project, Salem UK, Cardinal Sin, Goodbye June, Roadhouse Diet, Kings County, Michael Sweet, Blessed Black, Hawthorne Heights, Human Fortress, Surgical Strike, En Declin, Project Renegade, Deathwhite, Blackwater Conspiracy, Knasterbart, Edellom, InMe, Life Against Time, Resonance, Il Giardino Onirico, Art, Denizen, The Cadillac Three, Rainbows Are Free, JC Autobody, Two Too Many, Everafter, Dizastra, Sign X, Ken Hensley, Hollywood Undead, Michael Thompson Band, King Voodoo, Grand Slam, Humphrey, Minotaurus, Hell Riders, Fearytales, Lorna Shore, Lightfold, Downes Braide Association, Rory Rhoads, Dendrites, Tyler Dory Trio, Electric Karma, Hot Ham & Cheese, Handsome Karnivore, Kani, Armoured Dawn, Blackthorne, Ashes Fallen, Pyramid, Kamchatka, Uzziel, Replika, Taraban, Russ Ballard, The Krueggers, Bellathrix, Uncut, Veritas Conc 75, Laura Cox, Vile A Sin, Thousand Below, Impending Reflections, Shaped In Dreams, Elchivo, Patrick Hemer, Dreamlord, Dawnlight, Blue Clutch, Infringement, British Lion, Emerald Shine, Nightwalkers, Heartlay, Sonus Corona, Peter Ron, Traitor, Dark Phantom, Sl Theory, Who Brought The Dog, Cobra Cult, Drudge, Motorjesus, Liz Gun, Second Line Parade, Dark City Agent, Luca Sellitto, Morgan Rider And The Deep Dark River, Moana, The Zekilibrados, Serpentyne, Tragedy In Hope, Bellevue Days, Pervade, Annihilator, Hi/Jack, Jorn, Steadfast, Black Talon, Vandallus, Marisa And The Moths, Dan Kincaid, Strider, Stone Sour, River Stole Gods, Anifernyen, Crow’s Flight, Moonspell, War Dogs, Oceans, Indya, AFS, White Cowbell Oklahoma, Crooked Horns, Electric Guitars, Ty Morn, Angel City Rockers, Vampyromorpha, Helldown, Decarlo, Archer Nation, Iced Earth, Unanswered R.I.P., Evans & Stokes, The Way, Biff Byford, Dust, Uriel, Tangerine Machine, Spielbergs, Steven Sholes, Rainburn, Stoned Jesus, The Weird Things, Soulsplitter, Blood Oath, North Of South, Ranium, Kirra, Space Parasites, Mike Florio, Girl, Killer, Suidakra, Satyricon, Molly Hatchet, Double Experience, Blue Oyster Cult, Hawkwind, Parasol Caravan, The Old Dead Tree, Cirkus, Cassandra’s Curse, Prowess, Strike Master, Gary Moore, Dirty Sound Magnet, BBF, Sundaysong, Dan Reed Network, Sharone, Deep Purple, Cochise, Black House Hill.

Issue 227
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