Issue 226

Powerplay issue 226

Powerplay issue 226
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“I certainly feel the new Tygers album is without doubt the finest Tygers music that I’ve been involved in, and I’ve been here for 41 years doing this!” says Robb Weir about superb latest offering ‘Ritual’. Promoting the appropriately named new album ‘Risen’, we talk to returning warriors in white, Angel, plus Mr Lordi tells us about his band’s latest release which recreates the vintage sounds of the last five decades, and Ken Hammer shares his thoughts about Pretty Maids’ newest offering. We also chat to Iced Earth, Ray Alder, Avatarium, Denner’s Inferno, Cyhra, DeWolff, Leah, Meshiaak, Brothers Of Metal, A New Tomorrow, Otherwise, Liberty Lies, Curran, and SxWxP, plus we name our top 50 favourite albums of 2019 and Mike Zito raises big smiles with his rockin’ tribute to Chuck Berry (p34).


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, The New Power Files.


Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Foreigner, Volbeat, UFO, Sabaton, Grand Funk, The Stranglers, MC50, Hammerfall, Static X, Slaughter, Michael Monroe, Sonata Arctica, Battle Beast, Black Star Riders, Kris Barras Band, Dogs D’Amour, Gloryhammer, Beast In Black, Don Felder, Aoniafest, Stone Broken, Wayward Sons, Bigfoot, Electric Eel Shock, Wind Rose, Wille & The Bandits, Roadstars, Blue Ruin. 


Work Of Art, Avatarium, Necronomicon, Dead Venus, Die Krupps, Thornhill, Pretty Maids, Steel Panther, Deaf Rat, Infected Rain, House Of Shakira, Quella, Quiet Riot, Hanging Garden, Aephanemer, Edge Of Forever, Deepfall, Liberty Lies.


Sanguine, Fjords, Silent Call, Secret Chapter, Redline, Santa Cruz, Ardityon, Mammoth Mammoth, John Black Wolf, Running Wild, Leah, Bask, Neverland In Ashses, Joe Bonamassa, Orion’s Reign, Blood Eagle, Helligators, Track Of Rock, Oddfellas, Infamy, The Spectre Beneath, Kickin’ Valentina, Carry The Day, Sick Red, Burning Witches, Dark Fortress, Articulus, A Killer’s Confession, Spoil Engine, Brume, The Dark Element, The Edge Of Reason, Gypsy Kiss, Second Season, On The Sun, Mike Zito And Friends, Creem Circus, Curran, Dawn Of Destiny, Subterfuge, Blake Red, Lowburn, Crusade Of Bards, Red Stone Chapel, Jerkstore, Meshiaak, Iron Rage, Caster Volor, Red Death, State Of Deceit, Grenouer, Xoth, Hangarvain, Chasing The Monsoon, Huxley, Woodhawk, Carl Dixon, Eternal Thirst, 7 Miles To Pittsburgh, Art Nation, Ditchwater, Circus Ricky, Double Crush Syndrome, Diabolic Night, Raised Fist, Legendry, Tommy Concrete, Frame, Adrian Benegas, Heldmaschine, Midnight Force, Libertalia, Goathawkbuffalo, Enemynside, Mills, Pyrah, Welkins Boreal, Dagger, Lionheart, Yourenvy, Sodom, Mystery, Power Theory, Bullring, Burnt Out Wreck, In Sanity, Devil To Pay, Exmortus, Vogelfrey, Element X, Goddy’s, Electric Black, Spyder Byte, Blitzkrieg, Dragonfly, Apotheus, Cybernetic Witch Cult, Valcata, Cradle Of Filth, Gun, KMFDM, Serpent Warning, Mantra, Kingcrown, Meltdown, Skyblood, Maven, Terminus, Malone Sibun, Keen Hue, Howling Giant, Hypno5e, Edge Of Paradise, Final Hour, Lionize, Firstbourne, Grim Comet, Spiteful, Franck Carducci, Kadinja, Ablaze, Renegade Cartel, Deep Valley Blues, The Scourge, Brocker, Of Allies, Hushlaw, Void Vator, Tainted Lady, Dream Company, Pist, Hasse Froberg And Musical Companion, The Last Internationale, Janina Jade, Mats Karlson, Praying Mantis, Sonic Temple, Mojo Jazz Mob, Steavy Metal, Steinbock, Waco, Excalion, Myth Of Creation, Cornerstone, Lovekillers Ft. Tony Harnell, Buzzard, Tribulation, Eleine, Lowcaster, Nightglow, Conjuring Fate, Beyond The Labyrinth, Hidden Phase, The End A.D., Voodoo Vegas, A Ritual Spirit, Hazemaze, Rpwl, Dewolff, Norden, Stormburner, Forever Vendetta, Coyote Kid, Persian Risk, Fast Buck, Degreed, Exploring Birdsong, 2Lightyears, Dissorted, Warhead, Artillery, Prong, Deaf Radio, John Harv’s Twisted Mind, Anacrusis, Gevaudan, The Murder Of My Sweet, Tyketto.

Issue 226
Powerplay Magazine Issue 226
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