Issue 225

Powerplay Issue 225

Powerplay Issue 225
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With a new producer on board and an analogue recording, ‘Boneshaker’, the lean and mean new album from Airbourne is perfectly named. Two decades in the making, Blind Guardian are finally releasing their incredible ‘Legacy Of The Dark Lands’ album under the name Twilight Orchestra. Also this month, Eclipse blow us away with their amazing new album, Wayward Sons strut back into action with their glorious sophomore outing, and Angel Witch return after a seven-year wait with the ripping ‘Angel Of Light’, plus we talk to Phil Campbell, The Flower Kings, Leprous, Edenbridge, CoreLeoni, Flying Colors, Soren Andersen, Wolf Jaw, Imperial Jade, JD Miller, Signum Regis, and heavy hitting newcomers Derange.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt.


Baby Metal, Thunder, HRH Sleaze, Avatar, Soto, Pop Evil, Chris Slade Timeline, Final Coil, Hats Off Gentlemen That’s Adequate.


Eclipse, Nevaria, Denner’s Inferno, Metalite, Angel Witch, Crystal Viper, Edenbridge, Leprous, The Wildhearts, Steve Hackett, Long Distance Calling, Angel, Rexoria, Cyhra, Black Stone Cherry, Danger Zone, Wayward Sons.


Tygers Of Pan Tang, A Primitive Evolution, Airbourne, Sleeping With Sirens, Bombus, Cvlt Of The Svn, Turbokill, The Flower Kings, Derange, Cold In Berlin, Bad Wolves, Blazing Fire, Divided Multitude, Gentihaa, Mick Devine, Blind Guardian, Twilight Orchestra, Mirror Of Deception, The Strigas, Aerodyne, Arctos, Wolf Jaw, Cell, Brain Puppet, Black Mastiff, Dirty Rats, Ritual Steel, Chaos Over Cosmos, Ark Ascent, Demonhead, Eskimo Callboy, Frontback, Otherwise, Genuinos Extractos Nihilistas, Demon, Steve Grimmett’s Grim Reaper, Iota, Va Rocks, Fateful Finality, King Hiss, The Inner Road, Voyager, Karbholz, Damn Your Eyes, Korn, Her Despair, Yes, SxWxP, Iron Age, The Deadbeat Cousins, Lesbian Bed Death, The Ferrymen, Toxic Holocaust, Agnostic Front, Black Heart Saints, Crimson Raven, Bauda, Orodruin, Hot Breath, Totengeflüster, Alfahanne, Beyond Remains, Steve Logan, Myronath, Ray Alder, Nephilim, Sights & Sounds, Intelligent Music Project IV, Your Highness, Imagika, Blacktop Mojo, Lou Dibello, Solicitor, Black Label Society, Grand Slam, Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches, Wardress, Fathom Farewell, Mayhem, Imperial Jade, Blackstar Halo, Mourn The Light/Oxblood Forge, Alex Carole, Mass Worship, Baby Metal, Drawn By Evil, Flying Colors, Freaks And Clowns, Chron Goblin, Deadthrone, Bent Knee, Syztem 7, Diabolical Mental State, Lord Helmet, Stew, Prime Creation, Helhesten, Hardland, Saint Asonia, Joseph Tholl, Toothgrinder, Black Mamba, Booze & Glory, Galateo Animale, Silvertomb, Laura Cox, Rag – And – Bone, The Ritualists, Municipal Waste, Jack J Hutchinson, Motorhead, Eternal Breath, Von Detta, Target, Eluveitie, Mr Jack, Birdeatsbaby, Nile, Rising Insane, Delirare, Badname, Wolves Like Us, Van Halen, Bastian Per, The Colony, Alan Lancaster’s Bombers, Vanden Plas, Uneven Structure, Assassin’s Blade, Forest Field, Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators, Cirith Ungol, Life Of Agony, 4th Labyrinth, Versus Me, The Midnight Dogs, Une Misère, The Coronation Kings, The Last Vinci, Being As An Ocean, Ivy Crown, Yeos, Color Chemistry, Magic Kingdom, Reality Check, Diamond Dogs, Holy Dragons, Signum Regis, Lamassu, Rings Of Saturn, Beer Scouts, Die Grüne Welle, Icarus Airline, Edgeoveredge, Lonely Dakota, Youth Illusion, Millennium, Vigil-Ante, Moon Chamber, Ogre, Humble Pie, Sleeping In Traffic.

Issue 225
Powerplay Issue 225
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