Issue 223

Powerplay 223

Powerplay 223
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The greatest gathering of rock talent on the planet has assembled once more for another instalment of Michael Schenker Fest. We talk to the man himself about the new album, the possibility of him working with Klause Meine and Phil Mogg again, and how soon we can expect the next Temple Of Rock album. The theme this month is bands releasing their best album to date: the delightful Clementine Delauney tells us about the new Vision Of Atlantis, Scott Gorham talks about the new Black Star Riders and blues man Laurence Jones raises the stakes with his latest. We also catch up with the returning Unruly Child and Sacred Reich, along with Sinner, Killswitch Engage, Freedom Call, Entombed AD, Liv Sin, Rise Twain, Jimi Anderson, Piston, Danny Beardsley, Ardours, Electu), and The Dead Daisies go under cover. 


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt. 


Rammstein, Kiss, Slash, Ramblin’ Man Fair, Masters Of Rock Festival, Steelhouse Festival, SOS Festival, Demons And Wizards, Cats In Space, Jimmie Vaughan, Carach Angren, Ben Poole, Robert Randolph And The Family Band, Dirty Honey, Scardust, Rosalie Cunningham, Dendera, EBB, Wolfheart, Patty Gurdy, Thy Antichrist, Nevelra, Madbh & The Harlots. 


Black Star Riders, Visions Of Atlantis, Sinner, Finsterforst, Sacred Reich, Children Of The Sun, Unruly Child, Jimi Anderson Group, The 69 Eyes, The Neptune Power Federation, Sonata Arctica, The Mothercrow, Michael Schenker Fest, Roxy Blue, Crypt Sermon, New Death Cult.


Piston, Entombed AD, Spread Eagle, Liv Sin, Elixir Inc, Grande Royale, Cosmic Wool, Tytus, Ardours, Relinquished, Fretless, Imperium Dekadenz, Rise Twain, Gift Of Destiny, Big Iron D, Gallows Pole, Crown The Empire, The Contortionist, Waingro, Alluvion, Rockett Love, Astralium, Mnrva, Lord, Future Now, Hellyeah, Muskets, Henry’s Funeral Shoe, Wicked Stone, Crooked Thieves, Arsantiqva, Rest Of Us Is Dead, Behold The Beloved, The Dead Daisies, Cro-Mags, Dirty Rats, Polisong, Whiskey Myers, Electrik Mistress, Blackrain, Rot Schimmel (Project), Aren Drift, Freedom Call, Cult Of Sorrow, Ice Vinland, Gyze, Needless, Bravado, Ewigkeit, Danny Beardsley, 8kids, Chaingun, Carthasy, A World Turned Black, Midnight Sun, Solitary, Allison Red, Dogbane, Tungsten, The Allman Betts Band, Lindsay Schoolcraft, Mister Misery, Black Income, Natthammer, Ole English, Flaw, Mirrorplain, Soleil Moon, Planet Of Zeus, Bullets & Knives, Herrschaft, Imago Imperii, Nemesea, Stormrider, Ævintyr, Overt Enemy,

Reuben Archer With The Brand, Them Fixes, Eighteenth Hour, Blind Illusion, Sifting, Year Of The Goat, Grosh, The Shiver, Little Boy Lost, Red Dead Roadkill, Even Flow, The Agonist, The Drippers, Indianhead, Elixir, Icarus Machine, In Search Of Solace, Gone Rogue, The Aurora Project, Vokonis, Mindspeak, The Fallen, Devil Made Me Do It, Badhoven, Jimbo, Plague Of Stars, Zonder Wehrkamp, Thunder, Crimson Riot, Page 38, Turret, In Air, LRW Project, Ebb, Gerry Laffy, Cult Of Sorrow, District 13, Nightbreak, Vitriol, Mars Red Sky, Flight Brigade, Lee Aaron, Revival Black, Razor Punch, Klone, Riot V, White Mantis, Mean Machine, The Black Wizards, Alkhimya, Lord Of The Lost, Oddslane, Ram, Surface Of The Sun, Innuendo, Wizard Rifle, Betraying The Martyrs, Psyence, White Boy And The Average Rat Band, Saxon, Dz Deathrays, Laurence Jones Band, Lagerstein, Pandemonium, Foscor, Derek Davis, Tony Campanella, Ian Gillan, Vagrant, Cold, Kris Barras Band, Cemican, Dust & Bones, Tarchon Fist, Jolly, Lick Creek, Samantha Fish, Union Rails, Of Fire, The Billion Trillions, Never The Bride, Monolord, Magic Pie, Ray Gilman, Kosm, Temple Of Dread, The Last Martyr, Mob Rules, Global Scum. 

Issue 223
Powerplay Issue 223
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