Issue 222

Powerplay magazine issue 222

Powerplay magazine issue 222
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Hey everybody

As some of you will have already seen, a mistake by Menzies has led to a small number of WH Smith, McColls and independent stores not receiving their copies of Powerplay’s August issue. I am working with our distributor to resolve the problem but it will likely be a few days before stocks arrive in those shops.

In the mean time, you can save yourself a trip to the shops by ordering your August edition with your credit/debit card or Paypal right here on Powerplay’s website or by phone on 0161 3391035.

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A new way of writing, with new people involved, but still the same old Goo Goo Dolls melodic magic. John ‘Knievel’ Rzeznik shares the story of the creation of vibrant new album ‘Miracle Pill’ and explains why he stays away from social media. Finnish rock opera star Tarja Turunen looks inwards for the inspiration for her uplifting seventh solo album, Status Quo’s Francis Rossi talks about life, and a ripping new album, without Rick Parfitt, and in the great tradition of Frank Sinatra Skillet singer John Cooper talks about doing things his way and coming out ‘Victorious’. We also talk to Volbeat frontman Michael Poulsen, monsterman Mr Lordi (p22), and we interview Hammerfall, Visionatica, The New Roses, Twilight Force, Thobbe Englund, Billy Sherwood, Equilibrium, The Offering, The Fluffy Jackets, Pattern-Seeking Animals, Cirkus Prutz, and new Brit hopefuls Found Missing?


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt. 


Metallica, Bon Jovi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Status Quo, Ace Frehley, Manic Street Preachers, Styx, Ghost, Magnum, Download Festival, Rock The Coast Festival, Rock Ribs And Ridges Festival, Foghat, Bring Me The Horizon, Edgar Winter Group, Stiff Little Fingers, Sammy Hagar And The Circle, Alan Parsons, Symphony X, Rockin’ The Blues, Savage Messiah, Deadland Ritual, Massive Wagons, Possessed, Bokassa, Gary Hoey, The Sheepdogs, Fangclub, Visigoth, Theia, Vulvodynia, Creatures, Bewitcher, Nahemia, Eliminator, Escalon.


Visionatica, Tarja, Necronomidol, Destruction, Twilight Force, Envenomed, Stevie D Ft. Corey Glover, Cosmic Trip Advisors, Combichrist, Rat Face Lewey, Lightning Born, The Offering, Mind Key, Northtale, Narnia.


Killswitch Engage, Elusion, Quiet The Thief, Equilibrium, Picture, Zed, The Holeum, Transport League, Kiss Kiss Bang, Graham Bonnet Band, Oso Oso, Despyre, The Gloom In The Corner, Sacrosanct, Half Life, The Survival Code, Dig Lazarus, Fire Follows, Dreams In Fragments, Hemina, Eridu, Out Of Order, Destroy Planets!, Red Dragon Blues, Plague 9, X-Plicit, Red Kross, Sunroads, Ava Grace, Six For Nine, Cirkus Prutz, Hollow Haze, The Ceo, Witch Ritual, Rebel Machine, Scarlet Rebels, Electric Radio Kings, Danny Bryant, Jesus Chrusler Supercar, Heist Two-Eleven, Jailbirds, Havamal, Perry Farrell, Henning Hallqvist, Ov Lustra, Potential Threat SF, Phoxjaw, Balls Gone Wild, Howling Sycamore, Thank You Scientist, Hellscream, Blind Cross, Noself, Atom Works, Wormwood, Glasya, A Road To Damascus, Wheels Of Fire, Metalian, Wild Planes, Manntra, Bad Omens, Winterlong, Sacrilege, HEAT, Mirror, Hell’s Addiction, Dirt, Licence, Lost Nebula, Temptress, Skanksa Mord, Until Rain, Obey The Brave, I Set Fire, Acres, Infrared, Sad Iron, Vantage Point, Helix, Overstrange Mood, Decay, Blindberry Ghost, Thobbe Englund, Lordi, Hellraiser, Grimgod, Pure Tonic, Arrowhead, Spring.Fall.Sea, Status Quo, Six Foot Deeper, Wildroads, The Electric Mud, Cremisi, Krysthla, Black Passage, At The Dawn, Ascend The Hollow, Nachtfalter, Tony Mills, Prima Donna Rising, Aphrodite, Reveal, Squares, Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics, Stranded, Indya, The Fluffy Jackets, Tau Cross, Found Missing, Crobot, The Irontown Diehards, Dialith, Carnifex, Mudface, Billy Sherwood, Weightless World, Infinity, Starified, Godslave, Reportage, Helvetets Port, Deep Purple, Anoxia, Fragmentum, I Am The Arcane, Elvenking, Volbeat, Def Leppard, The Spider Hole, Annika Andersson & The Boiling Blues Band, The Rolling Stones, Carpathia, Version Eight, Death SS, Rosalie Cunningham, Avi Rosenfeld, Scott Stapp, Megadeth, Through Fire, The New Roses, Skillet, Neal Morse.

Issue 222
Powerplay Issue 222
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