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Powerplay Magazine 221
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The New Powerfiles

Chapter 3 of the new power files comes free with this issue (code in magazine). To download them, follow this link.


Named after the legendary Hollywood Vampires Drinking Club that included Keith Moon, Mickey Dolenz and Ringo Starr among its celebrity members, Hollywood Vampires, featuring Alice Cooper, Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Hollywood hero Johnny Depp, must surely rate as the most bad-ass supergroup the rock world has ever seen. With a new album to promote and some great stories to tell, Alice speaks to Powerplay. Power metal premiership leaders Sabaton focus their attention on WWI on latest offering ‘The Great War’, Steve Vai tells us about recruiting, writing, recording and playing with Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt, Yngwie Malmsteen and Tosin Abasi under the moniker of Generation Axe, plus Chris Motionless shares the anguish and self-doubt that fill Motionless In White’s new album ‘Disguise’. We also talk to Timo Tolkki about the final part of his Avalon trilogy, Adelitas Way, Demons & Wizards, Turilli/Leone Rhapsody, Gov’t Mule, Supersonic Blues Machine, D-A-D, Alliance, Lonerider, Nad Sylvan, Rob Moratti, Bokassa, High Fighter, Albez Duz and Geoff Tate about his new project Sweet Oblivion.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, The New Power Files


Disturbed, Evanescence, Joe Bonamassa, Devin Townsend, Little Steven And The Disiples Of Soul, Trinity 4 Live, Skindred, Rhabstallion, Burning Rain, Brujeria, Savage Messiah, Christian Death, Darkcell, Hollowstar, Ana Popovic, Deever, Florence Black, Lynne Jackaman, Matt Mitchell And The Coldhearts.


Sabaton, Thy Art Is Murder, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody, Rob Moratti, Elysium, Nad Sylvan, Hammerfall, Bloody Hammers, Pattern-Seeking Animals, Supersonic Blues Machine, Lacrimas Profundere, Periphery IV, Cold Kingdom, Lunar Shadow, Highwat Hunters, Chaos Magic.


Timo Tolkki’s Avalon, Joyous Wolf, The Marianna Hollow, Xelerate, Kryptos, High Fighter, Destrage, Magnetic Spacemen, Ravensire, Frijgard, Taken, The Infection, Thrash La Reine, Huis, Dogface, Beyond Infinity, Nagazi, Wake Up Hate, Evol Walks, The Black Hands, Bullet, Maziac, Dog Bless You, False Memories, The Bottom Line, Headline Maniac, Embrace Of Disharmony, Ashbringer, Übergang, Megaklippo, Pinto Graham, Gates To The Morning, Torche, Affaire, JBO, Toreador, Gunpowder Gray, Amulet, Starbynary, Stargazery, Craving For Caffeine, Silver Devil, Motive, Evan Carson, Kingdom Come, Enchantya, Chalice, Traumer, Bloodred Hourglass, Dali Van Gogh, Mechanics Of The Mind, Mud & Blood, Holy Tide, Deaths-Head And The Space Allusion, Lars Eric Mattsson, Crooked Shapes, Forlorn Hope, Skelator, Chaos Factory, Morass Of Molasses, Junior , Doomstress, J Lee And The Hoodoo Skulls, Generation Axe, Heart Of Damage, Ratrod, The Skys, Lord Dying, Black Tape Suicide, As I May, March Against The Tides, Ian Blurton, Vapourtrail, Hard Blue, Worshipper, Gorilla, Fangclub, Glenn Hughes, Slaughterra, Kartzarot, Theatre Of Tragedy, Dark Suns, Dirty Ol’ Crow, Steignyr, Warm Rain, Sidechain, Answer With Metal, Fire Walk With Me, Gran Duca, Alase, Karo, Hunter, Balls Out, Project Cenker, Wolf Prayer, The Morganatics, Kingbeast, Alternative Therapy, Mississippi Nova, Giant Dwarf, Autopilot, Majesty Of Revival, Dan Rider, Thecityisours, M.O.L.Pro.Ject, Nth Ascension, Electus, Mos Generator, Popstar Killers, Bokassa, D-A-D, Redscale, Kilonova, Barbe-Q-Barbies, Lord Vicar, Jorn, Bonfire, Inventions, The Tirith, Atrophy, Mercury Rising, Drontheim, Black Dawn, Schattenmann, Screaming Trees, River Hounds, Rosalie Cunningham, The Black Moriah, Awake At Last, Railroad, Soulimage, Blackhearth, Gov’t Mule, Empyre, Hollywood Vampires, Pythia, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Mold, Floating Worlds, Frank Palangi, Sweet Oblivion, Superheist, Danny Vaughn, Lamb Of God, Majesty, Rene Shades, XT, American Tears, Nitrate, Last Daze, Big Big Train, Humble Pie, Janet Gardner, Hate, Motionless In White.

Issue 221
Powerplay Magazine Issue 221
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