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Powerplay Magazine Issue 220

Powerplay Magazine Issue 220
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From their first ever gig at The Coventry in Queens to playing the most spectacular shows in the world at the biggest venues on the planet, Kiss have achieved the kind of legendary status that only a handful of bands ever reach. Their latest trot across the globe, billed as The End Of The  Road Tour, will be their last. After catching their incredible new stage production in the States, Powerplay talked to Gene Simmons to find out what UK audiences can expect when Kiss arrive here in July. Offering up their fourth album, a much more upbeat and personal affair than the previous three, frontwoman Ash Costello from alt metallers New Years Day tells us why this is the right time to write music that is both heavier and poppier than before. Also this month, Royal Republic bring the disco rock vibe with their latest album, The Rods return with a new record, Guns N’ Roses, Loaded and Velvet Revolver man Duff McKagan shows his tender side, and Neal Morse shares his experiences from writing, recording and performing his latest rock opera. Plus we chat to Crazy Lixx, Soto, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Warrior Soul, DeWolff, 3Teeth, JoanOvArc, Erja Lyytinen, The Wildhearts, Rebecca Downes, Diviner, Teramaze, X-Romance, Hollis Brown, Per Wilberg, Xentrix and Sabbath Assembly.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Multimedia. 


Kiss, Avantasia, Papa Roach, In Flames, Kix, Quireboys, FM, Mike Tramp, Monster Truck, Battle Beast, Pretty Boy Floyd, Nothing More, Sari Schorr, Norma Jean, Belzebong, The Brink, Maidavale, Royal Tusk, Arion, deVience, Light The Torch, The Necromancers.


Royal Republic, Erja Lyytinen, JoanOvArc, Paul Gilbert, Final Coil, Imminence, Soto, Crazy Lixx, First Signal, Gloryhammer, Symfobia, Silver Bullet, The Whiskey Poets, Matt Pearce & The Mutiny, Gladenfold, Dewolff, Abbath.


Ulysses, Duff Mckagan, Diamond Head, War Curse, Stone Leaders, 3Teeth, King Zebra, Blind Haze, Pearl Handled Revolver, The Rods, Stinger, Satan Takes A Holiday, Pretty Wild, Thenighttimeproject, Shotgun Sawyer, Hellripper, Emil Bulls, Riot City, Vader, 99 Crimes, Savage Massiah, Scott Michael Cavagan, Demons & Wizards, Derdian, Enthroned, Kamion, Sleeplord, Meloco, Lower 13, Hitherside, Axel Rudi Pell, Dorja, König Kobra, Seaway, Vultures Vengeance, A New Revenge, Marionet, High Priest, Avem, Heart Of A Coward, Glare Of The Sun, Savoy Brown, Lykantropi, Freddy Delrio And The Phantoms, Vexes, Alliance, Tanith, King Hobo, Steelwings, Loudness, Countless Goodbyes, Machine Guts, Black Sheets Of Rain, Dizzy Mystics, Summoned Tide, Crestfallen Queen, Burning Amp, Paladin, Band Of Skulls, Hellvadec, Burning Gloom, Memoriam, Pulver, Trident Waters, Constantine, Spy # Row, Scala Mercalli, Powerroad, Brymir, Leathürbitch, Wux, Shadow Of Everest, Albez Duz, Strana Officina, Carmine Appice, He Is Legend, Black Paisley, Reternity, Cinemuerte, Cielo Drive, Torqued, Cosmic Ninja, Per Wilburg, Kat, Red Bazar, Stamina, Blind Scryer, Paice Ashton Lord, The Brink, Zarpa, Arch/Matheos, Majestica, Hellgrim, King Legba & The Loas, Thronehammer, Lo-Pan, Chemical City Rebels, Thermate, N.Ex.U.S, Zaum, Hootenany Freaks, Hot Suede, The Wolf Howls When I Scream Your Name, Monasterium, Leash Eye, Hardware ‘86, As Strange As Angels, Dune Sea, Motanka, Spreading The Disease, Fractures And Outlines, Flashback Of Anger, Rebecca Downes, Baroness, Of Virtue, Six String Noise, Resurgence, Toxpack, Prins Svart, Black Sun, Delirium, Warrior, Some Villains, Ventruss, Semistereo, Jeanice Lee, Calamity, Salem’s Bend, Chris Shiflett, I Prevail, Psychobabylon, Holocaust, Rumspringa Rocks, Nebula, Xilla, Vetrar Draugurinn, Darkcell, Time Symmetry, Temple Of The Stars, House Of Hatchets, Texas Hippy Coalition, Diviner, Gabriel And The Apocalypse, The Well, Black Horizon, Straight Six, Tanzwut, Phil Vincent, Fair Skies, X-Romance, Restless Spirits, Ricky Diamond, Sepsiss, Alchemy, Freternia, The Chris Rolling Squad, Veuve, Nightqueen, Cathartic Demise, Mystik, Ashes Of Tyranny, Wicked Garden, Leather, The Quireboys, Avatar, Bohannons, Teramaze, Tryglav, Deckchair Poets, Borders Of Byzantium, Vain Vipers, Sin Theta, No Man’s Valley, Vulture, Drop Tuned, Stop, Stop!, Nervenbeisser, Fb 1964, Weend’ô, Hollis Brown, Destroyer Of Light, Tir, Third Wave, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, Legion, Unmasked, Xentrix, Nervcast, Jason Smith Stoneman, Valley Of The Sun, Centrilia, Warrior Soul, Nazareth, Sandness.

Issue 220
Powerplay Magazine Issue 220
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