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Powerplay Issue 218

Powerplay Issue 218
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Whether you love them for their humour, despise them for their crudity or simply don’t get them at all, Steel Panther will be on your musical radar. “Don’t judge us,” they plead in an interview that addresses the band’s utter lack of political correctness and shocking attitude towards women. Devin Townsend exorcises his musical demons and says that the fact he doesn’t have to pretend anymore is huge, Yngwie Malmsteen delivers an album of predominantly blues covers, and Robert Mason shines brightly on Frontiers’ latest supergroup The End Machine with Jeff Pilson, George Lynch and Mick Brown. Also in this issue we chat to Jordan Rudess, Backyard Babies, Battle Beast, The Raven Age, Ancient Bards, Cellar Darling, Corroded, Nine Shrines, Lucer, Nightrage, Matt Mitchell, Symphony Of Pain, and Trishula, plus we bring you our usual annual catch up with promoter George about Masters Of Rock festival.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt.


Steel Panther, Buckcherry, Parkway Drive, Hoobastank, Gus G, Rival Sons, Clutch, Walter Trout, Monster Magnet, Haken, Inglorious, Corrosion Of Conformity, Eric Gales, Otep, Adelitas Way, Ruts DC, Chasing Dragons, Bury Tomorrow, Jupital Falls, The Professionals, Vola, City Of Thieves, The Picturebooks, Collateral, Imperial Age, Ithaca, Puppy, Bent Knee, Blind River, Thy Art Is Murder, Psychobabylon.


The End Machine, Grand Magus, Nightrage, Hands Off Gretel, Iron Savior, Stonecast, Eluveitie, Tug Of War, Burning Rain, Omicida, Suzi Quatro, Yngwie Malmsteen, Iron Fire, Tara Lynch, Wretch, Nine Shrines, Rage Of Light, Black Whiskey.


Holding Absence, Tesla, New Disorder, Sermon, Trishula, Stasia Momento, Frenzy, Lazy Bonez, Autumn, Geezer, Sebastien, High Treason, Dirty Elektricity, Sicknest, Zerakiel, Mountain Eye, Supraluna, Cygnus Atratus, Latitudes, Xaon, Bus, Dying Embers, Kaamos Warriors, Bury The Traitor, Crying Steel, Holiday Gunfire, Blitz, Bonafide, Sixstrings, Slavedown, Merrick’s Tusk, M&R Rush, Kärbholz, Devil’s Gun, Cecile Monique, Yuzu, Twisted Tower Dire, Epilog, Drudkh, Almøst Human, Arrival Of Autumn, Angel Black, Paragon Theorem, House Of Curses, Attraction Theory, End Of Silence, The Last Detail, Tracy Grave, White Highway, Crawling Solo, Warish, Eyes Of The Living, Waylander, Black Tree Vultures, Lance King, Fiddler’s Green, Bleckhorn, Tragedy, Straytones, Electric Boys, Chontaraz, Magic Circle, Kings Destroy, Pterodactyl Problems, Roulette, Delany, Forever Still, Nixa, Zeal And Ardor, Tesla, Exumer, Cil City, The Aviators, Circle’s Line, Horizons Edge, Echoes, Mother Of Millions, Slot, Hazpiq, Enticer, Shockin’ Head, Dead Witches, Stahlmann, The Treatment, Veer, Projet Ko, Ruins Of The Past, Eva Can’t, Winter Owl, Motley Crue, Grenouer, Left Eye Perspective, Erica Drive, Aephanemer, Illegal Smile, Silvertung, Razzmattazz, Haeredium, Climate Of Fear, Cranston, Out Of Exile, Enforcer, Polar, Trep, Paradise Alley, Imari Tones, Marillion, Earth Messiah, Overt Enemy, Appearance Of Nothing, Shaggy – The Rock Band, Through The Noise, Zenit, Getaway Van, Directo, Blaze Bayley, Ahl Sina, Enime, Colorwave, Killer, High Rise, In Volt, Gunfire, Jordan Rudess, Helevorn, Undead Prophecies, Die Heart, Karma, Reo Speedwagon, Men In Metal, Starquake, Heavy Feather, Down To The Bunker, Crows, In Volt, Am Samstag, The Quill, Artillery, Black Oak County, Reece Wynans, Dick Smith Band, Green Lung, La Guns, Palace In Thunderland, Iron Griffin, Brant Bjork, Healer, Tnt, Skahinall, Black Sites, Terrorvision, Dr Awkward And The Screws, Lags, Dead Pollys, Claudio Delgift, Blood Command, Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts, Electric Acid, Dark Intrance, Soulsteeler, Vex, Indestructible Noise Command, Hot Rockets, Powder For Pigeons, Bacon Fat, Red Cain, Sons Of Morpheus, Angeles, Hollowstar, Peter H Nillson, Athanasia, Colt 48, Allegaeon, Rough Rockers, Symphony Of Pain, Devin Townsend, Redshift.

Issue 218
Powerplay Magazine Issue 218
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