Issue 217

Issue 217

Issue 217

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Third time lucky for the Todd La Torre fronted Queensryche? ‘The Verdict’ is the best we’ve heard from the band in two decades, but luck has nothing to do with it. This is Queenrsyche back to their world-beating best. The band hate being referred to as prog, but this could be our prog metal album of the year. We thought their last album was something rather special, but you won’t believe your ears when you journey to Narnia on the incredible new album from Cats In Space. Also this month In Flames and Children Of Bodom bring the heavy, Last In Line bring the classic, The Three Tremors bring the metal, Robin Trower and Gary Hoey bring the blues and the returning Rock Goddess ramp up the rock chick cool. Plus we talk to Mike Tramp, Spirits Of Fire, Blood Red Saints, Electric Mary, Tim Bowness, Aaron Buchanan, Darkwater, Statement, and Emerald Sabbath, plus Josh Todd reflects on life as the only surviving member of the original Buckcherry line-up.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Tygerman’s Tales, The New Power Files.


Black Stone Cherry, UDO, Firehouse, Grave Digger, The Cadillac Three, Monster Truck, Generation Axe, Lawnmower Deth, Smoking Martha, Burning Witches, Die Kur, Black Mirrors, Sworn  Enemy, Mask Of Judas, Dead City Ruins, Sinnerboy, Xentrix, Hands Off Gretel, The Heretic Order, Bronnie, A Summer High, Skies Of Titan, Trail Of Lies, Apophis, The Francesco Fonte Band, Solitary, Anoxide, Maxdmyz.


Cats In Space, We Are The Catalyst, Battle Beast, Overkill, Gary Hoey, Darkwater, Queensryche, Tim Bowness, Endolith, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Elles Bailey, Backyard Babies, Rhapsody Of Fire, Rock Goddess, Louna, Diamorte, Booze Control, In Flames, Last In Line, Visions Of Atlantis.


Ugly Melon, Silver Talon, Delain, Venom, The Raven Age, Need2destroy, Electric Mary, Dominanz, Ashes Collide, Traveler, Skraeckoedlan, King Apathy, Beth Blade & The Beautiful, Disasters, Chapter & Verse, Fallujah, Statement, The Mute Gods, Mikael Erlandsson, Zero Fire, Ewigkeit, Octavarium, Overloud, Luna Kiss, Gaia Epicus, Robin Trower, Witchers Creed, Tourniquet, The Slurs, Blood Youth, Beneath The Hollow, Dun Ringill, Gatekeeper, The Unawake State, Incite, Ezra, Dark Laboratory, The Great Beyond, Flowerleaf, Emperors Of The Wasteland, King Bolete, Puppet Kings, Tonic Breed, Belzebubs, Buckcherry, Dead Man’s Whiskey, Cellar Darling, Steel Raiser, Rezet, Blood Red Saints, Grand Reunion, The Windmill, Diabol Boruta, Bright Delight, Ancient Bards, Meridian, Francis Rossi And Hannah Rickard, Voodoo Stan And The Satan Band, Hauméa, Pain City, Heidra, Hell Fire, All Else Fails, The Ghost Next Door, Skyeye, Zebrahead, Gerry Jablonski & The Electric Band, Suckerpunch, White Cowbell Oklahoma, Rainburn, The Quill, Sanhedrin, 100 Watt Vipers, Il Segno Del Comando, Redwolves, Saturnine Hello, Celtauro, Vandor, Black Mass, Cobra Cult, Eternal Candle, After The Fall, Taking Back Sunday, Magenta, Imperial Jade, Aaron Buchanan, Critical Defiance, Wasteland Valley, Misty Grey, Lightsabres, Oooth, Misty Bliss, Walls Of Blood, Spielbergs, Fugitive, Syrence, Midnight Prophecy, Bad As, Fenrir, Candlemass, Seira, Children Of Bodom, Mind’s Doors, Animal Scrape, Madog, In Motion, Bless The Dead, Why Amnesia, Hey Zeus, To The Rats And Wolves, The Picturebooks, Asymmetry Of Ego, Godsleep, Porn, Daniel Eliseev Project, Azathoth Circle, Ascheregen, Ferris Mc, Carbon Black, Lucer, Zed, Me Against The World, Crystal Lake, Jeremy’s Retort, Oreyeon, Oceans Of Noise, Sinoath, Tyr, Bishop Gunn, Blacklist 9, Steel Engraved, Sofy Major, Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer, Space, The Catorce, M.I.God, Dreamwalkers Inc, Hate, Black Vulpine,Phear, Hot Juice, Devicious, Scream Blue Murder, Meadow’s End, Black Vatican, Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard, Anthem, La Muerte, Mortanius, Hedphelym, Two Trains Left, Any Given Day, Dividing Eden, Skunk Anansie, Strana Officina, Jamie Thyer, High Reeper, Foghound, Carnal Forge, The Room, Rush, Blitzkrieg, Steel Engraved, RWPL, Yesterday Is History, 5th Element, Mark Morton, Velvet Insane, Nemesis Inferi, Ravager, Walk The Rail, Meshuggah, Pyramaze, Wheel, Livesay, The Riven, The Moth Gatherer, Jamie Page’s Dark Universe, Malamorte, Ted Axe, Viana, Stump Water Shine, Hedfuzy, Bexley, Born Again, Killinfear, Rifftera, Suffering Souls, Marillion, Reo Speedwagon, Megadeth, At The Sun, Alcatrazz, Mike Tramp, Crypt Trip, Living The Fire.
Issue 217
Powerplay Magazine Issue 217
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