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With a UK stadium tour announced for June, Bon Jovi guitarist Phil X talks about stepping into one of the biggest roles in rock. Following their previous concept release, Dream Theater hit us between the eyes with a new album of short and punchy prog metal, Inglorious return with a brand new line-up for more splendid classic rock on their third album, David Coverdale goes unzipped on the new Whitesnake box set and Thunder invite us to sit for their latest shows. This month we also talk to Avantasia, Evergrey, Starbreaker, Beast In Black Herman Frank, Come Taste The Band, Wille & The Bandits, Collateral and A Pale Horse Named Death.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Tygerman’s Tales.


Within Temptation, Def Leppard, Nightwish, Hard Rock Hell, Foreigner, Shinedown, Michael Schenker Fest, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Glenn Hughes, Skid Row, Cheap Trick, Magnum, Warrant, Vixen, Powerwolf, Amaranthe, Dan Reed Network, Therapy?, Threshold, Kip Winger, Rose Tattoo, The Dead Daisies, Spock’s Beard, The Flower Kings, Riverside, Bad Touch, The Night Flight Orchestra, Press To Meco, Oliver Dawson Saxon, Starset, Kissin’ Dynamite, Ego Kill Talent, Bigfoot, Gorilla Riot, Caligula’s Horse, Beast In Black, The New Roses, Mason Hill, Daxx And Roxanne, Flickertail, Laurence Jones, Reds’ Cool, Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics, Takeaway Thieves, Hollowstar, The Black Mirrors, King Creature, Circles, Built The Sky, The Silent Wedding.


Inglorious, Alexandra Zerner, Evergrey, Wille & The Bandits, Whitesnake, Seventh Dimension, Ginger Red, Steve Hackett, Orion Dust, Dream Theater, Starbreaker, Soilwork, Herman Frank, Vikings, Vanir, Hexvessel, Ecthirion, Jetboy, Deever, Avantasia.


Swallow The Sun, Beast In Black, Altitudes + Attitudes, Last Union, A Pale Horse Named Death, Nailed To Obscurity, Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory, Season Of Ghosts, Tyla’s Dogs D’Amour, The Trousers, Reverence, Rifflord, Juniper Grave, Level Fields, Atria, Komodor, Torque, Shadow Matter, Ciber Clicks, Sabateur, Tomorrow Is Lost, Murder Monroe, Purenvy, Stew, Massive, Jason Kane & The Jive, Run Chicken Run, Hellnite, Dream Sister, Violblast, Def Leppard, Storyum, Daggerplay, Gang, Aria, Roze, Magnum, Torian, Ethe Sonic Dawn, Dxvxdxd Sxlf, The Ossuary, Kadinja, Firmo, Dawn Of Winter, Raven, Khous, Viza, Indigo Storm, State Of Ember, DNA, Nebula, Lost In The City, A Long Way To Fall, Desert Clouds, Bloody Times, Yarn Of The Wicked, Eternal Dream, Dirty Dogs, Soen, Sixtwoseven, Stand Alone, Madder Mortem, Voices From Beyond, March In Arms, The Deep, Lobster, Collateral, Súl Ad Astral, Bang Bang Firecracker, Ghost Ship Octavius, Create A Kill, Frankley Everlong, Spirits Of Fire, Thunderosa, Gin Annie, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Frosttide, Quantum Pig, Dreckneck, Walter Trout, John Diva And The Rockets Of Love, The Sticky Fingers Ltd, Papa Roach, Peddle Train, Bedlem, Born Of Osiris, Thwart, Secret Rule, Thomas Silver, Breathe Atlantis, Dirty Rats, Splendidula, Mind’s Cove, Electric Earth, Gates Of Paris, Prog Atom, Toby Hitchcock, Ursa Rust, Hollywood Undead, Christopher Bowes And His Plate Of Beans, Red Riot, De-Arrow, John Garcia, Lugnet, Powergame, Puppy, Laid Back Townies, Rotting Christ, Hollow, Palisades, Emigrate, FM, Injury, Taking Back Sunday, Cold Sweat, Brokenrail, Come Taste The Band, Sons Of Lazareth, Westbound, Oomph!, Evangelist, Shadowland, Can’t Swim, Lumnos, Woven Man, Circle Creek, Fall, The RG’s, The Three Tremors, Turbodiesel, Thorne, Marius Danielsen, Kane Roberts, Find Me, Sacrosanct, Astronoid, Skullclub, Insight After Doomsday, Chapter & Verse, Shelton/Chastain, Khaidian, Fiend, Sons Of Liberty UK, The Awakening, Dystopolis, Marc Durkee, Legion Of The Damned, Grass, Bad Bones, Rosy Vista, Emerald Sabbath, Quiet Riot, Lutharö, Fusion Bomb, Damon Johnson, Archangel A.D, Jeremy’s Retort, Neonstrike, Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus, Callejon, Eden’s Curse, Khors, DBA, Fabulous Desaster, Rainlight, To An End, Bernie Tormé, Scarabaeusdream, Onysus, Knightlife, Arrayan Path, Embryonic Cells, Flotsam And Jetsam, Heart, Aonia, All Hail The Yeti, Forgery, Corroded, Obszon Geschopf, The Great Divide, Burning Witches, Pinn Drop, Devils Playground, Jerome Mazza, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Little Jimi, Watershape, Jinjer, Anima, Kenny Leckremo, Craneium, 3 Foot High, Son Of Cain, Dallian, Steelawake, Arlington, Trollwar, Infinita Symphonia, Nightfyre, Feel Good Jacket, Abstract Rapture, Habberdash, Lovebites. The Cascades, Pertness, Currents, Dust Bolt, Tora Tora, Inner Wish, Mystery, Metal Inside, Wake The Nations.

Issue 216
Powerplay Magazine Issue 216
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