Issue 215

Issue 215

Issue 215
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After five years without a new album, a break that almost saw the death of the much loved band, Dutch symphonic metal legends Within Temptation return with the pop-infused new album ‘Resist’. We catch up with rapidly rising rockers Bad Wolves, Johnny Gioeli tells us about his charity funding solo album, and we talk to The Offspring’s Andrew Freeman about his unlikely alliance with Mike Slamer under the name Devil’s Hand. Also in this issue we interview Lacuna Coil, Metal Church, Roine Stolt’s Flower Kings, Palaye Royale, Chrome Division, Them, The Heard, Care Of Night, Buckets Rebel Heart, Brothers Of Metal, and we reveal our choices for the top fifty albums of 2018.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Tygerman’s Tales, Multimedia.


Rockingham, Alice Cooper, Europe, Halestorm, Saxon, FM, Steve Hackett, Lordi, Primal Fear, Hawkwind, Palaye Royale, Slaughter, Sons Of Apollo, Frank Dimino & Punky Meadows, Heavy Pettin’, Saucerful Of Secrets, Demon, Bad Wolves, Warhorns, Avatar, King King, Brian Downey’s Alive And Dangerous, Wayward Sons, Hogjaw, Riot V, Dendera, Saving Abel, Sari Schorr, The Haunt, The Blackheart Orchestra, Psycho Villa, Forged In Black, My Silent Bravery.


Rave The Requiem, Roine Stolt’s The Flower Kings, Ashes Of Ares, New Junk City, Devil’s Hand, Warkings, Greenleaf, Chrome Division, Commonwealth, Nekromant, Palace, Kosm, Within Temptation, Johnny Gioeli, Tamerlan Empire, Salvation Jayne, Gotthard, Healthy Junkies.


Thunder, State Of Ember, Dee Snider, Chapel Of Disease, Artillery, RHR, FUA, Suidakra, Lethean, All The Witches, Transmaniacon, Sapphire Eyes, Care Of Night, Fractal Cypher, Dolls Raiders, Rival Bones, Ravenface, Stryker, Malum Sky, Blackout Problems, Nanowar Of Steel, Sons Of Liberty, Lethal Injury, Broken Witt Rebels, Timeshifters, Blaze Bayley, Ginger Wildheart, August Life, Salva, Vane, Picture, Turbo Vixen, Black Oath, Flat Earth, Me Against The World, KMFDM, Arca Progjet, Novacrow, Xpressive, Ahnengrab, Dominoe, The Story So Far, Young Fast Man Running, Days Of Jupiter, The Filth Hounds, Triple Kill, Drop Of Rage, Little Red Kings, Purser Deverill, Thorns Inside, Sunflower Dead, Pressione Su Malta, Veonity, Cultural Warfare, Bullhead, Gibraltar, 99 Crimes, Afire, Gramma Vedetta, Black Majesty, Sky Empire, Temtris, The End AD, Metasoma, Soundbound, Light Years, Iomair, Madison, The Browning, Angeline, Five Dollar Justice, Greyhawk, Ladykiller, C-Sides Project, Ursa, Psychlona, Leader Of Down, Itoldyouiwouldeatyou, Weaponex, Roadkiller, Brothers Of Metal, Villainous, Christian Tolle Project, Rainbreakers, Metal Church, The Invict, Minus One, Holy Shire, Phonoone, Seven Thorns, Millie Manders And The Shut Up, Thundercrow, Underground Zero, Syd Kult, Pain City, Steorrah, Jason Becker, Once, Magic Dance, The Bad Somethings, Gaia, Black Falcon, Blue Nation, Jean Beauvoir, Hammerfall, Dc4, Divine Ascension, Wrath, Ragged Union, Deathura, Ohhms, The Castor Troys, Redd Barron, Billybio, Serpent Lord (Gr), Unearth, Skyfever, Scherbentanz, Bent Muffbanger, Dead Soul Communion, Civilised Society?, Vandenberg’s Moonkings, New York, Rollers Of Bedlam, Sigh, Gabriele Bellini, The Palth, Bonfire, Kometen, Sodom, The Clay People, The Intersphere, Rain, Rolling Stones, Rear Naked Choke, Status Quo, Kikamora, Malacoda, The Necromancers, Skull Pit, Massive Scar Era, The Phantom Of Phobos, Shoman, Over Nemesis, North Of South, Uncovered For Revenge, Alcatrazz, A Storm Of Light, Mia Klose, One Last Legacy, Northquake, Silver Dust, Ulysseus Grand, Saboter, Abraham Music Project, Rise To Fall, Full House Brew Crew, Senton Bombs, Green Death, Cinderella, Convent Guilt, Algy Ward’s Tank, Piledriver, Mrs Smith, Sacrosanct, Four Stroke Baron, Amigo The Devil, Hence, Landmvrks, Pink Fireball, Steelheart, Heart Of Jordan, The Night Flight Orchestra, Renegade, Hell City, Saber Tiger, Paul Rodgers, Domkraft, Fight The Fury, Ann My Guard, Valley Lodge, Handsome Jack, Six Foot Six, Nine Miles Down, Blackdraft, Vargas Blues Band, Black Paisley, Natterers, Mute Prophet, Dragony, The Howling Lords.
Issue 215
Powerplay Magazine Issue 215
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