Issue 212

Powerplay Magazine Issue 212

Powerplay Magazine Issue 212

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Solo album number four from the Guns N’ Roses axe-slinger, along with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators, finds the band ‘Living The Dream’. Telling their ‘Untold Stories’, melodic rockers Airrace are back with a sonic boom. Anne Wilson talks about her new album, full of covers and interpretations of songs from the artists who inspired her. We talk to Malcolm Bruce, son of Cream singer Jack Bruce, about his tour with Ginger’s son Kofi and Eric Clapton’s nephew Will Johns, billed as The Music Of Cream. This issue we also chat to the returning Glass Tiger, along with Primal Fear, UDO, Voivod, Mob Rules, Metal Allegiance, Vintage Caravan, Manimal, Federal Charm, Dark Sarah, Taste and Ben Poole.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Tygerman’s Tales, Multimedia.


Masters Of Rock Festival, Ramblin’ Man Festival, Warped Tour, Amplified Festival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, SOS Festival, Kings X, Big Big Train, A Perfect Circle, The Magpie Salute, Ministry, Jamey Johnson, Charlie Daniels Band, Marshall Tucker Band, Jonny Lang, Sacrilege, Cornerstone, Thunderstick, Chelsea Wolfe.


Primal Fear, Ann Wilson, Korpiklaani, Monster Truck, Eunomia, King Company, UDO, Hvymine, Beyond The Black, Dark Sarah, Ben Poole, Manimal, Icarus Drive, I’ll Be Damned, Kormak.


Chris Caffery, Clutch, Glass Tiger, Mayan, Treat, Resin, Andronikos, Empire, Pharaoh, Forming The Void, The Cruel Intentions, IO Earth, Krakow, Jessie Galante, The Five Hundred, King Kobra, Pvmnts, Voodoo, Panzer Squad, Blue Jinns, Mr Bison, Superfecta, Adfail, Earth For Sale, Taste, Inner Axis, Skindeep, 3.2, Kingnomad, Greenrose Faire, Apis, White Raven Down, Mercury Rising, Enuff Z’nuff, The Room 1985, Tomb Of Finland, Black Mirrors, Wölfblood, Hypophora, Stone Sour, The Creptter Children, Eyes Of The Living, Plastic Tears, Traveler/Coronary, Fear Me December, Satan, Charlotte In Cage, Slidhr, Guild Of Ages, The Protest, The Ground Shaker, Rolled Up Sleeves, Frantic Endeavor, Siege Of Power, Rainfall Today, Tales Of Autumn, Airrace, The Vostok, Unanimated, Great Leap Skyward, Low Lives, The Moonshine Band, Coldsweat, Wynchester, Crystal Viper, Lea Ciara Czully, The Outside, Null’o’ Zero, Distorted Harmony, Fat Daddy Special, Status Quo, Milk White Throat, Helion Prime, Glanville, Barros, Hourswill, Shallow Side, Kaleb Mckane, Ultra-Violence, Wolfen Reloaded,tc “ULTRA-VIOLENCE, WOLFEN RELOADED,” Artizan, Still No Doubt, Ruff As Stone, Trauma, Devicious, Molly Hatchet, Pete Spiby, Jamie Thyer And The Worried Men, Espionage, Kuenring, Nashville Pussy, Winter’s Edge, Radio Sun, Dead Man’s Eyes, Hitten, Beneath The Fallen, Tornado, Dungeon Wolf, Vodun, Thundermaker, Gory Blister, Grim Comet, Wretch, Exmortus, Send Request, Midnight Force, Gdansk, Alcatrazz, Krisiun, Vitja, We Are Sentinels, Exlibris, Van Canto, Crippled Black Phoenix, Voodoo Diamond, Into Eternity, Riot Grrrl, Skyharbor, Our Mirage, Grave Digger, Saxon, Betontod, The Amity Affliction, Dream Patrol, Manes, Randy Bachman, Elevation Falls, Soulline, Strangefish, Junkyard Drive, Plague Rider, Necronomicon, Aborted, Stew, From Inside, The Vintage Caravan, Hardcore Superstar, Wonderworld, Voivod, Slash, Distorted Faith, Church Of The Cosmic Skull.

Powerplay Magazine Issue 212
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