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Powerplay Magazine Issue 211

Powerplay Magazine Issue 211

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The ladies are rockin’ the roost at Powerplay this month when we catch up with Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale, Doro Pesch and Simone Simons from Epica. Always a man with lots to say, we speak to Dee Snider about his hard and heavy new solo album, plus Rich Robinson blows our socks off with the amazing studio debut from The Magpie Salute, and we join Grave Digger in Berlin to find out how to do the ‘Zombie Dance’. Also this month we chat to Graham Bonnet, Monster Truck, Brothers Osborne, Wilson, Blind River, and Johnny Gioeli tells us all about his new project with his old Hardline buddy Deen Castronovo.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Tygerman’s Tales.


The Rolling Stones, Download Festival, Poison, Stone Free Festival, Joe Bonamassa, Billy Idol, Cheap Trick, Hammerfall, Flotsam And Jetsam, Janet Gardner, Wolves In The Throne Room, Sick N’ Beautiful, The Ever Living, End Of Salvation, Wode, Maziac, Kane’d, Lilith And The Knight, Sister Shotgun, The Duke Of Zuke.


Powerwolf, Dee Snider, Graham Bonnet Band, Destina, The Magpie Salute, Therapy?, Halestorm, Wilson, Two Of A Kind, Schubert In Rock, Like A Storm, Nick Oliveri, Hercules, Light Among Shadows, Doro, Gioeli Castronovo, The Loudest Silence, Calm For The Restless.


Tokyo Blade, Shadow Merchant, Smash Fashion, Tarja, The Skull, Annisokay, Hatchet, Bob Dee With Petro, Black Coffee, Foxing, Big Big Train, Armory, The Black Delta Movement, Entering Polaris, The Capital, Pleasure Maker, Breaking The Chains, Massive Wagons, John Coghlan’s Diesel, Maiden United, Venues, Septekh, Dance Gavin Dance, Weapon UK, Hallig, Parasite, The Rare Breed, Ryan Martin, Eufory, 23 Acez, Time, The Valuator, Omnium Gatherum, Hi Speed Life, Louwiper, Otep, Marillion, Tad Morose, Grusom, Suicide Watch, Co-Op, Heroes Don’t Ask Why, The Almas, Mayday Parade, Hangman’s Chair, Scandic Tribe, Black Water Chemistry, Crossing Eternity, 1945, The Hirvi, Armored Theory, Dyecrest, Concrete Kingdoms, Marenna, Avi Rosenfeld, Lipz, Black Fast, The Chapter, Connor Selby, V/A Nwobhm 1979 – 1984, Luke Gasser, Howling Tides, Chandrian Kill, Tetractys, Melodius Deite, Beggars, Black Tusk, Homesafe, V/A Live At Wacken, Runescarred, Joe Mcgurk, Backwoods Payback, Souls Of Deaf, The Survival Code, Nine Dart Finish, Trauma, Mr.X, Hoth, Mantar, Massive Issue, Veld, Falcun, Kill No Albatross, The Frontiers, Chinawhite, Lost Nebula, Centauro, Epica, V/A A History Of UK Thrash Metal, Shotgun Rodeo, Rat The Magnificent, Black Lab, Kilmara, Glenn Hughes, Saint Karloff, Megadeth, King Of The Slums, Agregator, Lord Of The Lost, Breaking Waves, Red Bee, Rasgo, The Red Coil, Graham Bonnet, Smoke The Sky, Black Space Riders, Stagman, Sinsid, Halcyon Way, AOR, Hard Breakers, Wheel In The Sky, Pacino, Psychotropic Transcendental, The Human Project, Spaceslug, Gyze, Coroner, Spellblast, V/A Road Songs Collection, Black Swamp Water, Iron Lamb, Radio Haze, Rongeur, Modern Maps, Manticora, Clif Magness, Artikon, Ultraphonix, Brian Barnhouse, Walking Across Jupiter, Verity White, Gwydion, Night Demon, Circle Of Crows, Unkh, Tumbletown, Friendship, Project Evil, Jim Lea, Dead Shape Figure, Antipeewee, Mad Max, Mr Big, Shrill, Avenger, Free From Sin, Mob Rules, Split Cranium, Tony Reed, 1968, Cinnamun Beloved, Piqaia, Rosen, Sinestress, Igor Steiner, Lars Eric Mattson’s Vision, Bootleggers, Trita, Cyrcus Flyght, Monster Truck, Motorowl, Sulpher, Wytch Hazel, Atomic Rooster, Flames At Sunrise, Tymo, Fred Mika, Urne, Broken Testimony, Federal Charm, State Champs, Athmossmusic.

Issue 211
Powerplay Magazine Issue 211
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