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Powerplay Magazine 209

Powerplay Magazine 209

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From alcohol problems and stand-in singers to record label lawsuits and accusations that they’re fake and sellouts, Five Finger Death Punch are living the rock star life. “I’ll worry when people stop talking shit about us. If it stops, so will we,” says Zoltan Bathory. With huge, dirty riffs and solid, groovy rhythms, Doomsday Outlaw show us the ‘Hard Times’. Also this month the big voice of Therion, Linnea Vikstrom strikes out with her own project, QFT, and we discuss horror films with Mr Lordi, plus there are interviews with Gus G, Spock’s Beard, Praying Mantis, Vega, Graveyard, Mos Generator, Imperium, Khemmis, Steve Hill and Big Boy Bloater.


AOR Underground, Editorial.


Evanescence, Marillion, Magnum, Toto, FM, Night Ranger, The Dead Daisies, Black Label Society, Kix, Ugly Kid Joe, Angra, Epica, Battle Beast, Operation Mindcrime, Wayward Sons, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, Beth Hart, Icon For Hire, The Amorettes, Doomsday Outlaw, Kris Barras Band, Ana Popovic, Myrkur, The Rocket Dolls, Rebecca Downes, The Dirty Thrills, Yellowcake, Riot Child, Blind River, Hand Of Dimes, Oceans Of Slumber, Indya, The Brink, Mordecai, Derange, Pete K Malley.


Ghost, Vega, QFT, Graveyard, Doomsday Outlaw, Big Boy Bloater And The Limits, Kataklysm, Lucifer, Matterhorn, Evil-Lyn, Sanhedrin, Black Orchid Empire, Mutant Proof, Hartmann, Lordi, Lords Of Black, Lizzy Borden, Five Finger Death Punch.


Spock’s Beard, Praying Mantis, Subsignal, Chasing Ghosts, Fantasy Opus, Space Elevator, Ledger, The Outlaw Orchestra, Pinski, Overdrivers, Show Aniki, Dead Of Night, Secret Society, Zeal And Ardour, Deaf Whale, Traitor’s Gate, Lord Vigo, Satanic Surfers, Emerald Sun, Taotopia, Ron Keel, Ryders Creed, Taina, Gainstrive, Zero Theorem, Shadow Of The Acolyte, Madball, Tomorrow’s Outlook, Smoking Martha, Jason Wells, Defiatory, The Lockhearts, Odd Palace, Overwind, Winterfylleth, Kaine, Motor City Mayhem, Crone, Architects Of Chaos, The Ugly Kings, Between Oceans, Universe, Estate, Peo, Fargo, Parkway Drive, Eyes Of The Raven, Florian Grey, Diamante, Hawthorne Heights, Asphodelia, Magical Heart, Indya, Ride The Sun/The Trikes, Superfecta, Marduk, Tremonti, Empiresfall, Tower Machine, Nine O Nine, Stevie Mclaughlin, Candlemass, Dead Season, Concrete Jelly, Beneath The Silence, Archelon, Bullet For My Valentine, Yatin Srivastava, Andy Susemihl, Tyla’s Dogs D’amour, Masada, National Napalm Syndicate, Reportage, 20 Watt Tombstone, Cameltoe, The Exploding Boy, Midnattsol, Them Evils, The Word Alive, Dine ‘N’ Dasher, Feed Them To The Forest, Burn The Priest, Supercharger, Limb, Powerized, Wolfen, Highview, Bleeding Through, Don Airey, Witch Mountain, One Last Daybreak, Meka Nism, Nancybreathing, Deadline, Spiral Skies, Sinforce, Bad Wolves, Nereis, Sölar, Millennial Reign, Rusty Nails, Khemmis, Inkvisitor, Tortuga, Di’aul, Disciples Of Babylon, A Gathering Of None, Manacle, Nemesis Inferi, Mist, Leatherjacks, Druknroll, Hot Mulligan, Chevalier, Factory, Let It Breathe, Kosmik Boogie Tribe, Def Leppard, The Dandylions, The Lightness Of Being, Count Raven, Deadly Carnage, Traced By Enemies, Aboleth, Svvamp, Hoobastank, Dual Fuzz, Nergard, Madhouse, Cochise, Layover, Hampered, The Lazys, Digital Criminals, The Jet Reds, Pulver, Feast!, Within The Giant’s Reach, Annominus, The Insane Slave, Flight Of Icarus, Wolves Among Us, Samson, Rusty Bonez, Penetrum, Grave Digger, Alien Weaponry, Bullets And Octane, Phase II Phase, Nils Patrik Johansson, Steve Hill, Sons Of Liberty, Above Us The Waves, Bang, Silent Revenants, Head With Wings, The Sloths, The Velvet Roses, Crystal Tears, Imperium, Slowly Slowly, Thelema, Trevor’s Head, Distillator/Space Chaser, Frontline, Michael Schinkel’s Eternal Flame, Thunderwar, Last Days Of Eden, Deathstorm, Royal Mob, Pompeii, Thunderbird, No Borderz, Fight For Friday, Axminister, Kanseil, Arkansas Dave, Sharks, Elysian Divide, Steppenwolf, Edge Of Ever, Stagma.


Issue 209
Powerplay Magazine Issue 209
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