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With headline acts Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N’ Roses and Avenged Sevenfold, Download leads the charge in this year’s festival race, but whether you’re wanting to stay home or travel overseas for your summer festival fixes, and whether you like big events or little independent ones, our festival round-up will point you in the right direction of all the familiar and new festivals that you need to know about. We catch up with all three headlining acts on the upcoming Britrock Must Be Destroyed tour (p28), plus we bring you interviews this month with Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, Dimmu Borgir, Godsmack, Reef, Dokken, Stryper, Amorphis, Bonfire, Crematory, DeWolff, Heartwind, Demolition Hammer and Savage Master


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt, Multimedia.


Myles Kennedy, Judas Priest, Yes, Saxon, Skid Row, Blaze Bayley, Hard Rock Hell AOR, Black Star Riders, Steven Wilson, Mortiis, Tax The Heat, Stone Broken, Carousel Vertigo, Towers Of London, Jared James Nichols, Toseland, Conjurer, The Bad Flowers, Savage Master, The Bellrays, Bad Touch


Shinedown, Gus G, Stryper, Dimmu Borgir, James Christian, Amorphis, Black Stone Cherry, Stormzone, Bonfire, Varathron, Feronia, Messer, Trouble Agency, Issa, Dead City Ruins, Penny Was Right


Dokken, Brama, Brain Distillers Corporation, Jonathan Davis, Reef, Moose Blood, Seven Sisters, Celtachor, Outlyrs, Sevendust, Perfect Plan, The Milk Men, Phi, Critical Mess, Desert Storm, Royal Hunt, Meridian, Wallachia, Godsmack, Death Alley, Joe Bonamassa, Mos Generator, Tri State Corner, Follow The Cipher, Shine Noir, Black Book Lodge, For The Fallen Dreams, Dark Stares, Solstice, Sleep In Heads, Heartwind, Gatekeeper, Flickertail, Eva Plays Dead, Lee Aaron, Izegrim, Structural Disorder, Levania, Witchtower/Backslash, The Ever Living, Ashes Arise, Spielbergs, Raven, Masquerade Di Ferro, Crosson, Out In Style, Cruachan, Ost + Front, Lillye, Black Salvation, Promethium, Volster, Velvet Viper, Marillion, Killcode, Behemoth, Ascendant, Unprocessed, Oxbloods, Saber Tiger, Joe Deninzon & Stratospheerius, Sandberg, Big Kizz, Black Cyclone, Master Boot Record, Sojourner, Deathrow, Seasons, Screaming Beast, Toryse, Honeyjack, Wishing Well, Soldiers Of Solace, Old Man Wizard, Backlash, Angelus Apatrida, Grimmstine, Foredawn, Fall Of Carthage, Straight Terror, Paragon Collapse, Born From Lie, Cult Of The Fox, Top-Down, The Fallen Prodigy, Blessthefall, The Crown, The Weekend Classic, Rollin’ Dice, Thrust, Erevan, Seyminhol, Frontline, Origod, Angel Heart, Edgar Winter, Nale, Wilson & Wakeman, Innfight, Riot V, Last Great Dreamers, Hookie, Skindred, Freedom Hawk, Krull, Slaves, Toxikull, Trevor And The Wolves, Alan Reed & The Daughters Of Expediency, Thorium, Kobra And The Lotus, My Secret Safe, Tomorrow’s Eve, The Black Thunder, Nova Lantern, Fuzz Lord, Toundra, Hellavista, All Gods Fall, Monument, Gozu, Dissonants, The Bonnevilles, At The Gates, Status Minor, The Kut, Palace Of The King, Rainbow, Venom, Extremities, 3sixty, Drakkar, Society’s Plague, Maudlin, Secret Illusion, Jennifer Lyn & The Groove Revival, Stuckfish, Valis Ablaze, Hammerstroke, The Black Swamp, King Goat, Mindwars, Satan’s Empire, Revenger, The Outlaws, Ihsahn, Frequency Drift, Dream Ocean, Sink The Ship, Sweet, Saxon.

Issue 208
Powerplay Magazine Issue 208
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