Issue 207

Powerplay Magazine Issue 207

Powerplay Magazine Issue 207

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We sit down with legendary British metallers Judas Priest to find out all about flaming hot new album ‘Firepower’. The Dead Daisies lay waste to all in their path with third album ‘Burn It Down’, Blaze Bayley tells us how relieved he is to have finished the ‘Infinite Entanglement’ trilogy, and we join Kamelot in Berlin to talk about glorious new offering ‘The Shadow Theory’. Also this month, we interview Nickelback, Foreigner, Axel Rudi Pell, Ayreon, FM, BulleyBoys, Blitzkrieg, Danny Bryant, Iron Angel, Tax The Heat, Kino, Light The Torch, No Hot Ashes), Jari Tiura, Bleed From Within, Starcrawler, The Golden Grass, Cattail Brew, Greybeards, Michael Kratz, and promoter George brings us up to date on all things Masters Of Rock.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt.


Arch Enemy, Accept, G3, Uriah Heep, Alestorm, Rhapsody, Serenity, Therion, Little Caesar, Wintersun, Visions Of Atlantis, Vandenberg’s Moonkings, Beast In Black, Saracen, Vuur, Night Demon, Dream State, Rumahoy, Halflives, Davey Suicide, Tribulation, Imperial Age, Eliminator, Pravitas, Sleeping Romance, As Everything Unfolds, Scarlet Aura, Finding Kate, Secret Rule, Null Positiv, The Dread Crew Of Oddwood.


Judas Priest, Jari Tiura, The Dead Daisies, Thundermother, Amorettes, Blaze Bayley, Borealis, Kino, Axel Rudi Pell, Greybeards, Kamelot, Tax The Heat, Light The Torch, Mors Subita, Painted Black, Crisix, Lowdrive, Monster Magnet.


FM, Lenore S Fingers, Dizzy Reed, Tesseract, Foreigner, Blackberry Smoke, Awooga, Dead City Ruins, Senses Fail, Bulletboys, Fist, Black Space Riders, The Shadow, Lizzards, Hypnos, Palace Of The King, Oregon Trail, Templeton Pek, Hogjaw, Escaping Amenti, Elessar, Perfect Line, Little Caesar, Odcult, We Three Kings, Crossing The Limits, Angra, Primordial, Breaking Benjamin, Ritual King, Temples On Mars, Boomstik, Daze Of June, As Sirens Fall, Altamadum, Inner Circle Avenue, Jamie Porter Band, Felskinn, Burning Saviours, Hexx, Fear Of Darkness, Counter Void, Evolucija, Purest Of Pain, Spriggan Mist, Maverick, The Dahmers, Stairs Of Life, Memoriam, Phil Lanzon, Beth Hart, I The Fire, Road To Jerusalem, Colt48, No Hot Ashes, Sooma, Hercules Morse, Blackwater Holylight, The Dark Light, The Sheepdogs, St Elmo’s Fire, Blitzkrieg, Twin Flame, Graham Bonnet, Plastic, Spiders, Thuum, Ode In Black, Leather, Trueheights, Rotting Christ, Armed Cloud, Metalwings, Racheengel, Maidavale, Twitching Tongues, Steel Made, Hamka, Steel Made, Malady, Skeletal Remains, Cold Years, Sam Russell, Jizzy Pearl, Cats In Space, The Raz, Gorilla Riot, Spartan Warrior, Baltimore, Thy Kingdom Slum, Barren Earth, Against The Grain, Eliminator, Hell Obelisco, Magick Touch, Erotic Psycho, Cherokee, Burn, Iron Angel, Dautha, Dead Ground, The Sword, Fissure Of Riddles, Carry The Crown, Diva Demolition, Ken Hensley, Led Zeppelin, Andy Basiola, Will Wilde, Jen Majura, Pravitas, Madhatter, Silent Kingdom, Reach, Thy Catafalque, Blut, J.B.O., Bleed From Within, Dewolff, Erin Bennett, Sugarcane, Blinding Sparks, We Have The Moon, Shadowkeep, The Dawn Razor, Louise Lemon, Geoff Carne And The Hatz, Osiris Club, Luke Appleton, Inner Core, Rick Parfitt, The Watchers, I, Alone, Demons Sing Of The End, Letzte Instanz, Esp 2.0, Crematory, Universe Infinity, Susperia, Danny Bryant, Neshiima, Salty Dog, Brothers Osborne, Three Days Grace, Overhung, Tragik, Mymisses, Word Of Life, David Hannah, By’ce Project, Rhino Proof, Red Sun Rising, Ardbeggar, Greystone Canyon, New Years Day, Desert Storm, Drive She Said, L.A. Guns, The Nika Riots, Tellus Requiem, Paddy And The Rats, North Hammer, Kreator, Godstone, Bullet, Nino Helfrich, Stevie R Pearce And The Hooligans, Alcatrazz, Rise Of The Wood, Hellanbach, Death By Unga Bunga, Gonoreas, Paradise Lost, Samson, Edge Of Ever, The Golden Grass, The Robert Hunter Band, Slears, Cattail Brew, Marillion, Michael Kratz, Famous And Fallen.

Issue 207
Powerplay Magazine Issue 207
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