Issue 206

Powerplay 206

Powerplay 206

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Erik Martensson tells us all about the long awaited third album from melodic rock supergroup WET. We join Dan Reed Network in the studio, Thunder roll out their new live album, Ministry’s Al Jourgensen unleashes his political wit, and we talk to Nightwish side-project Auri. Also this month there are interviews with Loudness, Brantley Gilbert, Voodoo Circle, Thundermother, Long Distance Calling, Oceans Of Slumber, Marco Mendoza, Jonas Kihlberg’s Impera, Armored Dawn, Revertigo, Kris Barras, CoreLeoni, Grimner, Lance Lopez, Michael Landau, The Rocket Dolls, Laurence Jones, and The Bad Flowers.


AOR Underground, Multimedia, I Sold My Soul, Editorial, Mason Colt.


Michael Schenker Fest, Extreme, Five Finger Death Punch, Steel Panther, In Flames, Black Country Communion, Dan Reed Network, Motionless In White, Lacuna Coil, Billy Squier with GE Smith, Rage, Watain, Firewind, Operation Mindcrime, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, Whiskey Myers, Lionheart, Airrace, Night Demon, Angel Nation, Sari Schorr & The Engine Room, Madame Mayhem, Starcrawler, Palaye Royale, One-Eyed Doll, COP UK, Degial, Elyose, Phantom Elite.


Michael Schenker Fest, Michael Landau, Loudness, The Rocket Dolls, Johan Kihlberg’s Impera, Thaurorod, Armored Dawn, Marco Mendoza, WET, Mind Of Doll, Shiraz Lane, Falling Red, Megaherz, Asenblut, Lester Jamison, Earthless, Verikalpa, CoreLeoni, Laurence Jones.


Heaven & Earth, Cane Hill, Ghost, Visions Of Atlantis, Nightwish, Of Mice And Men, Kriss Barras Band, Savage Hands, Evertim, Pop Evil, Old Mother Hell, Svartanatt, Apparition, Riders To Ruin, Michael Schenker, We Sell The Dead, Raven Cain, Ozone Mama, Meden Agan, Listener, Doll Hazard, Karkaos, Dave’s Neck, Grimner, Silk9, Good Tiger, The Temperance Movement, Mindfeels, Frost Giant, Black Moth, Supernatural, Apostle Of Solitude, The Bad Larrys, Starblind, Thunder, Hydrogyn, Imperial State Electric, Squealer, Ektomorf, Weend’o, Savage Machine, Owl Maker, Salem, Oblivion, Oracle, Damnation’s Hammer, The Divided Line, Orion Dust, Auri, Noturnall, Unruly Child, Cold Blooded Sapphire, Schattenmann, The Gang, Drive, Ancst, Jinjer, The Great Divide, KB36, Black Foxxes, Thulsa Doom, Crescent, Harm’s Way, Vojd, Godslave, Eynomia, Reigning Days, A Light Within, Gypsy Flight, Merryweather Stark, Unshine, The Final Clause Of Tacitus, Witchcryer, Hannah Wicklund & The Stepping Stones, Soul Doubt, Kill Ritual, Mississippi Stomp, Holophonics, The Black Marbles, Supernaughty, Outshine, Dsease, Necrophobic, Eradicator, Vinegar Hill, Season Of The Wolf, Cruthu, Eleine, Animal Drive, Søndag, Wolfpire, Sacred Leather, Lechery, White Wizzard, Vern Daysel, Stolen Memories, Splintered Throne, Obsession, The Maxims, Parzival, Ignore The Sign, Myles Kennedy, Crimson Devils, Piss River, Anthems In Ashes, Venom, King Witch, Thal, Code Noir, My Last Whisper, Ring Of Gyges, Edenthorn, In-Side, Tengger Cavalry, Visigoth, One Bloody Reason, Crossbones, Thobbe Englund, Prayer, Cosmic Wool, Infected Syren, Vinide, Crippled Black Phoenix, Feed The Rhino, Drudkh, Alcyona, Mark Deutrom, Sadhayena, Juggernaut, Ian Gillan, Reverence, Ondt Blod, Sectile, Rumahoy, Mammuth, Reject The Sickness, Metatrone, Mare Cognitum, Enrico Sarzi, Holly West, Hyvmine, Vantage Point, Secret Illusion, Storm Of Particles, Black Wizard, Saxon, Sainted Sinner, Heavatar, Mass Murder Agenda, Lance Lopez, Signal Red, Random Eyes, Hyborian, Dukes Of The Orient, Revertigo, Oblivious, Mr Plow, Snu: Men, Aerodyne, Revenge, Desdemonia, Testament, V/A Rock & Love, Sebastien, Rite Of Thalia, Chris Bay, The Dead Xiii, Vivaldi Metal Project, Turbowolf, Ministry, Table Scraps, Winchester, Lizzard, Richie Kotzen, Amid The Barren And Lost, Carrier, Deadheads, Voodoo Circle, Still Living, Perception, Eleanor, Manigance, Jon Butcher Axis, Trigger, Kamera Obscura, Thinline Sid, Invisible Enemy, Caelestia, The Amsterdam Red Light District, Miskatonic Union, Caliban, Smoking Frog.


Issue 206
Powerplay Magazine Issue 206
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