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The stars have aligned, literally, for Michael Schenker. His latest band, Michael Scehnker Fest, will release their incredible debut album in March. Featuring the vocal talents of Graham Bonnet, Gary Barden, Robin McAuley and Doogie White, it is a spectacular coming together of Schenker talent, past and present. But wait, there’s more, as they didn’t just share the songs out amongst themselves, oh no. These songs feature two, three and sometimes all four of the singers together. Amazing stuff! With their first full album to feature singer Elina Siirala, Leaves Eyes bring us their latest Viking tales, Phil Campbell tells us about life after Lemmy, Magnum knock our socks off with their twentieth studio album, and Ammunition front man Age Sten Nilsen shoots from the hip with his fantastic new offering. This issue also includes our Top 50 albums of 2017 and we chat to Zakk Wylde, Rick Springfield, Therion, Orphaned Land, Audrey Horne, Blood Red Saints, Dan Patlansky, and Perfect Beings, plus let us introduce you to the world of Lovebites, a Japanese all-girl metal band that make Babymetal look as silly as, well, as they are.


AOR Underground, Editorial, Mason Colt.


Metallica, Alice Cooper, Hard Rock Hell, Stone Sour, Helloween, Opeth, Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters, Marillion, Airbourne, The Pretty Reckless, Delain, Orden Ogan, Rhapsody Of Fire, Serenity, The Tubes, Enslaved, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, Cats In Space, Absolva, Bad Touch, Josh Todd And The Conflict, Santa Cruz, Unleash The Archers, Lovebites, Jinjer, Cellar Darling, The Wild, Mollie Marriot.


Magnum, Anvil, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons, Perfect Beings, Therion, Five Finger Death Punch, Walking Papers, Rick Springfield, Lovebites, Audrey Horne, Dan Patlansky, Orphaned Land, Hot Ham & Cheese, Enzo And The Glory Ensemble, Stormhold, Ammunition, Stone Broken, Black Label Society, Eigensinn, Arkona, Machine Head.


Broken Witt Rebels, Wasted Theory, Oceans Of Slumber, Asking Alexandria, Starblind, Long Distance Calling, Tankard, Loch Vostok, Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa, Electric Ducks, Blood Red Saints, Scars Of Armageddon, Harakiri For The Sky, Trespass, Moonshine Oversight, Accuser, Loose Jets, Ilium, Xanima, Mesh, The Ghost Town Rebellion, The Obsessed, Bendida, Interstelar, Like Moths To Flames, The Reed Effect, Steve Chicon, John Steel With Doogie White, Henry Metal, Cardiant, Lucifer Was, As December Falls, Arcaeon, Counterpoint, XVII, Reuben Archer’s Personal Sin, Blinding Sparks, Sadauk, Quatro, Scott & Powell, Outlaws And Moonshine, Death Ingloria, One Of Dischord, Sassy Society, Ungoliantha, Recwall, Crimson Star, Magenta Harvest, Arisen From Nothing, American Glutton, Rick Derringer, Frauds, Noydem, Seax, Zom, Pale Mare, Kayleth, King Goat, Crom, Mike Tramp, Movements, Evilfeast, Dark Avenger, Saxon, Third Grade, Circus Of Power, Atorc, Iamsin, Kerbera, Jess And The Ancient Ones, Neperia, Scream Of The Butterfly, Thousand Foot Krutch, Mabel Greer’s Toyshop, Pale Horsemen, Louise Steel, Black Mamba, The Outfit, King Bison, Wolf Counsel, Asylum 8, Starsoup, Worry Blast, Die So Fluid, Trucker Diablo, Watain, The Night Suns, Black Absinthe, Discopowerboxxx, Stillborn, Foghat, Lightblue, Cobra, Riot, Mother Misery, Betyljoos, Marco Folcarelli, Wolfhorde, Lars Eric Mattsson, Cadence Calling, Sonic Prophesy, The Killerhertz, Jaimz Vokins, Beyond Forgiveness, Violent Divine, Saint Roch, Overhaul, Year Of October, American Dog, Fasiv, Joviac, Mind Crushers, Shezoo, Lord Shades, Jibe, Hyperion, Beyond Visions, Black Aces, Jupiter Zeus, Monsuta, Pendulum Of Fortune, Burdens Within, Borracho, Steve Atkinson, Kiss The Gun, V/A Silverchair Tribute, Glenn Hughes, Weak, Tyrant, Bleeding Gods, Silent Descent, Madam X, Ignitor, Alea Jacta, Alex Dawson, Ammouri, New Noise, Kayak, Leaves Eyes, Mooner, Steve Hackett, Blank Display, Edge Of Haze, Panorama, Trust, Barbara Black, Tommy Zamp, In Vain, Sixx: Am, Insolvency, Rexoria, Core Of IO, Ivory, Summoning, The Bad Flowers, Blind Ego, Damnation Defaced, Stonehurst, The Black Marbles, Rose Tattoo, Mike Lepond’s Silent Assassins, Justify Rebellion, Toothgrinder, Overclock, Night Demon, Rimfrost, Rockbeton And The Mortels, Nocean, Zal Cleminson’s Sin’dogs, RSO, The Danger, Stray Train, Xaon, Spiral Key, Marygold, Madstone, Tribulance, ZZ Top, Iron Saviour, Spreading The Disease, Rat Rod, Koos J Thonissen’s Cryptic Nature, Shadowpath, Hidden Lapse, Mike Mackenzie, Forty Shades, Emre Kula, Fish, Tribulation, Go Primitive, Lightscape, Earth Caller, Evergrey, Armortura, Steve Walsh, Delta Deep, Satin, Labyrinth, War Of Ages, Greyhaven, Dangerous Curves, Quincy Follweiller & Classic Q Band, Alestorm, Amethyst, Reveal, Rush, The Poodles, Mark ‘Porkchop’ Holder, Blind Guardian, Curse The Fall, Mine Onesko Band, Phoenix Calling, PAL, Cloven Hoof, The Soul Exchange, Letters From The Colony.

Issue 205
Powerplay Magazine Issue 205
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