Issue 204

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In a rare and frank interview, Poison’s Bret Michaels and Bobby Dall look back at the history of one of the most successful glam bands of all time. Victor Smolski tells us about the sophomore outing from post-Rage outfit Almanac, Geoff Tate shares his thoughts about the completion of his Operation: Mindcrime concept trilogy, and Joe Elliot reveals that Down N Outz will release brand new material. We also interview Europe, Joe Satriani, Theory Of A Deadman, Serenity, Dante Fox, Houston, Warrior Soul, Supersonic Blues Machine, Goya, Samarkind, Premiata Forneria Marconi, and the King of Avatar country sends his emissary to share his royal news with us.


AOR Underground, Multimedia, Mason Colt.


Alter Bridge, Papa Roach, Chicago, Rockingham Festival, Yngwie Malmsteen, Serious Black, Kentucky Headhunters, Bad Touch, Herman Frank, Jimmie Vaughan, Departed, Liv Sin, Spread Eagle, My Own Ghost, Babylon AD, Bigfoot, JD And The Straight Shot, H09909, Dead!


Almanac, Jessica Wolff, Dante Fox, Raintimes, Milan Polak, Stormbringer, Powerman 5000, Cavalera Conspiracy, Butcher Babies, Sarke, Joe Satriani, Wildness, Jono, Dr Living Dead, Ram, Onlap, Operation: Mindcrime.


Houston, Megasonic, Delain, Rews, We Could Build An Empire, Snowy Dunes, Oz, Resistance, Fathoms, The Parity Complex, Riot, Popa Chubby, Nimrod Bc, Toxic Shock, Haive, A Devil’s Din, Yes, Divine Electric, Beatsteaks, Electric Six, Idlewar, Moonlight Prophecy, Core Of IO, Motherslug, Three Seasons, The Movielife, Iconic Eye, Sweet Little Machine, The Atomic Bitchwax, Blindwish, Empire, Huxtable, Lark, Mason, Chronus, Exarsis, Weight Of The Tide, Licence, Chrysilia, Parodos, Sea Goat, Wo Fat, Steve Tilling, Osyron, Iron Griffin, Millennium, Even Mud, Silverwind, White Boy And The Average Rat Band, Airbound, Nicolas Waldo, Seeds Of Mars, The Professionals, The Gary Moore Band, Disco-Nected, Bloodstrike, Colonist, Tyfon’s Doom, Communic, Pretty Boy Floyd, Final Coil, Wild Witch, Drought On Mars, Bruce Dickinson, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown, The Modern Age Slavery, Doom Side Of The Moon, Mirror Queen, Gwyn Ashton, Scream Serenity, Tankard, Electric Eye, The By Gods, Chiro, Delirium Soul, The Devils, Seven Stories High, Vvon Dogma I, Professor Emeritus, Shadowqueen, Arcanum, Poisonheart, Genus Ordinis Dei, Michael Crimson, Rock Candy Funk Party, Dementia, Stereo Nasty, Tantal, Lady Beast, Dyed In Blue, Myrkgrav, Status Quo, Warrior, Goya, Chaos And Technoracy, Sulo, In Air, Deathproof, Inner Axis, Project Midnight, Sean Danielsen, Dragonhammer, Galactic Cowboys, Vessel Of Light, Incursed, Witchery, Eastern High, F.K.U., Blackwater Horizon, Masters Of Disguise, Sound Storm, Red Raven, Of Allies, Warrior Soul, Niviane, Young Hunter, Misconductors, Obese, Racing Mars, Lionheart, Defecto, Vanish, The Rockford Heroes, Candlemass, One Eyed Doll, One Life All-In, Saints Of Sin, Nervcast, Palaye Royale, Last Avenue, The Offering, Security Project, Saxon, V/A – Brown Acid, Leather Leaf, Town Tundra, Seaway, Firebreather, Kill The Kong, Vanilla Fudge, Stälker, The Fright, Internal Chaos, Bunker 66, Makeout, Decatur, Riddle Master, Himmellegeme, Vice, Haema, Corrosion Of Conformity, TDW, Unreal Terror, Santa Cruz, Bulletback, Grey Wolf, Carubine, Bark, Dba (Downes Braide Association), Forever Road, Purple Hill Witch, Axemaster, Babylon Fire, Bong Cauldron, Archons, Freedom Hawk, Down N Outz, Band Of Spice, Mirrorplain, Iron Maiden, Elvenking, Eisley/Goldy, Avatar.

Issue 204
Powerplay Magazine Issue 204
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