Issue 203

Powerplay Issue 203

Powerplay Issue 203

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From Montreal to Toronto, via Ottawa and Quebec City, we endured long drives in a battered van, along with sleepless nights and delayed flights to trek across Canada with Blaze Bayley and his band. Vandenberg’s Moonkings return with their superb sophomore outing, Trivium revisit their metalcore roots, Jeff Scott Soto tells us about his delightful new solo album and his contribution to the awesome Sons Of Apollo offering, Anneke van Giersbergen exorcises her prog metal demons with new band Vuur and The Rasmus surprise us all with the direction of their new album. We also talk to Destruction, Fozzy, Gwar, Von Hertzen Brothers, Elvenking, Communic, Savage Messiah, Sweet & Lynch, Sparzanza, Galactic Cowboys, 10 Years, Jared James Nichols, Beast In Black, Skarlett Riot, Midnite City, Night Viper, Metalite, and Michael Weikath previews the highly anticipated ‘Pumpkins United’ shows from Helloween.


AOR Underground, Mason Colt.


Ayreon Universe, Hard Rock Hell Sleaze Festival, UFO, Hair Metal Heaven Festival, Anathema, Cats In Space, Carousel Vertigo, Warhorns Festival, Erja Lyytinen, Kaato, Alcest.


Sons Of Apollo, Evanescence, Pink Cream 69, Hanging Garden, Serenity, Sparzana, Fozzy, Jeff Scott Soto, Beast In Black, Samarkind, Jared James Nichols, Midriff, Secret Rule, Code Red, The Dark Element, Skam, The Rasmus, Gwar.


Vandenberg’s Moonkings, Autograph, Sweet & Lynch, Anti-Flag, Veil Of Maya, Annihilator, My Soliloquy, Speed Limit, Kroh, Midnite City, Dead Memory, Transit Method, Emil Bulls, Procession, Daydream Xi, The Sourheads, Europe, Scardust, Weight Of The Tide, The Spirit, Savage Messiah, Cripper, Angel Nation, Metalite, Siberian Meat Grinder, For All We Know, Blues Pills, Sully Erna, Not Over Yet, Hot Foxxy, Voice, Childrenn, Samael, Cardinals Folly, Skarlett Riot, Nachtblut, Red Mountains, Mother Of Millions, Pets With Human Names, Blackfinger, The Black Dahlia Murder, Neuronspoiler, The Radio Sun, Distress Of Ruin, Greta Van Fleet, We Came From Wolves, Cyhra, Madame Mayhem, Bobaflex, Within Silence, Kadaverdisciplin, The Wood Demons, Egonaut, Just Me & The Devil, Cold Black, Thumpermonkey, Psychedelic Witchcraft, La Janara, Hallatar, Amberian Dawn, Heat, Grand Ultra, Blood God, Edge Of Paradise, Sorrows Path, Binary Creed, Dead Medusa, The Bronx, Salt Lake, In Twilights Embrace, Electric Swan, Sorcerer, Iris Divine, Katla, Primal Fear, Appice, Into The Unknown, Daisy Driver, Night Legion, From North, Witherfall, Moonspell, Immortal Synn, Marilyn Manson, Death From Above, Legionem, Opposing Motion, Buried Realm, Destruction, Sleeping Romance, Stud, Beaumont, The Hate Colony, The Smithereens, Shakra, The Starling Radicals, Imperialist, Yngwie Malmsteen, Ulster Page, War Cloud, Ironbird, Kansas, Fabulae Dramatis, Coffin Carousel, Von Hertzen Brothers, Forsaken, Heroes Don’t Ask Why, Dead Express, Steve Hill, Premiata Forneria Marconi, Darkfall, Kill The Unicorn, Killing Suzy, Souldrinker, Nevborn, Target, Gudars Skyming, Supersonic Blues Machine, Twingiant, Java, Nightlord, We Came As Romans, 10 Years, Ancient Vvisdom, A II Z, Every Mother’s Nightmare, Fb1964, Necrytis, Gorgeous, Spirit Adrift, Children Of Atom, Fire Red Empress, Godsticks, Fenix Tales, Blue Dawn, Temnein, Warcall, Rig Time, Z Family, Harbour Sharks, Skyclad, The Rewind, Vice, Glen Hughes, The Mugshots, Drakkar, Midnite Hellion, Polaris, Tito & Tarantula, High Reeper, Fiction Syxx, Winds Of Plague, The Other, Doxa, Moonscape, Steven Wilson, Gamma Ray, Presence, Pi Mezon, Cursed Dream, Ice Age, Tarot Beyond, Babylon A.D., Heretic, Nemeziz, Gentle Knife, Theory Of A Deadman, Airbourne, Destructive Ride, Contrive, The Wizards Of Delight, B.O.S.C.H, Kip Moore, Bell, Buttered Bacon Biscuits, Trivium, Gypsy Soul, The Cold Heart Revue, The Unguided, Highway, Shawn James & The Shapeshifters.

Issue 203
Powerplay Magazine Issue 203
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