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Powerplay Magazine cover

Powerplay Magazine cover

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The Godfather Of Shock Rock, Alice Cooper delves into the world of the paranormal on his explosive new album and will perform live with his original band exclusively in the UK later this year. The focus is our 200th issue and 20th anniversary celebrations, including our top 100 albums of the last 100 issues, our best live shows, the past present and future of all our favourite rock genres, the lost legends of rock, WTF were they thinking? and much more. Accept’s fourth album since their reunion and Cats In Space’s sophomore release are the big news this month, along with the cool new offering from Paradise Lost, the surprising debut solo album from former Pantera bassist Rex Brown and the delightfully upbeat new record from Walter Trout. We also interview Udo Dirkschneider, Quiet Riot, Power Trip, Masterplan, The Tangent, Triggerfinger, Jonny Lang, Dead Lord, Simo, Mind Enemies and Jake Samuel’s Kryptonite.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, Multimedia, I Sold My Soul, Mason Colt.


Guns N’ Roses, Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Poison, Evanescence, Mr Big, Download Festival, Blue Oyster Cult, Toto, Metal Church, The Rods, Rock Goddess, Tyler Brant & The Shakedown, Jon Stevens, Jared James Nichols, The Kill, Ana Popovic, Courage My Love, Comaniac.


Accept, Progenie Terrestre Pura, Quiet Riot, Dagoba, Paradise Lost, Prong, Anthriel, Kryptonite, Black Messiah, Dirty Machine, Venom Inc, Voodoo Highway, Goblin King, Rings Of Saturn, Elles Bailey, Burning Witches, Kim Seviour.


A Thousand Horses, Eskimo Callboy, Mind Enemies, Cheap Trick, Stone Cadaver, Bad Solution, Septic Flesh, Fogalord, Daniel Trigger, Powerflo, Dvne, Screamfeeder, Final Coil, Bottoms Up, The Cadillac Three, Virtual Symmetry, Insatia, Anubis Gate, Yorkshire Rats, Helsott, 7 Miles To Pittsburgh, Theia, Ezoo, Puppet Kings, The Color Wild, Entrench, The Lurking Fear, Rainbow, First Signs Of Frost, Bloody Hammers, Dulcifer, Iconic Eye, Last Bullet, Marty Friedman, Tricky Lobsters, Necromandus, Saint Agnes, Ralli Rock And The Moan Of The Sky, Archange, Seven Thorns, Dream Awake, Atlantean Kodex, Gates Of Ishtar, Madlife,
Hollowtechnic, World Trade, The Sade, Mallory, Kickin Valentina, Absolva, Itchy, Siamese Smile, Anthony Rosano And The Conqueroos, Juniper Inc., Owl Company, Byzantine, Edge Of Free, Evho, Tid, Fire Down Below, Soulspell, Perpetual Fire, Steelfall, Masterplan, Lor, Blazing Rust, Maypine, Degreed, Galderia, Backflip, The Black Capes, Diretone, Kissin’ Dynamite, Unisonic, Harmonic Generator, Anthony Valentino, Damn Freaks, Headcharger, Bullet-Proof, Blind Seer, Angelo Perlepes’ Mystery, Sapata, Loviatar, Onroxx, Synthetic, Nicolas Waldo, Goodnight Carnage, Soul Secret, Down For Whatever, Lock Howl, The Warning, Cats In Space, It’s The Lipstick On Your Teeth, Adagio, Hundred Suns, Jaw Bones, Jack The Envious, Viridanse, Disorder, Vince Ripper And The Rodent Show, Slanderus, Skinflint, Hammerfall, Infinight, Rolling Stones, Nasty Crue, Eluveitie, Kiss, Toja, Equilibrium, Henry Metal, Lars Mattsson’s Vision, Walter Trout, Abacu5, Eluveitie, Fool’s Paradise, Broken Teeth, Black Severn, Simo, Gitaron, Tau Cross, Anbaric, Kendra Gale Band, Rex Brown, Knogjarn, Rich Davis, Ward Xvi, Gothic, Barbwire Dolls, The Amorettes, Circus Maximus, Allman Brothers Band, Raibard, Korpiklaani, Paradise Lost, Dave Ronald, The Brandos, Ink, Diamond Head, Affaire, Invisions, Endless Sundown, Altair, Saxon, Ivory Tower Project, Demotional, Dead Lord, Whitewoods Rock, Bullet Height, Status Quo, Onslaught, The Midnight Ghost Train, Hansen & Friends, Outrider, Obey The Brave, Triggerfinger, Fang Club, Celtic Frost, The Haunted, Temple Of Lies.

Issue 200
Powerplay Magazine Issue 200
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