Issue 199

Powerplay Issue 199 Cover

Powerplay Issue 199 Cover

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Recorded with a back to basics, live in the studio approach, the new Stone Sour album sounds immense. Front man Corey Taylor and guitarist Josh Rand simply can’t stop raving about it. If you thought Maria Brink was hot before, just wait until you hear the new In This Moment album. The sultry songstress tells us all about it. Plus Mr Big return with a storming new offering and Orden Ogan continue to rule the roost in the world of modern power metal. Also this month we get up close and personal with Shinedown, Rage, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Riverdogs, Wintersun, Nitrogods, Shaman’s Harvest, Rise Against, Next To None and the artist known as ThatRockGu.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, Multimedia, I Sold My Soul.


Kiss, Iron Maiden, Shinedown, Clutch, Amon Amarth, Whiskey Myers, Inglorious, Adrenaline Rush, Power Trip, Tokyo Blade, Dan Patlansky, Junkyard, Little Caesar, Baron Rojo, Glam Skanks, Slydigs, Quinn Sullivan, Harley Flanagan, Lucero, Mason Hill, Walkway, Venom Prison.


In This Moment, Rage, Orden Ogan, Riverdogs, Rock Goddess, Next To None, Weaponizer, Vintersorg, Stone Sour, Mils, Galderia, Mr Big, White Skull, Ohrenfeindt, Starsick System, Tengger Cavalry, Bare Infinity, Drive By Wire.


Mark Slaughter, Blind Guardian, Golden Caves, ThatRockGuy, Vitne, Angelwings, Backtrack Lane, The Autist, Sikth, Gov’t Mule, CKY, Psychosomatic Cowboys, Conjuring Fate, Onegodless, Spin My Fate, Twelve Noon, Område, End Of The Dream, The Sword, Marvel, Rebel Beat, Mallory, The Universe By Ear, Bliss Of Flesh, Black Cage, Joe Bonamassa, The Yellow Dog Conspiracy, Northbound, Ten, Valor, Password Monkey, Donnie Willow, Graham Bonnet Band, Saint Apache, Grands Boulevards, Kynesis, Unsayn, Arago, Divinity, Derek Davis, Esprit D’air, Sarea, Alfredo Gargaro, Last Giant, Natewantstobattle, RPWL, Enemy I, Until Rain, 88 Fingers Louie, Bastian, Kuadra, Wintersun, Suicide Bombers, Summoner, Sviet Margot, Stallion, The Tangent, Vendetta, Coldblack, Desolate Pathway, Shivered, Razorcut, White Demons, Darcee Fox, Eleine, All41, All That Remains, Black Paisley, Hesperion, The Interbeing, Andrew W Boss, Left Lane Cruiser, Siena Root, Glenn Hughes, The Chant, Ferrett, Rhapsody Of Fire, Vigilance, Big Kizz, Jack L Stroem, Brother Ape, Il Pasaro, Armortura, Nicumo, Whitenails, Lisa Ward & The XYY, Days Of Confusion, Ariadna Project, Alessio Secondini Morelli, Jon Lord, Loom, 42 Decibels, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Fire In The Radio, Figures, Walpyrgus, Lars Eric Mattsson’s Vision, Prayers Of Sanity, Nihiling, Doll Skin, Execration, Vibrant Heels, Legacy Of Emptiness, Rise Against, Foreigner, Jonny Lang, I’m The Trip, Monti Eva, Coal Creek, Mad-Era, Kabbalah, Quiet The Thief, Edguy, Electus, Divine Element, Thalamus, Tuesday The Sky, Sprague Dawley, Reckless Intentions, Contra, Nord, Perfect Blue Sky, Pigeon Lake, Frontline, Sunbelt Revolution, Fading Azalea, Corvus Noctis, Bury The Machines, Riot, D15, Kaleido, Get Loose, Post Pulse, Sacred Oath, Skymall Solution, Gene Loves Jezebel, Artemisia, Rotting Christ, Taz Taylor Band, Sabaton, Goatwhore, Fraize, Sharzall, The Kroach, Evyltyde, Jay Wud, Vendetta, Melvins, A Thousand Horses, Sollertia, Rainbow, Chigurh, Decapitated, Hawkwind, Semblant, The Guilt, Malamorte, The Dukes Of Bordello, Michael Monroe, Karkaos, Apocalypse Orchestra, Vokonis, Freak Injection, A Flourishing Scourge, Kreator, Molten Gold, Slydigs, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Amplifier, Shaman’s Harvest, Fandango, Mammother, Status Quo, Hot Rats.

Issue 199
Powerplay Magazine Issue 199
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