Issue 198

Powerplay Magazine Issue 198

Powerplay Magazine Issue 198

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The most anticipated tour of the decade hits the UK this month. We look at how the hottest rock band on the planet reformed,
what we can expect from their upcoming London shows and whether we can expect any new music from the core trio of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. DragonForce reach into infinity with their ripping new album (p8), Jon Schaffer returns with the next red hot instalment in the Iced Earth legacy (p20), and we join pirate metallers Alestorm for session of ale drinking on board a ship (p10).
Also this month we interview Wednesday 13 (p12), Biters (p22), Nad Sylvan (p26), Secret Sphere (p6), The Ferrymen (p19), Cellar Darling (p16), Stormburst (p18), Wind Rose (p13) and amazing newcomers Blackwater Conspiracy (p24). Plus we bring you our usual extensive round-up of the festival action coming up this summer and beyond (p14).


AOR Underground, Short Cuts, News.


Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Poison, Dream Theater, New England Metal And Hardcore Festival, Eclipse, Dragonforce, Led Zeppelin Masters, Neal Morse Band, Steve Hackett, Tom Keifer, Kix, Kyle Gass Band, Twelve Foot Ninja, Attila, One Desire, Franklin Zoo, Erja Lyytinen, Damn Those Crows, Dirty White Boyz, Metaprism, JFK, Connor Selby Band.


Blackwater Conspiracy, Suffocation, Alestorm, Nitrogods, Woodscream, Wednesday 13, Sea, Nad Sylvan, Kings Of Broadway, Anathema, Next Step, Radiation Romeos, Wind Rose, Defences, Adrenaline Mob, Danzig, Stahlmann.


Junkyard, Through Fire, Big Big Train, The Eden House, Secret Sphere, Jupiter Falls, Insanity, Pristine, Dorja, Doris Brendel, Curse The Son, Sons Of Death Valley, The Asif Outlaws, Franklin Zoo, Woodhawk, Mean Streak, Green Meteor, L’anima, Mage, Mountaineer, Currents, 3Teeth, Cipher, Kill For Eden, Dismissed, Death Of Kings, Silver Horses, Bent Knee, The Birthday Massacre, Chris Robinson Brotherhood, In My Disguise, Critical Solution, Evo, Gut-Scrapers, Uneven Structure, Clouds Of Dementia, Impure Wilhelmena, Skyclad, Daisyhead, Ari Lehman’s First Jason, Sorrow Plagues, Hollowstar, Waiting For Titor, No Good Advice, Diet Cig, Wolfbrigade, Coastland Ride, The Franklys, Mahakala, Thomas Wynn And The Believers, Ormyst, The Magpie Salute, Burning Shadows, Tethra, Crevasse, Her Name Was Fire, Groupie High School, Lodz, Dragony, Miss May I, Steak, Speaking With Ghosts, Cloven Hoof, Adamantine, Xkernel, Evilgroove, Angry White Elephant, Uforia, Chuck Norris Experiment, Antigone Project, Kaledon, Mezcla, DGM, Morningstar, The Dirty Nil, Custard, Steve Grimmett, The Thirteenth Sun, 8Kids, Humble Pie, Viana, Danny Bryant, Hell Or Highwater, Jëdeye, Ryan Hamilton & The Traitors, Face Down Hero, Doublestone, Dark Ministry, King Satan, Mystic Prophesy, Midnight Oil, Demon Head, True Moon, Ascentia, Vallenfyre, Marshall Law, No Sin Evades His Gaze, Steelfall, Witchfynde, Carach Angren, Rosen Bridge, Da Boanad, All At Sea, Volumes, The Electric Coast, Dante, Lost Dreams, Mutoid Man, Jessie Galante, Netherbird, Stormburst, Cult Of Luna, Hexed, Neo Noire, Wizard, Frank Caruso, Municipal Waste, Sanatana, Legionnaire, Blitzkrieg, Tankard, Old Season, Seasonal, The Shiver, Voyager, Samson, Skulldrain, Bagira, Empire,
Tytan, I The Betrayer, Accept, Moonbow, Jaguar, Steam Morrisler, Scout Killers, Black Sand Featuring Greg Bannis, Blue Cheer, Disbelief, Robert Haglund, Ex People, Elephant Bell, Arcadea, Seren Rosso, Shadowman, Quadrus, Slægt, Siamese, Black Hawk, Nayades, Rustx, Iced Earth, Cellar Darling, Sludgehammer, Unleash The Archers, Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics, Evil Cinderella, Nayades, Rainforce, Scritikall, Zombie Lake, The Ferrymen, Tainted Lady, 10Rogue, Vamps, Summoner, Voivod, Tombs, Dirtbag Republic, Lichtgestalt, Jorn, Oversense.

Issue 198
Powerplay Magazine Issue 198
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