Issue 197

Powerplay Magazine Issue 197

Powerplay Magazine Issue 197

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It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for… Kiss land in the UK in May to blow our eager little British rock socks off. “I’ve got to spit fire, wear eight inch platform heels and fifty pounds of armour, fly through the air and risk my life every show,” Gene Simmons told Powerplay. Going that extra mile is all for the fans and we hope it is always going to be like that until the very last show we play.” We can’t wait! Jacoby Shaddix shares the emotional highs and lows on the latest Papa Roach album, we talk about serious matters with Motionless In White, and Blaze Bayley tell us about the dark second part of his sci-fi trilogy, plus we go on the road with rapidly rising newcomers Stone Broken. There are also interviews with Harem Scarem, Avatarium, Warrant, Pyramaze, Dream Evil, Kobra And The Lotus, Night Demon, Liv Sin, Bai Bang, Lonely Robot, Night Flight Orchestra, Vandroya, Helker, Vicinity, Corroded, Prime Creation, and Reptil.


AOR Underground, Short Cuts.


Tarja, Hard Rock Hell AOR, X Japan, Thunder, Kreator, Sepultura, Black Star Riders, Uli Jon Roth, Soilwork, Devin Townsend Project, Children Of Bodom, Anvil, Gojira, Sonata Arctica, Dano Jones, Dan Reed Network, Mike Tramp & Band Of Brothers, Monster Truck, Pat Travers Band, Armored Saint, Blackberry Smoke, Lita Ford, Battle Beast, Backyard Babies, Gun, Haken, Royal Republic, Thunderstone, Aborted, Devilskin, Majesty, Tesseract, Cats In Space, Night Demon, Leprous, Biters, Sumo Cyco, Forever Still, Tax The Heat, The Picturebooks, Broken Witt Rebels, Bad Touch, Badass Bash, Miraculous Mule, My Own Ghost, Eradikator, Car Bomb, Striker, Eva Plays Dead, The Algorythm, Next To None, Oni, Gyze, Code Orange, The Mighty Wraith, Attic Empire.


Nighon, Avatarium, Motionless In White, Night Demon, Liv Siv, Kobra And The Lotus, Dead Earth Politics, Dream Evil, Goldray, Biters, Bai Bang, Pyramaze, Seether, Heler, Distillator, The Unity, Lonely Robot, Night Flight Orchestra.


Falling In Reverse, Blaze Bayley, Backwood Spirit, Snakecharmer, Dragonforce, Daniele Brusaschetto, The Dollyrots, Astral Doors, Alfahanne, The Doomsday Kingdom, Primal Age, Sunless Sky, God Dethroned, Our Hollow, Our Home, Foscor, Blood Command, Harlott, Acid Muffin, Winfield, The Diamond Man Clan, Figure Of Six, Bite The Bullet, Ashland, Rockett Love, Alan Reed, Magenta Voyeur, Eternal Fear, All But One, Alnamrood, Damnation Plan, Widows, Anubis, Vescera, Under Static Movement, Hesperia, A Few Too Many, Death Or Glory, Mythra, Maplerun, Damnations Day, Tom Lumley, Feeling Like A Million, Ecstatic Vision, Cirith Ungol, Kaprekar’s Constant, Ghost Bath, Harem Scarem, Anewrage, Devil, Seven Kingdoms, Dead By April, Norunda, Condor, Ithilien, Semistereo, Something Mechanical, Fool’s Paradise, Stories Through Storms, Lakeshore, Blood Divisions, Asphalt Horsemen, Aor, Firespawn, Mammoth Mammoth, Illimitable Dolor, Kyros, My Own Ghost, Union Jack, Dirt Forge, Arctic Sleep, The Violet Hour, Synaptik, A Few Too Many, Solstafir, Cry Excess, Morass Of Molasses, Mastribes, Spheric Universe Experience, Quick & Dirty, Comaniac, Prime Creation, I Promised Once, Hexa Mera, Halflives, Midnight Rider, Mindmaze, While She Sleeps, Spitefuel, The Missing Piece, Topplock, Toseland, Audiofield, Two 5, Hathors, Infernäl Mäjesty, Madjive, Arboretum, Trigon, Chickenfoot, Stonegazer, Darke Complex, Corroded, Righteous Vendetta, Resist The Ocean, Varg, The Dead Daisies, Brown Acid, Metall, Deathwhite, Karfagen, Roadkill, Tay/Son, All Ears Avow, Ian Toomey, Xtortya, Reflection, Badass, Rikar Sjoblom’s Gungfly, Alive In Theory, Ignition, Voivod, Cloven Hoof, Ayreon, From Eden To Exile, All Hell, Locust Leaves, Walk On Fire, Eden Weint Im Grab, Bokassa, C-Sides, Beneath My Sins, Axel Rudi Pell, Royal Hunt, Talvienkeli, Jotnar, The Bleeding, Skullwinx, Return To Void, Ghost Town Rebellion, Next Step, Papa Roach, Samson, Vanden Plas, Ninjaspy, Seven Hard Years, Hunter And The Bear, Repulsive Vision, Vandroya, Voltax, Earth Electric, Thiago Bianchi’s Arena, Rex Smith, Death Blooms, Security Project, Gravil, JD Miller, Fates Warning, Shores Of Null, Moonlight Prophecy, Girlschool, Sisters Doll, Days Of Jupiter, She Must Burn, Mayburn, Operose, Radio Free Universe, Uriah Heep, Shameless, Jackie D, Hanoi Rocks, Warrant, Dope Out, Sammy Hagar, Spoil Engine,
Vain, Redsphere, Reptil.


Issue 197
Powerplay Magazine Issue 197
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